The Surprising Beach at San Quintin

South of Ensenada the road goes through an agricultural area and the towns get smaller and further apart.  We try to make our driving days short and  San Quintin is just before the central desert and the longest “gas gap” in Baja where there are >200 miles between gas stations so we planned to overnight there.

With no particular expectations other than we knew it was on the beach we stopped to camp at Fidel’s El Pabellon RV campground.  Check out our review of the campground here. To our delight the beach was incredible.  Wide, beautiful and completely empty. Except of course for the zillion sand dollars that were everywhere and lots of birds.

Fidel was very nice and was busy constructing a new waterfront restaurant focused on local seafood which he hopes will be open in March.  He gave me a tour of the work in progress, looks like it will be quite the addition to the limited local restaurant scene in a spectacular location.

A walk on the beach and a gorgeous sunset. In the morning, we awoke to dolphins out on the water. And a few fishermen returning from early fishing trips. Fidel used to be a lobster fisherman so it sounds like that will be a highlight of his menu.An unexpected treat for sure.

Groucho Marx clams

We were tempted to stay longer but decided to pull ourselves away to get further south.
Off to the central desert we go.

Hector and Brenda

16 thoughts on “The Surprising Beach at San Quintin

  1. Ahhhhh… very nice stop. What traveling is all about. Thanks for the update before the 200 miles of no gas stops! 🙂 Carry on you two.

  2. Hola :
    ya vemos que se han puesto nuevamente en carretera y con RV nuevo. Nos alegramos un montón.
    Nosotros acabamos de venir de California y Las Vegas y hasta mayo no volvemos para allá.
    A ver si tenemos ocasion de vernos nuevamente.
    Un abrazo para los dos.

    • Hola! En Mayo también viajamos afuera, pero estaremos en casa en Junio. Avisanos a que area planean viajar y cuanto tiempo van a estar. Nos encantaría verlos.

  3. So good to hear from and see you both! You and your adventures look great. Let us know when your plans bring you a tad more north… Godspeed! xo, Joe and Jean

    • Hi there! We’ve been thinking about you. That was a lovely Christmas card with all of those very big and adorable adult children! Believe it or not our next plans for Denver are for December for Hector’s cousin’s son’s wedding. Would love to see you guys, we miss you!

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