Fog on the Water

MDI  055MDI  080We took a scenic nature cruise on the Sea Princess, a boat run by Acadia National Park.   The tour goes past some small islands and stops briefly in Little Cranberry Island.  It’s narrated by a National Park Ranger, who provides information on the history of various islands, the different animal species etc.

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MDI  050MDI  058MDI  068MDI  065The Town of Cranberry Isles consists of five islands with a year-round population of 130 and many additional summer residents.  Little Cranberry Island, also known as Isleford, is the  “capital” of the Cranberry Isles.  It has a seasonal store, a post office, a school, a library, churches, shops, small museums, a dockside restaurant and art and pottery galleries as well as a Historical Museum.MDI  064MDI  061

MDI  052MDI  078MDI  053Hector had wished for foggy weather and his wish came through.  The day of the cruise was very foggy, and the fog created interesting swirly patterns over the water and in front of the various islands.

We cruised past the Bear Island Lighthouse, saw harbor seals and went by a bell buoy, a navigational marker used during foggy weather.  It rings with the movement of the water so vessels can hear it through the fog.  MDI  051MDI  060

The trip included just a twenty minute stop at Isleford, so we just got to peek in at a couple of small galleries.  A remote little outpost with a tiny village.

MDI  062MDI  073MDI  069MDI  071MDI  070MDI  074MDI  067MDI  063MDI  072MDI  049MDI  077MDI  076On the way back we cruised through Somes Sound, which is often described as a fjord.  Because it lacks a few characteristics of Norwegian fjords, and is not as vertical, it’s now called a fjard by officials – “a smaller drowned glacial embayment.”  Nonetheless, the cliffs are beautiful.  We spotted a Peregrine Falcon, these falcons nest on the cliffs.

As we continued on our way home, the weather changed once again and got pretty cold and the water changed from glassy to choppy.  Hector and I are now used to carrying layers and rain jackets, so we were fine, but the boat provided thick blankets as well.  MDI  075

MDI  059MDI  054Even though the chop was relatively mild it was a reminder of the power of the ocean and how complicated navigating these northern waters can be.  Along the way we spotted more harbor seals and some harbor porpoises.

Another great day on the waters of Maine.

~ BrendaMDI  057

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    • It is great to read the stories and see the pictures. A wonderful way to start the day or attempt relaxation techniques when I am about to pull my hair out at work.
      Thanks and have a lovely rest of the day! : )

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