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Lake Powell-19Lake Powell-1Many years ago, we spent several nights in a houseboat in Lake Powell and fell in love with its multi-colored rock formations and the beautiful light reflecting from the sun into the canyon. So on this visit we were hoping to spend some time on the water once again, kayaking or renting a boat, or hopefully both.

Lake Powell-4Lake Powell-9We read about a beach that allowed camping right by the water, Lone Rock Beach. We also read that it had several areas with soft sand so we carefully scouted the beach in our car. And we found a lovely site on hard packed sand and gravel. Check out my review of the campground here.

Lake Powell-7

Lake Powell-11Lake Powell-10During our stay, there were a couple of windy and stormy days, something that is apparently pretty common on this beach.

We had amazing views with the clouds moving over the distant rock features.

Lake Powell-3Lake Powell-31And it turned out that renting a boat on Lake Powell is pretty expensive, so when the wind died down we signed up for a group boat tour of Antelope and Navajo Canyons. It was a really nice day for a boat ride. Lake Powell-32

Lake Powell-43The tour left out of the Wahweep Marina. On our houseboat trip.   we accessed huge Lake Powell from one of the northern marinas and we believe that area has more colorful canyons. But we still had a nice couple of hours on the water.

Lake Powell-33Lake Powell-34Lake Powell-35Lake Powell-46Lake Powell-38Lake Powell-41

Lake Powell-39

Lake Powell-47Hector’s ankle was still sore and swollen, so we had to skip the kayaking. Even just carrying both of our 63-pound kayaks up and down the hill just in front of the shore on soft sand to the put in was going to be too much of a strain. And Hector was trying to rest his foot so we could get back to normal as quickly as possible.

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A pooped Angel

A pooped Angel

So Angel and I enjoyed long walks on the beach while Hector rested. Angel loves the soft sand and putting her paws in the water, but she will not jump in the water.

We had more stormy days that looked as if it would rain, but happily it did not. The rain and sand would not have been a good mix.Lake Powell-24Lake Powell-22

Lake Powell-16Lake Powell-17We drove over to the Carl B. Hayden Visitor Center to take a closer look at the Glen Canyon Dam and Bridge. We did not take the tour but the dam is quite an impressive structure. It rises up 710 feet, making it the second highest concrete-arch dam in the United States.

Lake Powell-14Lake Powell-15Lake Powell-13Lake Powell-18Lake Powell-12Construction of the dam created Lake Powell, the nation’s second largest reservoir with a water storage capacity that serves as a bank account of water for extended dry periods. Its eight generators produce five billion kilowatt-hours of hydroelectric power that is distributed to Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and Nebraska.

At the same time, Lake Powell flooded the canyons that were carved out by the Colorado River, inundating archaeological sites, plants and animals, and altering the ecosystem. The dam has restricted the flow of nutrient-rich sediment that the river used to distribute over the area. This and other impacts have endangered some native plant and wildlife species. There is no easy solution for this.

Back on our beach campsite, we enjoyed campfires and sunsets. One particular sunset was an absolutely spectacular pink! Followed by a beautiful blue hour.

Lake Powell-27Lake Powell-26Lake Powell-28Lake Powell-29Although photographer tours of Upper Antelope Canyon are usually booked months in advance, we were able to get space on the photographers’ tour. Yay!

More on that in the next post.

The Page Arizona area has a lot to offer the outdoor lover.  We only scratched the surface.

~ BrendaLake Powell-30


20 thoughts on “Lake Powell

  1. Nice one! I always wanted to do the houseboat thing on Lake Powell but it looks like camping is pretty groovy too! Great shots. Love the colors. Thanks.

    • The houseboat is even better because you can get to more of the canyons, but lately water levels are not great, you just have to check.

  2. Great pictures! We really loved our family houseboat vacation on Lake Powell last summer. Such a beautiful place.

    • Thanks! We always remember that houseboat trip – the canyon at sunset was the best. It looks like it would be great fun with the family too.

  3. So glad you had some beautiful sunsets. You manage to do such a fantastic job with the colors:) You, also, managed to capture some amazing cloud formations. It is such a wonderful area of color between the blue of the water and the colorful rocks. Looks like Angel really enjoyed the soft sand. Glad to hear (and see) that your ankle is improving:)

    • The pink was incredible! We loved that beach and going there after spring break and before summer was perfect timing.

  4. Beautiful … we were in Lake Powell for a few days in 1983. The next time we visit, we will hopefully be in the motorhome and can stay on the beach. That pink sunset is just gorgeous.

  5. I can’t wait to see Hector’s pictures of Upper Antelope Canyon. I thought mine were pretty amazing but with Hector’s talent and being on the Photographer’s tour I know your blog will be a real treat to view!

  6. Oh boy, my next post is about our stay at Lake Powell, but I’d say Hector captured this area pretty well. We also did the Antelope Canyon Tour on a boat. I would like to come back here too for there are so much to do.

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