Boating with Marcos in Bahia

Marcos, who runs the motorboat tours, lives just next door to the campground.  Antonio introduced us and we decided to go boating with Marcos in Bahia on the last day of our stay so we could spend one more day on the water.

Marcos’ boat is called the Mahal – Ko. The boat holds six passengers, and four others joined us on the tour. Marcos towed his boat with all of us riding in it for the short ride to the launch in the town center.

Surprisingly, he backed the trailer into the water and launched the boat with all of us still in it. Then he parked the truck and joined us. We headed out to La Ventana (The Win dow), where we’d kayaked a few days earlier.

Along the way, we found sea lions floating belly up in the water. They were regulating their body temps by holding their fins up in the air.

We had never seen this before. Very interesting.

We continued to Coronado Island. and beached the boat for a light hike up and around. The other side of the island revealed several coves and more crystal clear waters. Some spectacular spots for a swim in warmer waters.

One more hop to another pretty beach and Marcos asked if we would like to dig for clams. One of the others answered a very enthusiastic yes and we stopped. In this beach, all you have to do is stick your hand into the sand and move it across until you hit something hard, which seems to always be a clam.

I got hooked on finding clams while Hector took some photographs. I found enough clams for dinner, and Hector steamed them with wine and garlic later that evening. Yum!

On our way back Marcos drove the boat to the back side of La Ventana, where the mystery of the name revealed itself. There is a triangular rock with a large “window” in the middle. We had just missed seeing it on our kayak expedition because we had not made the turn around this corner of the island.

Next, Marcos took us to a beach with an old boat that looked like it had been beached for a long while. Someone had written S.S.Minnow on it.  We all had a good laugh because we too we on a “three hour tour”.

There was a beautiful lush green area with trees towards the back of the beach. Turns out that the beach floods and water collects in a low area and keeps the ground cover and trees happy. We hiked around a bit then got back in the boat.

We didn’t see much marine life, as it wasn’t the right season, but we still had a wonderful experience.

The next day we hooked up the car and continued South to more adventures.


8 thoughts on “Boating with Marcos in Bahia

    • I understand the addiction now. We almost went to a traditional clam bake on the beach when we were up in Maine but timing didn’t work out. Would love that!

  1. I wonder if Marcos has a Filipino blood…”Mahal ko” is a Tagalog phrase meaning My love.
    Clams, those reminded me of the clams we bought at PEI during our first meet up.

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