Cool Cars in San Diego

Lowriders  009Lowriders  002One day as we drove out of our campground to visit Angel at the veterinary hospital, we watched as a line of really cool cars drove by in front of us to the parking lot across the way.   And Hector the photographer followed them.Lowriders  004

Lowriders  005It was a group from the Viejitos (old guys) Car Club.  And clearly knowing that people would be gawking at their cars, the group parked them all together in one row. Then all of the families poured out of the cars along with their stuff, obviously  planning a picnic and barbecue on the beach.Lowriders  020

Lowriders  013A quick search on the internet brought up the following description:  “We are a family car club that takes pride in everything we do…from our cars to our community.”

The club was started in 1985, and members’ cars must be vintage 1959 or earlier and fully restored.Lowriders  018Lowriders  023

Lowriders  019

Lowriders  001Lowriders  014We hung around by the cars for a while gawking and photographing them, along with a few other folks.

It was tough not to notice these shiny, classic Chevrolets in the parking lot.

Lowriders  024These were models from the 50’s, and many were customized. Some were obviously low riders. Others had cool details added, both inside and out. But all were in fully restored and in beautiful condition.Lowriders  003

It was really fun to get a chance to look at these beautiful cars up close.

Note:  We left San Diego one and a half weeks ago and are now driving north.  Now that our photo website is up and running, we are catching up on the blog.  Stay tuned for one more post about our time in San Diego.

~ BrendaLowriders  022

8 thoughts on “Cool Cars in San Diego

  1. I am not an old car lover but do enjoy the description of the car club. And of course, Hector’s photography makes everything more enticing. Terry would have been all over those cars.

    • They were pretty fun – some had window air conditioners which were cylinders on the windows – who knew!

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