More Cool, Interesting and Beautiful Places in San Diego

Balboa  096More Cool, Interesting and beautiful places in san diego  094There is so much to do here!  And we’ve enjoyed both the touristy activities  and the “hidden gems”.  A mix of both is perfect.

Continuing on the farmers market circuit, we visited the Little Italy Mercato.   This market became our all time favorite.  It’s huge with almost all of the vendors we’d seen at other farmers markets and then some.  It’s open Saturday 8am until 2pm, but I recommend arriving early as it gets quite crowded and some foods sell out.


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Balboa  101On the second Sunday of each month, the Native American Flute Players hold a “flute circle” in a small but lovely outdoor amphitheater at Mission Trails Regional Park.   Although I was expecting Native Americans, it’s actually a group of non-Native Americans who “honor Native American music”.

Balboa  102Each flute player spoke briefly about their music selection and/or their flutes.  Many explained what type of wood their flute was made of and who made it (some made their own) and there was a display of beautiful flutes as well.  A very interesting and enjoyable time – from 1pm until 3pm.  Thanks to Nina for yet another cool recommendation.Balboa  100Balboa  103

The Torrey Pines Gliderport is a fun spot from which to watch paragliders and hangliders take off.  It also happens to have a spectacular view of the coast and an awesome beach, Black’s Beach, that you can access via a somewhat challenging trail.  Yet another treasure of the San Diego coast.San Diego Beaches  049Balboa  105Balboa  104

On the day we visited, instead of seeing the gliders, we watched as the San Diego Fire Department performed a rescue of a man who’d crashed on the cliffs when his paraglider didn’t fully inflate.  We didn’t know the details at the time, and thought it was a training exercise as everyone was so calm, cool and collected.

The helicopter lowered a medic with a stretcher to the cliffs.  After what seemed like a long time the helicopter returned with another man perched on the skid surveying the area below.  The man then lowered a rope which hoisted the medic and the stretcher back up.

We later learned that the victim was taken to the hospital and apparently had only minor injuries.

We came for gliders, but got a pretty cool air show anyway.

Balboa  106

These guys are rock stars!

Balboa  107Balboa  108A “hidden” treasure of the city is the Spruce Street Suspension Bridge in the Bankers Hill neighborhood.  One of several footbridges built to cross two steep ravines, and the only suspension bridge, this 375 foot long bridge crosses 70 feet above the Kate Sessions Canyon.  The bridge was built in 1912 to provide access from the neighborhood to the streetcars.

Walking across is quite fun, as the bridge sways and has beautiful views below.  The only bridge we’ve ever seen of its kind and very cool.

Balboa  112Balboa  113A beautiful and solemn place, the Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery is located near Cabrillo National Monument.  As with many military cemeteries, the simple white gravestones stand at attention in seemingly endless lines. Balboa  116

Balboa  115Overlooking the bay and the city of San Diego, it’s yet another striking place in this great city.

~ Brenda

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5 thoughts on “More Cool, Interesting and Beautiful Places in San Diego

  1. Wonderful pictures! Would have loved having that position when I was in the fire service. And really loved the pictures of Ft. Rosecran Nat’l Cemetery. My son actually serves at Arlington with USN Ceremonial Guard in Washington DC and has served many funerals as our nations WWII vets pass away every day. He’ll be transferring to San Diego next month. Looking forward to traveling west next year. Thanks for posting!

    • Hi Tom, thanks for your kind note. Hopefully your son will really enjoy his next posting here in SD. I happened upon a burial service at this cemetery once a few years ago and watched from a distance. It was beautiful and very moving. Safe travels to you and yours.


  2. Very cool. You folks are starting to sound like locals!!!
    You know I always love farmers markets and the Mercado seems like a GREAT one.

    Careful on the road, talk to you soon!

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