A Southern California Weekend Trip with Brother Gus

gus disney  133Yes, we’ve been quite busy here in San Diego, and five weeks have passed rather quickly. And what else did we do the rest of our time on the coast of San Diego?  Well, for starters, Hector’s brother Gus joined us for a fun-filled long weekend.  Hector had been hoping that Gus could join us here in Southern California, so we were really excited about his visit. Continue reading

Circling Phoenix

Phoenix  052As much as we’ve traveled, we hadn’t realized how enormous the city of Phoenix is.  It’s the fifth largest city in the U.S. and per the Phoenix Business Journal “the Phoenix metro area’s population surpassed 4.3 million in 2011”.  More than one person we met compared it to Los Angeles minus the ocean. Continue reading

Coming Full Circle

denver  003denver  004

Angel on Halloween

Angel on Halloween

Reaching Denver was kind of surreal, as this was the place we left from just over a year ago, and it was also our home for the past eleven years.

Our time here was a bit hectic, with visits to doctors and to the dentist for the humans (one root canal for Hector), medical tests, a visit to the vet and a vaccine for Angel, a visit to Freightliner and the RV interior shop for Island Girl, and a visit to the Subaru dealer for our toad.   All of us checked out fine except for Island Girl who had leaking wheel seals.  More on that in our next post.

The fun part of our visit was getting together with friends and family.   There wasn’t enough time to see everyone that we wanted to see, but we made the best of it.  We enjoyed several lovely dinners hosted by dear friends, had a gathering of the wine tasting group we were part of when we lived here, saw work colleagues from when we did that working thing, and generally had a wonderful time catching up with friends.

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Nat, Zach, and Cincy

We camped at beautiful Four Mile Creek State Park while visiting Niagara Falls.  Our campsite faced Lake Ontario, so we’d parked Island Girl with her windshield in and open to a view of the lake.  And on the day of our departure, we were rewarded with a brief glimpse of a tiny Toronto skyline, only visible on clear days.

toronto  001That morning we were supposed to get an early start on our long drive from Buffalo to Cincinnati and were all set to go.  Best laid plans.

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One Year Fulltiming!


Leaving Colorado 1

Leaving Colorado 2It’s true, we’ve now passed the one-year mark since we began our journey.  It has been a rich and full experience and yet time has passed very quickly.

Before I forget, I’ll answer a question that was asked just before we left:  What if we don’t like it?  Well, we love it.  Even though the first time I woke up in Island Girl knowing that I’d be living here for a while, my first thought was – What have I done? – I quickly came to love it and have never looked back.

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Heroes in Upstate New York

Swinda  005We headed to upstate New York to visit my “Titi” Suinda.  Her name is actually Fredesuinda and people in New York mostly call her “Freddy” but to me she is Titi Suinda.  Titi is used in Puerto Rico for Aunt, it’s a diminutive version (like auntie) of “Tia”- aunt.  And it really seems appropriate for Titi Suinda, who’s about 4’11” or so.  She’s part of my dad’s side of the family, which my brother used to call “the little Vegas”.  And no I did not get the tiny skinny gene.

Anyway, Titi Suinda is 94 years old and lives by herself, although her son is one town away and keeps tabs on her.  She, like quite a few other women in this family, is fierce.  Something about these tiny Vega women.

fdr  001

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Florida’s Space Coast

2013-04-08 at 14-08-352013-04-13 at 18-23-52Good news!  We’ve recovered our photos after our computer crash in the Okefenokee Swamp and are now looping back to our last adventures in Florida.  A special shout out to Jeffrey the Wizard at PeachMAC Atlanta for his help getting everything back online.  What a relief!

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A River, Family and Rock & Roll

venice  034venice  002venice  027We returned to Venice, Florida to visit my aunt and uncle and cousins once again.  Our campsite at the Camp Venice Retreat, yet another beautiful spot, was set amidst live oak trees and overlooked the Myakka River. The Myakka River has been designated by the state of Florida as one of only two “wild and scenic rivers” in the state, a Federal designation designed to preserve the Myakka River Basin in its natural state. The setting on the river, along with an adjoining restaurant, “Snook Haven” are considered very “Old Florida”. venice  031 Continue reading

Chickens and Sunsets

b day  012We’d planned to celebrate our friend Dave’s birthday in Key West so Dave and Sharon drove down from Dunedin.  It’s nice that people of his advanced age still want to celebrate their birthdays!  Another friend, Bob, drove down from Miami to join the celebration.blue heaven  002 Continue reading