Two Quick Montana Stops


We made two quick Montana stops before entering Canada (our goal was sometime before Memorial Day). And we had two major things to take care of – a follow-up visit to a veterinarian for Angel, and another visit to the car shop for the Subaru. Plus a visit to Costco to pick up a refill on a prescription for Angel.

The town of Helena has a Costco, a Subaru dealer and a veterinarian who was equipped to run the type of blood tests Angel needs, and was not too expensive – not so easy to find.

So we drove to Helena, where we stayed at the Lincoln Road RV Park. Check out my review of the campground here.

cartoon_veterinarian_diagnosing_a_fat_little_dog_0521-1008-0712-4632_SMUAngel in fact was the first order of business. We took her to the Apex Animal Hospital. Whenever we take Angel to a veterinarian in a new state, they require an “office visit” – a check-up, before they can run any kind of lab tests even though we have a referral from California. We have tried avoiding this but have ultimately given in.

1029I have also learned to call around in advance to get pricing on the visits and the lab tests – they have huge ranges! I also find out whether they have an in-house lab and are able to have results quickly. One day I will write a post on our veterinarian experiences – we have been to six veterinarians in five states since November.montana002

We explained the entire complicated story of Angel’s issues to a very sharp Veterinary Technician. Then we spoke to Dr. Matthew Evans, who had a great rapport with Angel – he used to have an Alaskan malamute. I have to say I was very impressed with the Apex Animal Hospital – they were not the most specialized nor the largest there but were the only ones who quickly understood the tests Angel needed, had somewhat reasonable rates and spent quality time with us.montana001 (1)

And a quick update on Angel – she is doing great! Her calcium level is up a little into a strong normal range, her energy is back to the way it was before the surgery, her appetite is good – we are thrilled!

illnessThat first night in Helena I came down with a nasty stomach flu, fever etc. so poor Hector got stuck doing laundry and shopping by himself. In fact, we delayed one extra night because I was not up for traveling the next morning. Fortunately, I was fine after 48 hours.

montana001We crafted a protective car cover for the Subaru expecting lots of gravel roads ahead. Thanks for the idea to Steve and Mona Liza who did a similar setup when they went to Alaska.

montana005montana009montana008We had planned to go to Glacier National Park but realized that it was a bit early in the year. The Visitor Centers were not open, and many of the RV parks were just opening. Glacier doesn’t really ramp up until June. But we stopped there anyway.

We stayed at Johnson’s of St. Mary. Check out my review of the campground here.

The weather was a bit rainy, and the Going to the Sun Road was closed, so we decided to just make a couple of short drives to Two Medicine and Many Glacier and enjoy the views. That also gave us a little time to catch up on the blog.montana029montana011

montana019We drove over to the Two Medicine area of the park with Angel. Two Medicine is a beautiful lake bordered by mountains.

The store by the lake used to be a chalet, and is now a registered historic landmark. Boat tours begin in a few weeks, but all was pretty quiet when we were there.montana021montana018

montana017Planning for a future trip, we took a brief driving tour of the campground which was open, they have a vehicle maximum length restriction of 35 feet. But we think we can squeeze Island Girl’s 39 feet into a couple of the spaces. Hmmm.montana023

montana022On our return we spotted two moose on the road – our first moose this season! They seemed young by their size, and stopped to take one last look at us before they bolted into the woods.montana026

montana012We also drove over to the Many Glacier area. The Many Glacier Hotel is a lovely hundred year old building that sits in a gorgeous setting. We saw bears there last year, but none this year. We toured that campground as well, and confirmed that there are absolutely no spaces for big rigs there.montana027

montana030montana013A restaurant I wanted to try, Two Sisters, was still boarded up, but I did indulge in one of my favorite things at the restaurant on-site at our campground – huckleberry ice cream. I discovered this guilty pleasure last year, and am completely hooked.

montana024Our stop at Glacier National Park was just barely enough to take in a few of the beautiful views but no more. We definitely will need to return soon. But on to Canada we go.

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15 thoughts on “Two Quick Montana Stops

  1. If you need a vet in Anchorage, I highly recommend Pet Emergency Treatment. They have a great facility and super staff. They were key to our dog’s survival when he was attacked in July, 2013.

    • Oh, my that sounds terrible – so glad they were able to help him. It’s always good to have referrals for veterinarians – I really appreciate your sending that and will keep them in mind.

    • Yay, it’s funny but I realized it on the day that her levels were getting to the right place, it was in Washoe Lake. We are thrilled!

  2. What TERRIFIC news on Angel! Great shot of her on that tan couch. The color flatters her coloring. 🙂 We LOVE Glacier National Park — one of our fav places on Earth! We had a great visit there and at Waterton en route back from Banff and Lake Louise years back with the kids… You’ve reminded us of another great trip… Thank you! Godspeed. xo

    • Thanks, we are so happy that Angel is doing so well. Yes, those are all great places, we have to skip all those other parks this year so we can get up to Alaska.

  3. I’ve been enjoying your blog and pics. We loved Glacier and Two Medicine. The spots by the lake on Loop B road had bigger rigs when we camped there.

  4. So glad to hear the good news about Angel!! She is such a special lady:) How nice for you to have found a vet you felt comfortable with.

    It must have been so neat to travel around east Glacier without a crowd! I do believe you could fit in a few places in the Two Medicine campground. We saw several larger MH [arked in there when we were there. Too bad the Two Sisters wasn’t open yet. It is really neat and the food was quite good, especially the pie:)

    Love your car cover!! Hector, we weren’t surprised by your message:)

    • Yes, she is doing so well! Thanks! We were just a little bit too early, but I really want to go back. Would love to stay at Two Medicine. Hector surprised me with that sign on the tarp, lol!

  5. So glad Angel is doing well! We stayed at Johnson’s nine years ago when we went to Glacier and we ate at Two Sisters. I’m glad to hear it is still around! By now you should be in Banff or Jasper or maybe even on the Alaska highway! Safe travels!

  6. So glad to hear the good news about Angel! We have been without internet and cell service for most of a week so I am just now catching up. We have not been to Glacier yet. Both times we had planned to go there were health issues with Terry’s dad that took him back to Ohio. Hopefully next year we will get there. Looking forward to catching up with your recent posts.

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