A Sweet Oasis

dulzura  002dulzura  003We had to veer south for a bit for a dental appointment in Los Algodones, Mexico. It was a perfect opportunity to stop and visit our friends Jeanette and Dennis, who were camped at her dad’s property near Dulzura, California, which was (kind of) on the way. dulzura  054

Last year, Jeanette and Dennis helped us with a WordPress migration and development of some variations of our photography logo. Their business, Motorhome Office of Design and Technology, offers graphics, illustration and web development at a reasonable cost. So we also planned to get some help from them on some technical issues.dulzura  001

dulzura  006We arrived at Jeanette’s dad’s lovely hilltop property where their vintage 1978 Wanderlodge bus, the Cheddar Yeti2, is currently camped on a very nice pad with a patio and rose garden.  The property has a lovely pool and jacuzzi and a great deck. Unfortunately, it was too cold for the pool.

The home also has a great bar room with the largest collection of beer taps we have ever seen. Literally thousands of them.  Very cool.

We had a working session with Dennis and Jeanette all day the next day and hung out together in the evening. Our plan was to leave for Yuma the following day, but they offered us an alternative: leave Island Girl there, drive to our appointment and back, and they would take care of Angel. We couldn’t pass that up, and decided to forego Yuma stay and drive to the border in our car.

dulzura  010Our visit to the dentist, Dr. Eva Ureña was for a follow-up on some earlier treatment for me and just a simple cleaning for Hector. We, and some others had to wait a while to see the dentist, it seemed she was overbooked.


dulzura  017But all ultimately went well. Of course, we grabbed a taco lunch before crossing the border back to the U.S. and also picked up some awesome shrimp. All in all a successful visit.

dulzura  021On our way back we noticed an interesting structure on a hill by the road, and drove up to take a look at it. As we drove up the dirt road, a flying saucer drove in front of us and blocked our way. Fortunately, the aliens were friendly and invited us to check out their saloon down the road. Then they took off into the hills, never to be seen again.dulzura  022

dulzura  023dulzura  025A little further down was a patch of land full of old vehicles: RVs, trucks and cars with aliens sitting in the driver’s seats and flying saucers throughout. A truck with “Coyote’s Flying Saucer Retrievals and Repairs” written on its side stood ready to provide services and a sofa with an alien looking through a telescope into the skies, possibly at his home planet, completed the community. There were no humans around. Hmmm.

After that, paying an entry fee to go to the top of a somewhat crowded Desert View Tower didn’t really appeal to us so we headed back. Luckily, there were no more alien encounters on the way out.dulzura  024

dulzura  026dulzura  029But there was more interesting stuff to see.  We saw an open gate that led to what seemed to me like a junkyard, but to Hector it looked like heaven. He loves to photograph old cars and trucks. So we drove in and discovered the Motor Transport Museum, a private museum that is normally open on Saturdays only.dulzura  033

dulzura  028But on that day several guys were doing restoration work there, thus the open gate. And they allowed us take a look around. There are rows and rows of vehicles and all kinds of mechanical equipment in conditions from decrepit to just plain old.dulzura  027dulzura  034dulzura  032

dulzura  035Inside, there were other vehicles, some in a work in progress state. Hector was ecstatic.  It was actually an interesting place, the photos tell the story.

If we had driven to Yuma in Island Girl, we would have missed all this fun! Who has this much fun while going to the dentist! We do!

dulzura  044Back at Jeanette and Dennis’ pad, we had an invitation to dinner at her dad’s. Not just dinner, but a fabulous Cajun dinner made by their friend, Bomber, who was doing some work at the house. Delicious!dulzura  047dulzura  039

dulzura  046After dinner, Bomber brought out some VERY interesting infused moonshine from somewhere in California (I forgot where). We of course had to sample this unusual stuff. I had a preference for the apple and Hector for the blueberry.

dulzura  005Our setting was ideal for getting work done but also enjoying the evenings with our friends. We decided to stay and continue work on our website there.dulzura  052

The four of us worked separately during the day in the quiet of this remote area. Angel spent a lot of time outside enjoying the fresh mountain air.dulzura  004dulzura  049

Then in the evenings, we had community dinners and good times with our friends. Somehow, the Cheddar Yeti2 seemed to call to Angel, she loved being inside the big bus. And of course, she loves Aunt JJ and Uncle Dennis who took good care of her while we were away.dulzura  053

It was unexpectedly idyllic and Jeanette and Dennis made us feel so welcome. We wound up staying five nights, and were able to launch our website at the end of the week.  What a productive and fun week!

dulzura  056It was tough to leave our friends, but it was time to begin our trek north towards Alaska.

~ Brenda

9 thoughts on “A Sweet Oasis

  1. You two have some of the greatest adventures. This looks like an idyllic way to spend 5 days, even if there was work involved along the way. Safe travels as you journey north.

    • We try 🙂 We really worked hard those last weeks, since our original plan was to launch the website before we left San Diego. It was nice to have these friends to disconnect with in the evenings. They are a great couple.

  2. What a great visit to the dentist! I love finding unexpected things along the way. That alien place was very strange to say the least. But I love the old car and equipment museum. I am not big on the modern items but love the old rusted vehicles. I can just imagine the stories behind each. Neat photos:)

    What a great site to spend some time working and visiting with friends! Sounds like a wonderful five nights. Angel looks very relaxed:)

    • Those unexpected discoveries are sometimes the best parts of the journey. Angel loved the cool breezes up in the hills and our stay there was perfect for getting our website launched.

  3. Nice for you folks to have the time and to explore and play. That is what retirement is all about.
    Hector, LOVE the photos of the old cars and hood ornaments. I would like to also see some of their restorations.
    Were those REAL aliens????

  4. It was great having you all. Glad we somehow made your dentistry and web launch work week fun. Next time we’ll hope for a warmer meet up so we can enjoy the pool and drinks at the bar!

    Safe travels on your way north!

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