So Long San Diego

San Diego 15  022San Diego 15  008As we said so long San Diego and reflected on our time there, we felt much gratitude for the great friends that surrounded us, for having Angel back home with us and seeing joy in her eyes once again.

We reconnected with a surprising amount of friends and had many wonderful times. But for two very long weeks, we went through a roller coaster of emotions while Angel had surgery and a tough recovery. After nine days of ups and downs in the hospital, she was well enough to come home.  Many caring gestures from friends and others helped us tremendously.

San Diego 15  020

San Diego 15  030It was such joy to finally bring her home, although it took a little more time for her to get her energy back. After many weeks of tweaking, she is on a supplement regimen that is maintaining her blood calcium level in the normal range.

sd  012Angel recovered enough for us to join friends Russ (@haynieruss) and Todd (@toddmb) and Nina and Paul (Wheeling It) at a couple of doggie friendly breweries where I met Nina and Paul’s friends Gayle and Jim (Life’s Little Adventures). Hector and I got together with Gayle and Jim after the others left at – you guessed it – a brewery.

sd  019

Then our friend from Spain, Enrique (USA en auto caravana) returned for a couple of nights with his sisters, Olga and Amaya who were visiting from Spain.  They are all thoroughly charming and we had great conversations together. We are hoping to meet Enrique again when he returns to the U.S.

San Diego 15  013San Diego 15  011At the same time, Hector and I worked on our photography website. He was selecting photographs and putting it together, while I researched other websites. We were pretty hunkered down but still enjoying our walks along the Mission Bay waterfront by the campground.

sd  020Our friends Doug and Trish joined us for one last happy hour before they left town on their way back to Canada. Jim and Barb, a couple they met at the campground who happen to live in their same town, also joined us. San Diego 15  016

We really hit it off with Jim and Barb and joined them for happy hour once again before they left our campground. That’s when we discovered that they were heading to a campground to meet other good friends of ours, LuAnn and Terry (Paint Your Landscape), whom we were planning to meet the following week also – such a small world!Gliderport  026

The next week, LuAnn, Terry, Barb and Jim joined us in San Diego for lunch and a trip to Torrey Pines Gliderport to watch the gliders. Such serendipity to have met these two couples independently and find out that they had met each other back in Florida.

It was great to hang out and watch the paragliders and the hang gliders. Steady winds made it a great day for both sports and fun to watch. And the cliffs at Torrey Pines are such a beautiful setting for the gliders.

Gliderport  030

Afterwards, we all headed back to Island Girl for drinks and more camaraderie.

San Diego 15  037San Diego 15  039San Diego 15  023A couple of days before we left San Diego, we got together with Dan and Amanda, our neighbors at the campground.  They are two working nurses who travel around the country. And they have two adorable dogs, Sadie and Diego.

Turns out the two of them have a work assignment in Anchorage, Alaska this summer, and we plan to meet them again while we are there.

Then right before we left, we met three lovely lady friends of Gayle and Jim’s just as they arrived at our campground. We had a brief encounter, more good beer and some laughs with Suzanne (Take to the Highway), Kim (Travels of Kimbopolo) and Debbie along with Jim and Gayle.

Hope to see them all again down the road sometime.San Diego 15  024

San Diego 15  028We had gotten up at 3:30 a.m. to photograph the full moon during the lunar eclipse. The “blood moon” was enchanting. Then we watched the shadow receding before the moon hid behind a marine layer that had developed in the early morning.  Wow!San Diego 15  026San Diego 15  025San Diego 15  027

San Diego 15  032Later that evening, we headed out to watch the full moon rise again. The spot we picked to watch the skyline and the moon was partially fenced off due to construction, so we missed the huge moon rising over the buildings, but the San Diego skyline was beautiful.San Diego 15  031San Diego 15  033

Spooky Monn

Spooky Moon


And we found another great overlook and watched the moon hanging high in the sky amongst some clouds. I never tire of the full moon.San Diego 15  034

Michael and Gloria 49

Mila and Chana

Mila and Chana

On Easter Sunday, we had Easter brunch with our dear friends Michael and Gloria and their daughter Jocelyn who live in San Diego, our last time together for a while. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to spend a little time with them before we left.  We miss them already.

San Diego 15  043San Diego 15  042We were amazed by the hummingbird nest that they found in their backyard.  The nest was so delicate and beautiful and there was a baby hummingbird and an egg inside!San Diego 15  041San Diego 15  040

Then it was time to leave San Diego and our friends until we meet again!

~ BrendaSan Diego 15  015

25 thoughts on “So Long San Diego

  1. You lead a rich and beautiful life. So much love! We are happy to hear that Angel is doing well. Safe travels. -Linda, Mike and Lucy

  2. What a small social world you folks have down there! I just sit here and dream, reading most of those blogs you mention. Thanks to all the RV bloggers who let me travel along with them. And Hector’s website is excellent, with spectacular photos!

    • So nice to hear that you enjoy the blog! There certainly are a lot of great RV blogs out there. We appreciate your nice comments about our website, lots of work went into it (in addition to Hector’s great photos).

  3. So nice to see Angel smiling brightly for the camera:) Love her colorful ribbon!

    You certainly had a socially packed time while in San Deigo. Looks like lots of fun with great people. Super photos of all your visitors:)

    Hector, I am not sure which photos are my favorite!! I love the blood moon, but those San Diego skyline shots are gorgeous!! The glider photos are beautiful. Those two dogs looking through the gate are so cute:) I am waiting for your Mono Lake sunrise photos!!

    • It was incredibly social It seemed that lots of people converged there this year.

      Hector says thanks for the comments about his website. I love the two dogs as well!

      Still got a few posts before Mono Lake, we’ll try to hurry 🙂

  4. Good to hear that Angel is doing well. So glad we got to meet you and share some beer. Hope we can do it again somwhere down the road!
    Oh, we got to meet Terry and LuAnn last night, another delightful couple.

    • Thank you, us too! I’m sure we’ll meet down the road, so glad you got to meet Terry and LuAnn, they are special.


  5. This RV blogging community is sometimes a small world and ever so fun. Sounds like you’ll be socializing your way up to Alaska. As usual, Hectors photos are stunning. I couldn’t pick a fave. So very pleased to hear Angel is doing well. Safe travels north 🙂

    • Thank you, Ingrid. It is a really small world. Glad you like the photos, we are very happy with Angel’s progress. Safe travels to you!

  6. Brenda, it was such fun to meet you and Hector, after following your blog and seeing your smiling faces on the blogs of so many of our mutual friends. I am just sorry we only had one night of “overlap,” but trust there will me more down the road.

    The best full moon view we had was around the walking path, and I missed the Blood Moon altogether, so I really enjoyed seeing it through Hector’s lens. I wish him all the best on his beautiful new website, and continued comfort for Angel as well!

    • Thank you, Suzanne. I wish we’d had more time to get to know each other, too. I’m sure there will be another opportunity.

      The photos of the red moon were actually taken from the walking path. Glad you like the website and thanks for your good wishes for Angel.

      Safe travels,

  7. Your social calendar was overflowing this winter and we are thrilled to have been a part of it. There is certainly a serendipity to this lifestyle as so many of our lives become interwoven when we meet along these highways and byways.

    So glad that Hector got up to see the lunar eclipse. I was hoping to see a blood moon among these breathtaking photos. Looking forward to seeing some stunning images of your Alaska trip.

    Positive thoughts continue to come your way for Angel’s continued improvement.

    Hopefully we can catch up again later this year. Safe travels and big hugs!

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