Friends in San Diego

Friends in SD 100We began the year reconnecting with “old” friends and meeting some new friends.  And we have continued to hang out with lots of friends in San Diego.

Friends in SD 13Friends in SD 16Starting out with Doug and Trish from Calgary and Tim and Becky from Oregon, who were all staying at our same campground.  We met them here last year and have since visited them at their respective homes up north.  We also just saw them in Yuma last month.  It is so interesting  to get to know folks this way!

Friends in SD 32Amongst other things, we shared a couple of meals with them.  They are all great people and lots of fun.

Friends in SD 34We also joined Doug and Trish for a bicycle ride over to Pacific Beach where we walked out on the pier and watched the surfers once again.Friends in SD 36

Friends in SD 10Friends in SD 11Then we had a wonderful surprise when our good friend Theresa from Kansas City visited San Diego for a weekend with her boyfriend, Mark, and they joined us for brunch and a walk along the water. It was so fortunate that we were here when they visited, and we really enjoyed our short time together.

Friends in SD 73

Friends in SD 52Friends in SD 38A few weeks later, Nina and Paul arrived in San Diego and we immediately hit one of our favorite places, Ocean Beach, for burgers at Hodad’s and a walk through the fun farmers market.  Followed by some silly fun at a beach souvenir shop.Friends in SD 39Friends in SD 40

Friends in SD 42

Friends in SD 44

Friends in SD 56Friends in SD 60

Friends in SD 46That evening we were treated to a beautiful sunset by the pier at Ocean Beach.

Friends in SD 45

We got together with Todd, Nina and Paul once again for a bike ride and a beachfront lunch.

Friends in SD 88Friends in SD 94Hector and I provided expert assistance on a very important research project that Nina and Paul are conducting involving beer. We take this responsibility very seriously.  Hence we’ve pursued this research diligently at more than one venue.

Friends in SD 93

On a Saturday we all went to the Little Italy Farmers Market which we think is one of the top two in San DIego.  Great food and fun once again!

Friends in SD 77Friends in SD 101A very unique encounter was meeting Enrique, who lives in the Canary Islands in Spain. Last year we got a comment on one of our blog posts from Fernando, a blog reader who lives in Canada. He’d not commented before, but he wrote us that his mother and father, Angeles and Enrique, were also in Tucson in their RV.

Enrique and Angeles bought an RV, Mr. Mojo Picón, and started traveling across the U.S. last year.   They fly back and forth to Spain, putting their RV in storage in different parts of the country when they leave. Their blog documents their travels (in Spanish).

Friends in SD 102We wound up missing each other last year, but we agreed to touch base when they next returned to the United States.  This year, Enrique returned to the States just ahead of his wife, and he joined us for dinner one evening. He and Angeles have traveled extensively around the U.S. and Europe, including some fabulous motorcycle trips.  We really enjoyed meeting Enrique, he is a really funny and interesting gentleman and we had a great time together sharing stories of our adventures.

We hope to see Enrique again and meet Angeles along the way, as well as their son Fernando who we hope to meet on our way to Alaska this summer.

Friends in SD 111All our friends have been so very supportive during the time when things were not going so well after Angel’s surgery.  Hector and I were pretty stressed out, and having caring friends nearby as well as far away made a huge difference.

After Angel came home, LuAnn and Terry drove down to visit Nina and Paul.  This gave me an excuse to get out for a little bit and visit another brewery.  They came over afterwards to see Hector and visit with Angel.  I believe that all that love and attention has helped Angel to heal.

Friends in SD 107Friends in SD 105

A few days later Paul and Nina hosted a get together to celebrate Angel’s recovery and Paul’s sister Carmen’s visit. So once again we spent a wonderful evening with Nina, Paul, Todd, Russ and another new friend, Carmen, plus all our doggies.  A fine meal and great company.  What could be better?Friends in SD 110Friends in SD 109Friends in SD 112

Friends in SD 1Whether looking at beautiful sunsets, enjoying time on the beaches, driving around to see sights, tide pooling, kayaking, bicycling, or just sharing a meal, friends have made our time in San Diego all the richer.

And during Angel’s recovery in and outside the hospital, friends have taken really good care of us and our baby girl.  We are so grateful.

~ BrendaFriends in SD 68

27 thoughts on “Friends in San Diego

  1. Your posts are such a lovely rendering of your trips and visits with others, apart from the fact it is always packed with such interesting and lovely photos…

  2. Wow, what a time you two have had in San Diego! It was wonderful to see you both again and spend some time giving Angel hugs. Hope to see you again before you leave the area.

  3. Not surprising that good folks attract good folks.
    And good friends always seem to find good friends.
    You guys are both! Enjoy.
    Great pics too!

  4. Hi Brenda

    I am doing an Alaska trip this spring and remember ( I think ? ) you guys doing a post on data coverage while traveling in Canada. I want to be able to keep up with my blog posts while in Canada, as you did, but need to know how this can be done in a manner I can afford.
    Can you maybe direct me to the correct post ?
    Glad to see Angel still hanging in there !


    • Hi, Bob. We were unable to find a way to purchase a short-term data plan, but we used the fast food chain, Tim Hortons, throughout Canada. It’s free, you sign up one time, and they are everywhere. We even used the wi-fi from the parking lot when they were closed at night. This year we heard from another couple that you can in fact purchase a short-term option, but someone else told us it was expensive. If we figure it out, we’ll let you know. When will you be in Alaska (or Canada)? Angel is doing much better, thanks.

      • Hi Brenda

        I plan to start heading north from SE Arizona at the start of March, stopping at Malheur NWR in Oregon and then the Palouse in western Washington ( Hector would love this place ), before moseying up through Canada during May. Then the next three months in Alaska, haven’t been there since 1993.

        Are you guys still planning on going? I hope to drive the Haul Road to Prudhoe Bay? Did that in ’93 and it was the highlight of the Alaska trip.


        • Bob,
          Wow, how great that you are returning after all those years. This will be our second trip, the first was one week cruise/one week inland, so very excited. Planning to enter Canada on the Alberta side around the 20th of May. Then enter Alaska around the 22 of June, but we have no reservations in Canada and few in Alaska so plans are fluid. The only thing set in stone right now is Denali National Park, we made reservations from July 28 through August 9 at two of the campgrounds in the park. Also plan to spend quality time at Seward, Homer and Haines. We will exit Alaska on the BC side sometime in very late August heading to Hyder for bears, then exit Canada sometime in September. I’m going to look up Malheur NWR. Also the Haul Road. Hope we can meet up sometime!

          • Back in ’93 I had good luck in Hyder with bears along fish creek. Also when there be sure to take the jeep up to Salmon Glacier, incredibly beautiful.

            If you guys are brave enough to try the Haul Road, let me know, it would be sort of a security blanket to travel it with another party. Tell Hector I got the Porcupine herd there as well as Dall Sheep at the Brooks range and Musk oxen on the tundra. Way back in 93, the road was quite doable in my Class C motorhome, a couple muddy sections being the only real deterrent, just have to take it slow and steady.

            Not too far from Hyder is Terrace, BC. I had a tip to go to the Terrace Dump to find a “Spirit Bear ” , a white black bear, and boy, did I , along with about 20 of his black cousins, one of the most wonderful and terrifying experiences of the trip, bears walking only about 15′ away ! Lots of great shots though. I understand the Kermodies are still seen in the Terrace area and a local could probably tell you where.

            Stay in touch !


  5. San Diego never looked so good! Love that new header, Hector! Too bad we were in San Diego so early and missed all the fun and visits. Glad you had so many wonderful friends to keep you busy and offer support while Angel was away. I am sure Paul and Nina appreciate your help with tasting all the beers in San Diego while they are there:) It’s hard work but I believe you two are up to the task:) Good to see you all enjoying life:)

  6. What wonderful, heartwarming stories. I’m so grateful that you both and Angel are nestled in the arms of good friends. And like you, I have no doubt that Angel’s full recovery is due to all the love that surrounds her. : ) Sending oodles of love and light and big hugs your way!!!

  7. Im late to the party! Looks like you all have so much fun and lots of socializing. So happy Angel is back and everyone is happy.
    Wonderful wonderful people pictures.

    • Thank you! We’ve definitely had some fun times. Angel is doing much better, although still some ups and downs.

  8. What a lovely blog post! We so enjoyed seeing you in San Diego. I’m so glad we met in Anza Borrego and then rendezvoused again when we both spent some time there! Hope we see you again VERY soon on the road!!!!


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