Angel Is Home!

Finally, after 9 days in the hospital and a pretty scary ride, our dear Angel is home.  Angel

200705022Our old girl took a lot longer to stabilize than the veterinarians expected.  And frankly her calcium levels are still a bit low, but no longer declining.

She looks like she’s been through a war with shaved spots in various places and is pretty exhausted. She is zonked out on the living room floor and dreaming about chasing

So we will be spoiling her at home and hopefully in a few days she’ll recover fully from the ordeal the poor baby just went through.

Thanks to all for your love and support for our fierce little Angel.  We are so grateful that she is home.

Hector and Brenda

26 thoughts on “Angel Is Home!

  1. This made my day. So glad to hear Angel is home. We’ve been thinking of you and know it’s been a very stressful time. So nice to know she is resting and recuperating. Wishing her all the best.

  2. such wonderful news! That Angel is one tough little pooch! No doubt, the paw-holding and daily cuddles that you and Hector gave her kept her fighting to get back home! Hopefully, she’ll be running along the beach again in no time!

    • She really is. This is her fourth surgery since we adopted her at the age of 7, not to mention a nasty bout of pancreatitis. We are giving her lots of love! Thank you, Lynne!

  3. Sweet Angel is back at Camp Lopez… Aleluya! So happy for all three of you. Here’s to stable calcium levels and overall well being to the precious fury one and her parents.

    • Thank you, Amanda. She is cozy and comfortable and making up for lack of sleep at the hospital. The tail is coming up slowly day by day 🙂

  4. Hector/Brenda- Glad to hear Angel appears to be on the mend, it’s tough when one of the “Family” has a medical problem that just doesn’t want to go away!

    Great to see the journey continues to bring such great friends and experiences on a daily basis. Hector keep up the fantastic photography, and Brenda, your narratives and insights and excellent.
    Continue the journey and enjoy the experience.

    Be well my friends,
    Miami Bob

  5. Wahoo!! So very glad to hear Angel is home so she can have lots of hugs, kisses, and treats:) Having to leave your pet behind at the vets is so hard. Give Angel a hug from me:) Thinking of the three of you!

    • Thank you, Pam. She will get an extra hug on your behalf today. We’re so thankful that she’s improving.

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