Greetings from Corrales, New Mexico

corrales-1Hi everyone! It has been a long time. Hector, Angel and I send greetings from Corrales, New Mexico. We are doing great and really appreciate those of you who reached out to ask if we were ok, since we sorta did just fall off the face of the earth.

In the previous post we were happily bouncing across parts of the four corners on our way to New Mexico. After Bryce Canyon, we went to Moab, then made a few stops in the four corners area visiting friends along the way and then continued to Albuquerque.Moab-9

We had a nice neat plan to only take a preliminary look at houses and not get serious about buying a place until we sold our Denver house and had cash in hand. But this plan got upended when we went to an open house in Albuquerque and found our dream house. So we bought it! It is a cute little adobe in Corrales, a rural part of Albuquerque, New Mexico.corrales-2

Of course this meant we had a million things to do. Close on the house in Denver, sift through and move our belongings from storage, move out of Island Girl, move into the new house, work on projects around the house etc. Much of it during the hottest part of the summer. More on all that later.

angel-3Also, during this time, Angel was diagnosed with Cushing’s Syndrome – earlier in the year she had been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. Her ongoing arthritis was getting worse and she was falling down a lot. And on top of that she has gone deaf and has started having some symptoms of cognitive dysfunction disorder, which is common in older dogs.  Poor baby!

We had to focus on her health and managing all of her conditions. So we ended up taking her to a total of four veterinarians in the area (including an acupuncturist).

And the good news is that all is under control and her mobility has improved, mostly due to acupuncture. We cook a special diet for her and she gets Chinese herbs as well as some other natural remedies daily.

angel-5Our girl is fierce. She now goes for a run every other day around our property and for a couple of walks daily, occasionally chasing a rabbit. For a 14-year old dog that is great news. She is loving life in the Land of Enchantment. And we are thankful that she is still a happy girl in her golden years.

For me personally, ending our walkabout, the moves, Angel’s issues and all of the upheaval was exhausting. I had no energy left to continue blogging.

It has also been difficult to complete this post because it means we have “officially” ended our walkabout. It was a finality that I was trying to avoid. I admit I was also concerned about the reaction from other fulltime RVers since we left the club. And I was frankly also suffering from blogging burnout after almost four years. The truth is, I wrote a draft of this post a couple of months ago but got hung up completing the task.corrales-6

We apologize to the readers of this blog for just abandoning it for so long without explanation.  The interactions we have had with you all both online and in person were a huge part of the magical experience our walkabout turned out to be.

We still have a few more stories to share about the last few stops in our walkabout. And also our thoughts about the adventure in general. We will do that now that we are pretty settled into our new home.  It was a grand adventure that exceeded our fondest hopes.



We are sad to have that chapter end.  But we have also enjoyed many things about our new home: Alpenglow on the Sandia Mountains, the beautiful sunsets, watching storms over the mountains, the monsoons – big summer rainstorms that usually arrive in the afternoon and stay for only a short while and the beautiful rainbows afterward.  Also the many balloons that flew over our house with quite a few landing right next to and behind us during Balloon Fiesta. And our fellow RVers will understand our joy at having unrestricted unlimited Internet access!corrales-7

corrales-9corrales-5We completed many major projects and are loving basking in the glow of toasty fires in our indoor and outdoor fireplaces. And Angel is loving all of her outdoor time, especially now in the cooler weather.corrales-8corrales-10

corrales-12And although a little late …

Happy New Year to all!

~ Brenda, Hector, and Angel


60 thoughts on “Greetings from Corrales, New Mexico

  1. Congratulations! So happy to know that you’ve found such a beautiful place to call home. You’ve certainly accomplished a lot in the past few months—I can understand why blogging wasn’t at the top of your list! It’s lovely to see where you are now, and to know that you’re so happy. Wishing you all the best in 2017!

    • Hi, Laurel! Thank you so much. I am still hoping we can connect at some point, we would love to meet you. The best to you in 2017 as well.

  2. Well Hello and Happy New Year:

    Nice to hear from you. Congratulation on your new home and putting down roots again. Nice to see that Angel is doing well and enjoying her new home.

    Anna, Derek & Kepler

  3. Happy New Year!
    Mark and I were just talking about you! I love your house and can’t wait to visit!!! I have enjoyed sharing your story with friends. I know you are sad to see your RV days end but your next chapter could be better than the last! Keep in touch – Sandra

  4. Hi,
    It was great seeing you guys and glad you are all settled in. Your place is awesome and so glad you found it. It fits you both. Hope to see you soon and as always Your words and Hector pictures are beautiful. Miss you guys. The Best to you in 2017! Karen : )

  5. Was wondering what had happened to you guys, it all sounds really good though, result wise. We wish you all the very best with your adventure in NM, the new home looks stunning. Never bumped into you on the road but we used your blog to decide where to camp a few times. Lots of dust at Sheeps Bridge Road in La Verkin, Utah but what a lovely 360 view, we had a happy time there and our silver toad, well it was temporarily turned quite red. Thx for that fantastic boondocking tip, we just loved it there.

  6. Fantastic! You just told OUR story, too!! When you find the perfect spot, you just have to GO FOR IT! As you know, we are absolutely loving our little ponderosa in Colorado. We are thrilled you found yours in New Mexico. So glad to hear Angel is doing well. Sending our love and hugs to all of you.

  7. So happy for you! Just as we begin our grand adventure in fullyime RV life!
    Congratulations and enjoy this next chapter of your walkabout!

  8. Congratulations on the New House and Happy New Year.
    Just because you are no longer Fulltimers doesn’t mean the traveling is over.
    Life is an adventure that can still be shared.
    Hope to see more of those stories in the Future.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!
    Rick and Kathy

    It’s about time.

  9. I’m so glad you found that special place to settle down. We’re still looking. Congratulations and wishing you tons of fond memories during this next chapter.

  10. Brenda, Hector, and Angel,

    I *just* Googled you all 2 days ago! I am glad you have found a place to land that you enjoy so much. Your new home looks lovely. I am most pleased that Angel is doing well. I point anyone who mentions traveling to Alaska to your blog. I hope you will consider leaving it up as a resource. Best wishes in your new adventures!

    • What a funny coincidence! Thank you so much, we are definitely considering leaving the blog up. Best wishes to you as well!

  11. Congratulations on your new home. Your story is a great one and I appreciate your sharing it with us. The photos especially! As your walkabout ends, ours starts… my husband and I are due to be on the road by the end of spring!

    Thank you ever so much.

  12. From the Isla Encantada to the Land of Enchantment, what a long strange trip is has been!!!! The last four years have truly been some of the most remarkable for you both. It was great to share some of it in person and follow the rest of it in your wonderful blog! I will miss reading it! Now, I am looking forward to the art show trips!!! Can wait to see the top 10,000 photos!! Thanks for taking me along!

    • We must be enchanted! Sometimes it feels as if the adventure was not real. Hector sure has his work cut out for him, but he is excited. Hope to see you and Sharon soon!

  13. How wonderful for you both! Hugs to Angel! Tootsie had cushings too, isn’t that an interesting coincidence? I wish you both the best. The new house is beautiful and seems very fitting for you.

    • Thank you, Cheryl, we do love it here. I see you and Pete are doing great in Florida too. And you have become quite the biker, congratulations! The best to both of you in 2017!

  14. I can’t wait to get to NM and see you new home. I’m so glad you found that perfect spot:) We are still looking! I was pleased that you shared some of your new home on fb. You won’t be forgotten, and I am sure that there’s a lots of us that will come to you for a visit. Your backyard looks like a dream:) What a sweet view! Lots for Hector to photograph. Love, love those view shots, Hector:) Poor Angel! She certainly has been through a lot. Good to hear she is doing well and enjoying her the new home, as well. She looks wonderful in the photos:) Such a nice girl! Thanks for catching us up! We are hoping to see you in the fall!!

    • Thank you, Pam! Angel is doing great, considering all she has been through. She relaxes most of the day in the courtyard, she really loves the winter temperatures since she’s a Northern breed mix. Fall is the best time of year here, good choice!

  15. Congratulations! And that is a beautiful adobe home and I could tell you are loving it.
    Would like to know how the good/bad the winds are in springtime.
    Angel has a strong fighting spirit, and glad she is doing well.
    This year we will spend time looking also for our own piece of heaven.

    • Thanks, Mona Liza. We do love our new home. We hear the winds can be quite bad in the springtime. I can tell you the winds have picked up at times in late summer, fall and winter but frankly we have experienced worse winds in California and Oregon. We will learn more once we are here a year, but I can say that early summer and fall were both really nice. We were in the area last year in May and June and it was neither too windy nor too hot (we dry camped in May). Today, in the middle of winter it will go up to 60 and is quite nice. Worst last year were July and August – very hot!

      Congratulations on experiencing all of the states, we still haven’t gotten to all of them. Enjoy your new phase of full timing!

  16. Hi guys!
    I think I recognize that first picture…..I have one just like it (well, yours is much more beautiful than mine), taken at happy hour during our visit this fall I think? Your home is beautiful and you all look so very happy there. You made wonderful memories on your walkabout and many fast friends. We all hope you will keep us current once and a while and stay in touch with us in the time ahead.

    • Hi, there! I just found out about Escapade, but there is a possibility we can pop in – that would be fun! How are you enjoying your truck camper? Best to you and Jack in 2017!

  17. How lovely to see your post! How I’ve missed them…your writing and Hectors photos! I do hope you keep posting a bit, no matter what. We can’t wait to see your place in person one day. You’ve found a gem of a spot. And sweet Angel, what a trooper, love to you all three!!


    • Yikes, we might have some kind of record for a period of rest from a blog! We really love it here and are enjoying it much more now that we are not working on so many house projects (there are always little ones though). Angel is good, her eye (which I didn’t mention in the post) is holding up. We are figuring out what to do about blogging as we get settled, will definitely have something related to Hector’s photography. Love to all five of you!

  18. So relieved that you 3 are OK. I was so addicted to your blog with its outstanding photography that I have been checking every day, hoping for a post! I will miss following your travels, but am so happy that you have found a house that makes you happy & that beautiful Angel Is thriving. Happy New Year to the 3 of you.

  19. Sad to see you will no longer be on the road but it looks like you two have found a grand place to write the next chapter of your lives… we have friends in ABQ and visit it ofter… love New Mexico and the food and scenery there. Enjoy!!!

    • Well hopefully we will be on the road for part of our time. We are loving it here. Let us know if you are in the area!

  20. Hector/Brenda, sorry to see you leave the road but I am thrilled to see you found the home of your dreams.

    I wish you both, and of course Angel, a fantastic new adventure in your new home. I am sure you will be a major stopping point for the many trekkers you have met over the years.

    I am also leaving Miami for the west coast of Fla., Bradenton area, this spring so I will send you the contact info when I get settled.

    Be well and keep in touch.

    • Thank you so much, Bob. It is so nice to hear from you, we thought you had left Miami already. Please do keep in touch and let us know where you land. And of course you are welcome at our home anytime. Best to you in 2017.

  21. So good to hear that you have found your home. We aren’t full timers and love to land at home for a few months. I’ve loved your blog and hope that you continue to keep us up dated on how things are going with the two of you. So glad to hear things are going well for Angel too. Our pups are a big part of our lives. I love the area you have settled in; you have seasons. Good luck in all you do.

    • Thank you so much. We plan to “downsize” Island Girl in the future and continue to travel part time. Angel is really enjoying having a giant yard as well as seasons, she is a Northern dog mix. We are still figuring out what to do about the blog but will be writing for awhile about our transition, stay tuned. Best to you in 2017.

  22. Congratulations on your new home and once again becoming part of us “landed” folks. I also wondered what had happened and was glad to hear you’re well and despite her old age and infirmities, Angel is there to share it with you. I’ve loved reading the blog and following your travels (and Hector’s fine photography) these last years. One never knows, perhaps we’ll catch up again some time in the future.

    • Thank you, John! We are so happy that Angel was there with us until the end of our walkabout and is still here with us! So glad you enjoyed the blog! We are not sure whether we will continue a photography blog but stay tuned. We are toying with the idea of paying a visit to Escapades in March since we have friends in Tucson. Let us know if you are going!

  23. Love the photo of the house and so sorry Angel was having medical issues. You are remarkable caretakers who consistently love and care for this remarkable dog who is “family”. Angel clearly won the dog lottery when she became part of your home and life.

    Wishing you both continued happiness as you get settled on firmer ground. I’m sure you miss the many adventures you created with Island Girl and know you will find new opportunities to continue using your “curious” gene.



    • Angel is ok, not perfect but she is a happy girl. Thank you for your nice words about our care for her – she is a big part of our family.

      It has been a busy time with not much time to think about the future. But we are pretty settled now and will be exploring possibilities. And again you are welcome at our home anytime.


  24. Wow….how nice! I have missed you three sooooo much. Hope we cross paths before too long. Spencer was just asking about you all recently….I’ll forward this post!

    With great affection,


    • Hi, Vince! We have missed you too, were talking about you the other day because Santa gave Hector a couple of cooking classes. We’d love to see you sometime. And Spencer too! By any chance will you be near Tucson in March, we are considering dropping in on Escapade which is there this year. Otherwise, come see us here! We have a spot, just 20 Amp and water but we have a nice warm house.
      All the best to you in 2017!

  25. Very glad to hear that your disappearance was not caused by some tragedy but by a happy ending to your walkabout. Sounds like a great home you have found and I wish you guys all the best in your stationary life.

    Glad tp hear Angel is still enjoying her senior years, 14 is pretty amazing for a dog like her, must have some very devoted owners. Sadly, I lost Jenny at 16 the past July while doing the mountains of Colorado, gorgeous country, but now will always have sad memories for me.

    Hope to see you again so I can talk shop with Hector.

    • Thanks so much Bob, and very sorry to hear about Jenny. She had a good ride to 16 and saw more than most in her travels. We are just now getting settled in and enjoying the change of pace. There is lots we miss about RV travel but happy to be home. If you are near Albuquerque we would love to see you. Mi casa es su casa. Safe travels!

    • Thank you so much! You are so right. Although we plan to continue to travel, we love our little place here in New Mexico.
      Safe travels,

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