Encinitas  025Encinitas  040About 25 miles north of San Diego is the town of Encinitas, a beach town with six miles of Pacific coastline. Our friends Jeanette and Dennis suggested we spend a day there.

We met for lunch was at Betty’s Pie Whole, memorable not only for its name but for its savory and sweet pies. Yum!

Encinitas  014

Encinitas  015

After lunch, we visited the gardens of the Self-Realization Center. The center is the site of the Self-Realization Fellowship Temple, a branch of Self-Realization Fellowship, described on their website as “a worldwide religious organization founded by Paramahansa Yogananda in 1920 to teach scientific techniques of meditation that will lead to a direct, personal relationship with God”.Encinitas  008Encinitas  013

The gardens are open to the public for a donation, and, though they are compact they are also quite lovely. With some pretty interesting cacti and two koi ponds.Encinitas  004

Encinitas  018

Encinitas  017Encinitas  006Encinitas  016

Encinitas  002Encinitas  001What makes the gardens even more spectacular is their location – perched high above a beautiful beach named Swami’s, a popular surfing spot.  The water sparkled on this clear, crisp day as we watched the surfers, but we could see a marine layer in the distance.Encinitas  039

Encinitas  020We left the gardens heading to another viewpoint to continue watching the surfers.  In minutes the marine layer crept towards us, and the ocean and the surfers disappeared from sight. The blanket of moisture made it suddenly chilly, so we left the water’s edge for a walk in town.Encinitas  019

The town of Encinitas has a great beach town vibe, interesting architecture and lots of shops and restaurants.

Encinitas  027Encinitas  024We happened upon the Seaside Bazaar, which on this Sunday after Valentine’s Day had a Love Fest, “celebrating love, art, culture and music”.Encinitas  026

Of course we couldn’t resist a Love Fest. A band was wrapping up the day with some fun Reggae/Latin sounds and much joyous dancing.

Encinitas  033Encinitas  035

Encinitas  036Happy hour at a local restaurant wrapped up our fun day in Encinitas, yet another beautiful little beach town in Southern California.

~ Brenda

Encinitas  038

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  1. Ahhhhh this looks like a lovely place. I wish I was there. Glad you guys are well and happy. : ) Karen

  2. Gorgeous! And beautiful vistas and flowers, and story. Sending warm hugs, and lots of love to you and Angel Girl. : )

  3. We are doing several wall murals for a local bank and would possibly be interested in purchasing your image from the Great Smoky Mountains. If you would please contact me at 865-523-3361 as soon as possible that would be WONDERFUL> Thanks!!

  4. Spectacular, as always. We would have been right with you at the Love Fest!! 🙂 We think of and talk about you often, Friends… Miss you!!! Cheers to good health and continued great fun for all 3 of you!!! xo

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