Eureka Springs

Our first destination in Arkansas was Eureka Springs.  It’s been over twenty years since we’ve spent fall in the south.  We were really excited to see the autumn colors in the Ozark mountains, especially the reds, purples and oranges, which are not as prevalent in Colorado as the yellows.

Hector described the approach to Eureka Springs as a “white knuckle drive”.  All I know is I’m glad I wasn’t the one driving.  15 mile per hour turns were common and it was a scary, but spectacular road.  And we found the reds, oranges and purples.

Reaching our fabulous campsite on a peninsula on the Beaver Dam Site Lake was the reward for that tough driving.  It was a beautiful setting, further confirming our affinity for State Park campsites.

As part of an intentional effort to slow our pace, we decided to check out Eureka Springs on two short visits on two different days.  The town has tons of cute shops and many springs scattered throughout and walking up and down the hills was a lot of fun.  Many of the significant, historical springs are surrounded by elaborate gardens created by the community – so pretty.  More fall colors.

Another highlight of Eureka Springs was the Thorncrown Chapel, an exquisite non-denominational glass and wood chapel in the nearby woods, surrounded by trees.  Members of the American Institute of Architects placed Thorncrown Chapel fourth on its list of the top buildings of the twentieth century.  It’s an awesome place.

So far, the Ozark mountains did not disappoint.

~ Brenda

5 thoughts on “Eureka Springs

  1. Wowee!!! What an adventure so far! Amazing photos and awesome narratives. You make a great team! And you give me hope. Thank you, my dear friends. I’m with you in Spirit. Lots of love and big hugs, Rebecca

  2. You two, plus your dogs, are doing what I want to do. So far, I’m not convinced I can get Jean to turn loose to go do it when our 16 almost 17 y/o daughter flies the nest.

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