The Land of Sweet Tea and “Honey”

sweet tea 001sweet tea 030sweet tea 002sweet tea 069sweet tea 033sweet tea 032We’re back in the South; in South Carolina, in an area known as the “Low Country”.  We don’t really think of Florida as part of the true “South”.  Having lived in Atlanta many years ago, I’m savvy enough  to order “Unsweetened Tea” instead of “Iced Tea” while we’re here.

We chose to stay on St. Helena Island in South Carolina, which is right by the town of Beaufort.  Beaufort, South Carolina (not to be confused with Beaufort, North Carolina) was one of the filming locations for several movies, including “The Big Chill” and “Bubba Gump”.  Hilton Head, our original destination idea, sounded very touristy, and St. Helena Island sounded like a much more laid back place.

The island is home to Penn Center, one of the first schools for the children of freed slaves and also where Martin Luther King drafted his “I have a dream” speech.  And much of the rural and agricultural land on the island is still farmed by native residents, many of whom are descended from slaves.

Our campground was located in the woods, with various creeks and short trails by the campsites.  One  red cardinal who hung out at our campsite discovered himself in our car and RV mirrors and kept “fighting” with himself.   We’d hear “whack, whack” and turn around to see him pecking one of the mirrors, nutty bird.  But he always flew away when he saw either of us get up to get the camera so we didn’t get a photo.   A good area for critters. While at the campground, we got to take Angel on a short trail called the “Bunny Hop Trail” a couple of times.  Alas, Angel didn’t find any bunnies.

sweet tea 014sweet tea 015We spent a nice day in Savannah, a beautiful southern city.  It was a quick tour, but we were glad to see this city again.  The old town is lovely, with 22 of the original 24 squares still intact.   In one of these plazas is where the “Life is like a box of chocolates” scene from “Bubba Gump” was filmed.  Some of the architecture reminds me a bit of New Orleans, but it definitely has its own character.  And there are many beautiful live oaks covered in Spanish Moss along the streets.

sweet tea 016

Ahh ... sweet Magnolia

Ahh … sweet Magnolia

sweet tea 006sweet tea 017

The Cotton Exchange

The Cotton Exchange

sweet tea 020sweet tea 021sweet tea 022sweet tea 010sweet tea 011sweet tea 012sweet tea 009sweet tea 019sweet tea 003sweet tea 067Then, near St. Helena, we discovered Hunting Island, a barrier island which is now a state park.  This is considered a semi-tropical island and is very lush with lots of palm trees and tall oaks throughout. And there is a very pretty lagoon that runs into the ocean a few miles down.  Another great chance for paddling!  So we took Fuego and Caribe down to the lagoon and spent an afternoon paddling. sweet tea 037

sweet tea 055sweet tea 052sweet tea 060sweet tea 059sweet tea 058sweet tea 036sweet tea 047sweet tea 040sweet tea 043sweet tea 038Which led to another discovery that Hector and I named “Other Wordly Beach”.  The beach was littered with driftwood and fallen trees which gave it the other wordly look.  We’d never seen anything like it.  This is one of the things we love about our journey, discovering unexpected places along the way.  This gorgeous little island is definitely one of the nicest discoveries.

sweet tea 044sweet tea 049sweet tea 050sweet tea 045sweet tea 048sweet tea 046sweet tea 039sweet tea 051sweet tea 053sweet tea 063Hunting Island also has a beautiful lighthouse, which we visited near sunset, so it was too late to go inside, but the grounds and the setting were beautiful.

sweet tea 066sweet tea 064sweet tea 065sweet tea 027sweet tea 031We also drove around Beaufort and took a walk around the old town.  There are some wonderful examples of antebellum architecture and what I call “Southern mansions” from the 18th century around the town.

sweet tea 028The town has lots of restaurants, shops and art galleries and a very scenic waterfront.   They are all very proud that a resident of St. Helena Island, Candice Glover, is one of the finalists on American Idol, and there are lots of businesses and other spots throughout the town featuring Candice and wishing her luck.

sweet tea 025sweet tea 068An interesting, but brief stop on our journey.  And some things haven’t changed; I’ve already been called “honey” several times, love it.  Being back in the South brings back lots of memories.  Oh, and in case I didn’t mention it, I’m not only an Island Girl, but also a Southern Belle.

~ Brenda Lusweet tea 024

7 thoughts on “The Land of Sweet Tea and “Honey”

  1. Another GREAT blog. Love the architecture and all the pics. Lovely descriptions of the beautiful old buildings. Thanks!

  2. Wow…everything is soooo green!! I’ve never been to the South, but I’d love to visit someday. It all seems so full of grace and beauty, and charm. Enjoy!!

    • I think you’d love it, especially the flowers in the spring. We are kind of between the early spring and late spring/early summer flowers so haven’t seen as many as I would have liked. We are finding some in the mountains, though, stay tuned. Brenda

  3. Connie & I were in Savanah a few weeks after you were, Lovely city. Did you eat at Mrs Wilk’s boarding house? Saw hectors picture of the sign. Good food.


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