Niagara Falls

niagara  037

niagara  001Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve wanted to visit Niagara Falls.  And even though we lived in New York City for awhile, my family didn’t have the opportunity to take the trip at that time. Later in life, other places captured my interest, and I moved on.niagara  002

But now that we’d spent some time on the east coast, it was time to take care of this childhood wish.  So Hector and I planned a short stop in Niagara Falls on the way from Southern Vermont to Cincinnati, Ohio.

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One Year Fulltiming!


Leaving Colorado 1

Leaving Colorado 2It’s true, we’ve now passed the one-year mark since we began our journey.  It has been a rich and full experience and yet time has passed very quickly.

Before I forget, I’ll answer a question that was asked just before we left:  What if we don’t like it?  Well, we love it.  Even though the first time I woke up in Island Girl knowing that I’d be living here for a while, my first thought was – What have I done? – I quickly came to love it and have never looked back.

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Heroes in Upstate New York

Swinda  005We headed to upstate New York to visit my “Titi” Suinda.  Her name is actually Fredesuinda and people in New York mostly call her “Freddy” but to me she is Titi Suinda.  Titi is used in Puerto Rico for Aunt, it’s a diminutive version (like auntie) of “Tia”- aunt.  And it really seems appropriate for Titi Suinda, who’s about 4’11” or so.  She’s part of my dad’s side of the family, which my brother used to call “the little Vegas”.  And no I did not get the tiny skinny gene.

Anyway, Titi Suinda is 94 years old and lives by herself, although her son is one town away and keeps tabs on her.  She, like quite a few other women in this family, is fierce.  Something about these tiny Vega women.

fdr  001

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