Our 100-Day Journey to Alaska

We interrupt this program to give a brief excitement check on plans for our upcoming journey to Alaska.toonvectors-5129-940

Our journey will begin in less than two weeks and we have been busily plotting our route. Although this will be the first time we travel to Alask in our motorhome, it will be our second visit to the 49th state. We are so excited!

We first visited on a two-week vacation which included a cruise on the Inside Passage and one week inland. We kayaked, hiked, took a seaplane ride to the Misty Fjords, took the scenic train from Seward to Anchorage, saw whales, sea otters, seals, lots of birds, glaciers and more. We stayed at an inn above a restaurant, at a historic inn, and at a dog-sledding camp where we got to play with the dogs, who are on vacation in the summer.

And Alaska made its indelible mark on our hearts. Since that time, we have been planning to return. And the time is almost here.

So what does our trip look like? We plan to enter Canada around the 20th of May. And exit Canada sometime around the 15th of September. Which is not exactly 100 days, but 116 days doesn’t look as good in the title πŸ™‚

But of course, much of it can and probably will change. We have lots of flexibility. That, of course, is part of the fun.

But, here is our general route as it looks today:

We will enter through Alberta, Canada from Montana and have plans to meet several friends in the Calgary area. We have no further plans until we arrive in Anchorage about five weeks later.

We did make reservations in Seward, where a friend of ours will spend some time with us, and we have reservations at Denali National Park as well.

alaskaWe are especially excited about Denali National Park, where Hector got a photographers permit that allows him to drive our car into the park with one lucky passenger (me!). Cars are not normally allowed in the park, so the general public has to ride buses in and out.

Well, I will leave it at that for now. Stay tuned for lots more details about our planning, our trip, and of course, for lots of photographs.

~ Brenda

35 thoughts on “Our 100-Day Journey to Alaska

  1. Our trip to Alaska two years ago is still my favorite trip of all time. I’m glad to see you have our favorite place, Haines, on your map. We loved Oceanside RV Park where we could sit and watch ferries and fishing boats go by, watch for whales, and see Eagles fly over our heads. Camping in Teklanika in Denali National Park was also a wonderful experience. One of the highlights of our trip was driving on the Dalton Highway to the Arctic Circle and on to Coldfoot. I could go on and on…

    I’m looking forward to reading each of your posts. You will have an amazing summer!

    • Haines was one of our destinations on our first trip, we had one day there on our cruise and went down the Chilkat River. There were so many eagles! We are really excited about camping at Denali too. I don’t think we’ll drive on the Dalton Highway in the motorhome, but might make a day trip in the car. So many choices!

      • We left our fifth wheel at the RV Park in North Pole to make the drive on the Dalton Hwy. It was a very long day but oh so worth it! Friends of ours left their motorhome in the RV park for three nights while they spent a night in Coldfoot and then went the rest of the way to Deadhorse.

        • That’s an interesting option, we would just need to find a place that accepts dogs. Will be checking on that.

  2. How fun! We are going to Alaska this summer too, but it looks like we are taking the exact opposite route you are. We plan on stopping in North Pole to see my cousin and then at the end stopping ? Do you think we need to make reservations at Denali? We are really loose on the planning. So far we are meeting friends that will be traveling with us in Bellingham, WA on June 22. We will take about 10 days to travel up the Oregon Coast from SoCal to get there. This is my maiden retirement voyage. Hopefully we will meet up this summer. Love following your blog. I am planning on keeping up with my blog this summer. http://www.lockwoodotness.blogspot.com.
    Take care,

    • How fun! We have heard that it’s a good idea to make reservations at Denali. Congratulations, this will be quite a maiden retirement voyage. I’ll post more details on our plans as they become more solid, would love to meet you along the way! So glad you enjoy our blog.
      Happy Trails,

  3. When you go through Montana, stop in a tiny, tiny town called Brady and go to Dusty’s bar. Tell them Pam Otness sent you. It is my home town and the bar has a lot of character. The town is about 45 miles north of Great Falls on your way to the Canadian border in Sweetgrass.

  4. And the dream continues! Lucky you, and, as Veronicca would say, totes jelly (totally jealous)! We are eager to continue to share your ventures! Thank you for keeping us with you. Know you three are in our hearts … Godspeed!

  5. The time has finally arrived! Hope you all have a wonderful time and safe travels. Watch out for them bears. : ) Karen

    • Yay! It will be a bit challenging with lack of internet access but we are going to try our best to keep up on the blog!

  6. We are so excited about your Alaska trip, you would think we were coming along. I guess we will be via your blog. πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see the photographs! Safe travels.

  7. We’re looking forward a summer filled of great posts from you guys πŸ™‚ We’ll only be up there about 6 weeks, and it’s already feeling way too short!

    • It’s going to be a challenge with the lack of internet access, but we’ll do our best. We had a blast last time when we were there just two weeks, so I’m sure you will really enjoy your six weeks!

  8. Oh, this will be fun! Looking forward to following along with your adventures, and of course, seeing your lovely photographs along the way. We’re planning our Alaska trip for either 2016 or 2017. Safe travels! πŸ™‚

    • We will certainly enjoy having you along. Will you be at Lopez Island this summer? We are going to exit Canada on the Pacific Coast and may visit the island again, but it will be September.

    • Congratulations! We have enjoyed our two and a half years tremendously. Hope to share some useful tips for others this summer.

  9. I saw your blog on Nina’s site. I’m looking forward to reading your posts over the summer, as we are going the opposite way and I can learn from where you’ve been. I’m so jealous of the photographer’s permit – what a blessing! Maybe we will cross paths some time in the next few months.

    • Great, we hope to stay up to date on the blog, but you can always send us any questions as well. The permit is a lottery and he got his preferred week – lucky guy! I hope we do cross paths.

  10. Barry and I have a bucket list plan to go to Alaska on a trip similar to the earlier trip you took. Don’t be surprised if we impose on you for planning help. Meanwhile, we will travel vicariously with you for this 100-days!

    • A little birdie told me you two might be looking at RVs? We would love to help in any way we can. And a week cruise followed by some stomping around inland would be an awesome thing to do. We so thoroughly enjoyed it.

    • Please do impose on us for planning help on a cruise/driving trip to Alaska, I was once a travel agent and love to help others plan their trips.
      Hugs to both of you,

  11. I’m so excited for you. For those of us that have not started our RV adventure yet it will be great to follow along and see the beautiful area and read about your experiences. Thank you for sharing.

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