Dog Days in San Diego

Dogs 8Dogs 18San Diego is a pretty wonderful place for dogs.  Many of the beaches allow dogs on leash in the evening (after 4pm from November 1st until March 31st and after 6pm from April 1st to October 31st) and before 9am.  There are also quite a few beaches with areas that allow dogs off-leash as well as off-leash parks.  Dogs 4Dogs 19

Many restaurants allow dogs on their patios, and now a new state law officially allows dogs  on restaurant patios throughout California.

So, prior to her surgery, Angel visited a few beaches and restaurants in the city with her friends.Dogs 2

Angel and I accompanied Hector on a couple of photographic expeditions to Pacific Beach, which is nearby.  Not an off-leash beach, but great for a nice long walk on leash.

Dogs 13Dogs 6One of my favorite off-leash dog beaches is in Ocean Beach – the original Dog Beach.  There’s a pretty big area for dogs and it’s a good distance from the street.

Angel, Hector and I met Todd, Russ and their doggie Frances there for an afternoon jaunt.Dogs 11

Dogs 12Dogs 5Dogs 17Angel is not a swimmer, but she loves running at the edge of the water and dipping her legs in it.  She will allow the water to just reach her chest but not further. Dogs 10

Dogs 16Dogs 14That evening we watched some fire dancers at sunset.Dogs 15

Dogs 9dogs  021Another day, we met Todd and Frances plus Nina, Paul and Polly at the same beach.  It’s so fun to watch the pups frolic.

One negative aspect of this beach is that it gets really crowded on the weekends, and some people bring dogs that are not socialized.

Dogs 59

Dogs 44

Dogs 61

Dogs 53And someone stole my sandals, which I’d left in the sand.  Not a major issue in the scheme of things, but unpleasant.  Hector’s ratty size 13 sandals on the other hand were right where he left them.dogs  032

Dogs 58Dogs 33When the beach is crowded I just walk Angel on leash to the far end of the beach. That far end is a protected bird area where dogs are required to be on leash or under voice control.

Oh and I keep my sandals on or carry them with me.

Dogs 31

Dogs 7Dogs 35Angel and I bumped into a gentleman who was crabbing in the protected bird area. Angel discovered her inner crab huntress on the beaches of Maine last year, so she got pretty excited.  Fun day.

We went back to Ocean Beach the day before her surgery.  It was a stormy day so there weren’t many people there. But she quickly discovered two different people that had treats in their pockets.  She does love her treats.

Angel continues to do really well since she got home and we are hoping that she’ll be running on the San Diego beaches again soon.

~ BrendaIMG_6811



18 thoughts on “Dog Days in San Diego

  1. It’s so wonderful to see Angel frolicking and having a great time. Looks like fun was had by all. Great shot of Polly drinking from Paul’s camelback.

  2. Sending lots of love to you, Hector and Angel Girl! What beautiful photos of her playing and frolicking in the sand. Healed, healthy, and whole. You’re in my thoughts…

  3. Great action shots of the dogs playing on the beach. I would have loved to see Polly, Frances, and Angel all romping together. Fun times! Sorry to hear someone stole your sandals, Brenda.

    • It’s funny, Angel doesn’t frolic much with the others. But she brings her own fun times with herself! The sandal things is a shame, but if they are good for someone who needed them, so be it.

  4. So happy to hear that Angel continues on the mend. I can’t believe your feet were in the water Brenda. I know you like your warm ocean water and the Pacific is sure not what anyone would call warm anytime. Sorry to hear about your sandals. A very selfish person. On a very positive note, you seem to have mostly run into the best of humanity throughout the rest of your trip. Weather is finally breaking here in Denver. Going to be 77 and sunny today. Finally Spring is on the way. Yipee! Miss you guys. K : )

    • 🙂 very funny! You are so right about our running into the best of humanity, it has been wonderful. Glad to hear Spring is on the way. Miss you too!

  5. So much fun letting our dogs run wild! I’m going to miss a lot about San Diego but the dog beaches are at the top of the list. Thanks for sharing all the great photos.

    • Many beaches in Oregon allow doggies too, so you’ll get to enjoy more of that. Glad you liked the photos!

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