More of the Beautiful Valdez

Valdeez 4There always seems to be more of the beautiful Valdez surroundings to see and explore. We only touched the tip of the iceberg. But it was still spectacular.

Valdeez 21Valdeez 27Many of the structures of the town itself, mostly rebuilt in the late 1960’s after a huge earthquake devastated the original town, are pretty plain. In fact, the little office of the Lu-Lu Belle is one of the prettiest buildings in town. But the harbor and the surroundings more than make up for that. And that is what we focused on.Valdeez 2

One day we drove back out over the road we came in on and stopped once again at some of the beautiful waterfalls right near town. There are not many places that have this much beauty right next to the road.

Valdeez 15

Valdeez 18We drove over Thompson Pass to the Worthington Glacier. There is a short walk to an overlook that lets you get up close and personal. There is also a path on the glacier that looked relatively easy but it was pretty rocky so we chose not to take it because we had Angel with us.

Valdeez 19

We also saw ducks with ducklings and a couple of trumpeter swans in a pond by the road.

The drive on Richardson Highway is worth doing multiple times, especially as the light and the weather changes. The combination of towering mountains, waterfalls, ponds, lakes and a river is stunning.Valdeez 39

Valdeez 45Back in town, we drove up Mineral Creek Road, known for more waterfalls and the remains of a stamp mill at the end of the road. The dirt road quickly becomes passable only by high clearance vehicles, so we left our car behind and rode our mountain bikes.Valdeez 44

There are six beautiful waterfalls on the mountains on both sides of the road, absolutely gorgeous.

Valdeez 38We did not make it to the stamp mill mostly because I am a terrible mountain biker and was really slow. But some folks that passed us on a dirt bike returned and told us that the road was washed out and impassable before the stamp mill.Valdeez 42 The bike ride was still lovely and we were both glad to have seen the waterfalls.

In between our explorations, we met some fellow fulltimers who came to Valdez. We had met Jack and Karen as part of our group activities last October at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, and we recently realized that we were both in Alaska. When they arrived in Valdez, they signed up for the Lu-Lu Belle and camped at the same little RV park that we were staying in.Valdeez 35

The next day when they went out on the Lu-Lu Belle was actually the clearest weather that we had while in Valdez and so Hector took some photographs of the Lu-Lu Belle and our friends departing that morning.

Valdeez 36Valdeez 47We got together with Jack and Karen for dinner that evening after their cruise. They have been in Alaska several more weeks than us and shared some great information on several places that we are planning to visit. We had a great time together and are hoping to reconnect on the latter part of our Alaska itinerary.

Valdeez 1Valdeez 6We continued to enjoy walks around the town and found a nice little overlook by the Civic Center. Less than a half a mile long, the walk goes up to a covered picnic table with a great view of the harbor and then back to town.Valdeez 26

Valdeez 31And we spent some more time observing the sea otters and the goings on at the harbor, which continued to get busier as fishing season approaches.  There was always something entertaining going on and it was nice that all the docks were open to the public to stroll around on.

Valdeez 50

Valdeez 30

Valdeez 49Valdeez 51Our last day in Valdez, it began to rain, just as had been predicted. So, although it was tough to leave, the forecast of rain for days made it just a little easier to leave this beautiful place.

~ BrendaValdeez 48


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  1. I can see how it would be hard to leave such a gorgeous place. Amazing waterfalls! Those snow capped mountains in the background everywhere are just beautiful. Glad you stayed for awhile to enjoy all this beauty.

  2. Love all the photos of the sailing vessels. What fun to meet up with friends in Alaska of all places. I can see why it would be difficult to leave this beautiful spot.

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