A Weekend in Kansas City

KC  013We stopped in Kansas City to visit our friend Theresa once again.  We had a great time last year when we stopped here, and she had some fun plans for us this time as well.

KC  001

KC  002KC  004Our first stop was the Kansas City Farmers Market.  This continues to be one of the best farmers markets we’ve been to, although due to the lateness of the season, it was somewhat smaller than during our last visit here.  But the spice guy was still there and Hector stocked up on some fun spices.

There are also various ethnic eateries surrounding the market, and we had some yummy Middle Eastern food for lunch.

KC  016KC  015KC  017Then we went for a drive in the surrounding country.  We stopped at a The Farmer’s House Farm Market in Weston.  Proceeds from The Farmer’s House Farm Market are used to expand programs at The Farmer’s House, a non-profit whose mission is to offer an opportunity for youth and adults with developmental disabilities to learn practical vocational skills in a community integrated hands on work environment.KC  014

The market has special activities for the fall, and there were lots of kiddos around.  As for us big kids, we enjoyed the cut-outs and the costumes.

KC  010

KC  021Weston Bend State Park just outside the city has various easy but pretty hikes throughout the park.  We hiked on a trail that had views of the Missouri River and lots of trees.  Even though the fall colors hadn’t reached their peak yet, it was still a really beautiful hike.KC  018

KC  027We also visited Pirtle Winery, one of many wineries in the state.  Many of Missouri’s wines are sweet, and we prefer drier wines, but we did like a few of these wines.  The blueberry wine, while pretty sweet, was actually quite good with extra sharp cheddar cheese from Vermont.

KC  029We headed back to town to visit Oklahoma Joe’s once again.  This restaurant is located in a gas station – yes a working gas station – and is fabulous.  Anthony Bourdain listed Oklahoma Joe’s as one of “thirteen places to eat before you die.”  Check.

KC  036KC  037Angel had a short visit at one of the local dog parks and then we drove over to an overlook that features The Scout, a famous statue that depicts a Sioux Indian on horseback surveying the landscape.  The statue was dedicated in 1922 as a permanent memorial to local Indian tribes.  And there’s a lovely view of downtown from the statue.

The next day was our 35th wedding anniversary and we planned a quiet dinner so we could get an early start the following morning on our westward drive.photo-4

So Hector and I went out to a romantic dinner that evening to celebrate our anniversary.  It’s been a wonderful and happy 35 years!  And this extraordinary journey is the best anniversary gift we could wish for.

And it was great to see our dear friend Theresa again and enjoy her hospitality in fun and beautiful Kansas City once again.

~ BrendaKC  038

16 thoughts on “A Weekend in Kansas City

  1. The weather has been NASTY here in the Denver area, indeed. YUCK!!! Joe and I are totes jelly (that’s Veronicca-speak for totally jealous…) of your heading back south. Happy anniversary, and happy Thanksgiving!!! Soo good to have seen you a while back! xo, Joe and Jean

    • Hi, we actually stayed longer to take care of all of the medical stuff, and then got stuck with the weather longer than we planned. Leaving tomorrow, weather’s supposed to be nicer. It was wonderful to see both of you (and to see Veronica on Skype). Take care and maybe we’ll see you out West.
      Big hug,

  2. Hi you two!!! Happy belated anniversary!!! Sooo good to see you when you were in Denver. Miss you already!!!! Thank you for being such a beautiful couple, and such wonderful friends…

  3. BL & Tor – It was great to see you both although your visit was much too short. Happy happy anniversary. Hector, I’m looking forward to a little mountain biking in our future – I’m ready when you are. OK, maybe not but you know what I mean. Enjoy the great Southwest this winter.

    • It was great to see you too, and you are such a photogenic family! Hector will be doing some research on possible mountain biking spots. We wound up staying in Denver a little longer than planned and caught some pretty cold weather, but are leaving tomorrow headed South – looking forward to it.
      Take care,

      • I just read your blog about the Eisenhower library and I had no idea you were presidential buffs. In that case you will just be dying to visit the George W. Bush library on the campus of my alma mater, SMU in Dallas. I know how you both were fans! ;). Have fun in NM.

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