Encinitas  025Encinitas  040About 25 miles north of San Diego is the town of Encinitas, a beach town with six miles of Pacific coastline. Our friends Jeanette and Dennis suggested we spend a day there.

We met for lunch was at Betty’s Pie Whole, memorable not only for its name but for its savory and sweet pies. Yum!

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Spreading Aloha

Q  014We first found out about “spreading aloha” on a plaque commemorating surfing by a beach called “Tourmaline Canyon Surfing Park”, one of many famous surfing spots in San Diego. The plaque reads:


This monument honors the past and present surfers at Tourmaline Canyon Surfing Park who have embraced its beach, surf and camaraderie. Since the opening of the park in May 1963, Tourmaline’s local surfers have shared their time, skills, and wisdom with all who have been interested in receiving them. Great surfers and fine men and women have grown up within the Tourmaline culture, and carry the positive traits learned here into their lives and those of the people around them.

“Surf Well, Spread Aloha, Share Waves Without Judgment.”aloha  034

We were a bit surprised by the usage of “spreading” aloha, as we always thought of aloha as a greeting. So we decided to find out more about its real meanings.

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