Life Marches On

Hi folks, Hector here ... it has been just over a year since our sweet Angel passed away and we fell off the wagon of posting on this blog.  We still miss her every day. Sorry to just stop cold like that but life marches on and we've been busy with new projects that we'll post about soon.  We … Continue reading

Driving Miss Angel

Her name is Angel ... "Of course it is". A response we heard more than once from the many people across North America when introduced to our wonderful dog Angel. Her sweet face and mellow disposition would draw them in. Especially the kids. So fluffy. Today Angel is gone.  She crossed the … Continue reading

Island Girl Seeks A New Home

Update: Island Girl found a new home with a young couple with three little boys! No not THAT Island Girl, Brenda continues to put up with me. We are selling our beloved Island Girl the RV! We still plan on RVing part time but have decided that a smaller rig would be a better fit. So our … Continue reading

Four Corners and Friends

Continuing our catch up posts of our tour last year around the four corners, we could not resist a couple of stops on our way to our next destination just east of Durango to visit our friends, Mike and Linda, and their adorable pup, Lucy. First on the way was the Four Corners Monument, the only … Continue reading