DC and The 17-Year Itch

Our arrival in Virginia coincided with the arrival of none other than… Magicicada Brood II.  Actually, Brood II arrived a few days before we did. 

DC  002Our driving day was another one of those rainy days, truth be told, we’ve had quite a few rainy driving days throughout our journey, but it’s typically a light rain as it was this time around.  We arrived at our campsite in a pretty wooded area of Virginia near Washington D.C. in the late afternoon.  The rain subsided prior to our arrival and allowed us to set up at the campsite, it was a minimal set up as we were only going to be there a few days.  We walked Angel and called it a day.   Nothing unusual.

The next morning, I noticed some beetles around the campsite.   I’m not too crazy about beetles, but I felt pretty confident that I could avoid them. 

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