The Search for Hector’s Childhood Neighborhoods

On our way to the Ozark mountains, we spent a day in Springfield, Missouri.  This was the second city that Hector’s family moved to in the United States after they came here from Cuba and the place where he spent formative years – first through fourth grade.

Amazingly, Hector remembered the names of the two intersecting streets nearest to the second house that his family moved to here in Springfield.  He spotted one little house amongst two other identical little houses that he thinks was the one.  To confirm, he took photos that he plans to show to his mom to see if she can recognize it.

One of my childhood homes

Next, we visited the school where he attended second through fourth grade. We went inside to look around and spoke with a nice lady in the office there.  Hector couldn’t remember the name of the school where he attended first grade, and we asked if she could provide us with a list of the public elementary schools in town and she did.  More photos and on to the next search.

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KC, Mo and the Theresa Fest

We spent the last week of September and the first weeks of October in Kansas City, Missouri.   This was a transition period, as Hector was winding down his work.   At the same time we got to spend lots of time with a very special friend, Theresa.  Hector dubbed it the “Theresa Fest”.

Theresa was a fabulous hostess and made sure that we didn’t miss some of the most special sights of this lovely city.  Even though we haven’t lived in the same city with her for over 25 years, we found that we could pick up where we left off.  It’s funny how that happens with some people.BL and theresa hug  005 Continue reading