I Rang in the New Year with … a Root Canal?!

yuma  051Ah, yes! Hector, Angel and I spent a quiet New Year’s Eve in Yuma, Arizona inside Island Girl while I recovered from a root canal on the previous day. I must say that the champagne helped the recovery process tremendously.

yuma  052Things happen for a reason. We’d planned to visit friends in Yuma and made reservations so we could meet them in their winter home.yuma  050

We also figured we’d take advantage of some of the services available in town before heading for the desert. Like getting our car detailed and maybe getting Island Girl washed and waxed by the same group that we used last year. Easy, peasy.

Then while In Tucson, I developed a toothache. I visited a nice local dentist, who didn’t think I needed a root canal, but gave me a couple of treatment options, each over $500. That’s when I decided to try out a dentist at Los Algodones, Mexico, coincidentally just across the border from Yuma. But more on that in the next post.

A week later a rock hit our car windshield and made a pretty big crack in it. So we called our insurance company and were able to set up an appointment in Yuma to get the windshield replaced.  Good thing we’d planned to be in Yuma but our week was getting a bit  complicated.

yuma  001yuma  002But when we arrived, we got together with our friends Doug and Tricia from Calgary, Alberta and Tim and Becky from Portland, Oregon and caught up on life since we saw each other last summer. It’s nice to be in the moment and not thinking about all that has to get done, and nothing better than friends to make that happen.

Doug and Tricia got us a great deal on a lot in their RV community of park models and privately owned lots and they generously offered up their golf cart for our use a couple of days.yuma  003yuma  012

yuma  013Then on New Year’s day, we invited all our friends over for brunch. After finishing off the champagne in mimosas, drinking bloody Marys and feasting on a great brunch by Hector with friends, I was fully recovered from the tooth trauma.

yuma  038And we succeeded in getting our   our car detailed that week as well. Although we keep the car fairly clean, after being dragged behind Island Girl for two years, our car, the Coquí, really needed some tender loving care.  Dave’s Auto Detailing did a very nice job.

yuma  040

yuma  039And, after the New Year, we had the windshield replaced on the Coquí. Novus Auto Glass also did a great job. We couldn’t believe the difference – our old windshield had a lot of little pock marks, and the new one looked SO clear, we just sat inside and stared at the outside for awhile.

yuma  047Next another fun get together with Doug and Tricia. We’d planned to go see a local jazz group at a very nice restaurant. The restaurant has a great patio where this jazz band plays regularly.yuma  042yuma  046

It was still pretty chilly out, so when we got to the restaurant the band had cancelled because of the cold. Wimps! Turned out they had played on the cold New Year’s Eve in another venue and didn’t want to do it again.yuma  041

We still had a very nice dinner, including Bananas Flambé prepared table side.

yuma  049Our friends all went on their way, and on our last day, Hector had the RV washed and hand waxed by Robert’s RV Wash & Wax, the same guys that washed her last year.

All turned out well, and all that other stuff didn’t stop us from being able to enjoy spending time with friends.

~ Brenda

13 thoughts on “I Rang in the New Year with … a Root Canal?!

  1. You guys just can’t seem to get a break from Murphy’s Law. I feel for you as late 2013-early 2014 was our year for mishaps. Let’s hope 2015 is smooth sailing for both of us. Next time we meet up, I’ll make Banana’s Flambé for you 🙂

  2. Happy New Year! We plan to do some maintenance when we pass through Yuma later this month, too. Cheers to all of you! Those photos of Brenda are beautiful! -Linda

    • Thank you! Yuma is a great place to take care of maintenance items, and the prices are reasonable. Cheers to both of you.

  3. Looks like good times with friends. It is always fun reconnecting. I’m sure the toothache was cured with all those yummy cocktails:)

    Looking forward to seeing you next week in the desert!!!

    • It’s because I’m so grateful for all the good things in our lives. Hope we can get together soon, we’re just starting to plot our travels after San Diego.

  4. I am looking forward to reading about the root canal in Los Algodones. I am thinking about going down to get a crown…looking forward to your next post.

    • You know, when I think about things that happened at the end of 2014, I have to say that all but one were mishaps, it’s just that they seemed to happen within a short time. So we’re still incredibly thankful for all of the adventures and wonderful moments of 2014. And though we are devastated to know that our faithful companion Angel is sick, she is teaching us more about enjoying life in the moment, and right now she remains perky and happy. We are so happy to have met the two of you in 2014, and we’re going to meet Pam and John tonight here at Anza Borrego! Here’s to all of us in 2015!

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