One Perfect Day

SGI  052My perfect day began early in the morning. Hector and I drove over to one of the beach access areas and get out to the gulf just in time to see the sunrise.  Then we hang out at the beach watching the morning light bring everything to life.  On to the bay side to check out some birds and then to some more dunes and marshy areas for butterfly and bird watching.  The Monarch butterflies have stopped here and are “carbo-loading” on the flowers for their final trip down to Mexico for the winter. SGI  055
We return to our campsite and Hector cooks breakfast while I take Angel out for her morning walk.  After breakfast, Hector downloads his photography and takes a power nap while I clean up and start to write this post.

Then we get on our bicycles and ride out to the tip of the island, to the East Point Fishing Beach.  The road has seemingly been closed off to automobiles, but there is access for cyclists.  It’s a little further than I thought but the destination is well worth it.  We can see the bay on the left and the gulf on the right and there are tons of birds.  We also see four cars parked in a small parking lot and find out that you can get a car pass for $6 per person and that a maximum of 20 cars per day are allowed to access the beach each day.  Hmmmm.

Hector and I walk over to the gulf side and he begins to stalk the birds with his long lens.  He’s having fun.

I walk on the shore, and, after three foot surgeries this last year, I’m having a case of “happy feet” feeling the sand and cool water on my feet.  We see maybe four other couples, some walking, some fishing but we have the rest of the beach to ourselves.

SGI  062We ride back to the campsite. This time Hector takes Angel for her second walk while I freshen up.   Then we make a nice lunch and relax at the campsite. We drive to town out to town for some groceries.  On our way back, we stop at the ranger station and buy an automobile pass so that we can drive to East Point Fishing Beach tomorrow.

SGI  040We return to the campsite and I take Angel for her third walk while Hector makes a campfire. We sit by the campfire and wind the day up with a yummy dinner and some wine..

~ Brenda

6 thoughts on “One Perfect Day

  1. You’ve hit your stride now. This indeed sounds perfect. The photos are wonderful and I feel I had a mini vacation just trading your post. St George seems a few lifetimes ago but I can recapture the feeling with what you’re sharing.

  2. Sounds like the perfect day indeed! Happy Thanksgiving you two (I mean three, Angel included)!! Sending a big hug and a huge smile!

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