Mexican Valentine

Baja (19)Baja (27)Most years we celebrate Valentine’s Day quietly, but this year we planned to listen to some live salsa music with our friends, Gloria and Michael. But tickets were sold out.

Then , the day before Valentine’s Day, I got a text from Gloria  asking if we would like to go to Mexico with them, and I said sure!

Hector and I love adventures, so off we went to a Mexican Valentine.Baja (17)

BajaGloria and Michael, who have lived in the San Diego area for many years, know the route across the border well. We drove Angel to their house where their daughter, Jocelyn, had generously offered to take care of Angel and their two other dogs for the day.Baja (2)

We crossed the border at San Isidro, a massive affair with multiple lanes that crosses over to Tijuana. The most amazing border crossing we’ve ever made. Once in Mexico, there is a toll road that bypasses Tijuana. A few tolls later, we reached Puerto Nuevo, our lunch destination.Baja (7)

Baja (12)Baja (15)We went to a wonderful little lunch spot with a balcony looking down on the water.

Lunch included fresh lobster and shrimp and delicious margaritas. Fabulous!

Baja (14)

Afterwards, we took a walk around the shops selling a variety of Mexican crafts.  It is a bustling little town with folks enticing you to see this or eat here.

Baja (6)

Then on to more adventures!

Baja (28)As we neared our next destination, Ensenada, we were caught in a horrendous traffic jam. When we tried to turn into one of the streets of the town, a police officer informed us that the streets were closed due to a Carnival parade. Oops.Baja (31)Baja (32)

We knew it was Valentine’s day and President’s Day weekend, but hadn’t thought about the fact that it was also the weekend before Fat Tuesday.Baja (33)

Baja (39)Baja (41)But since we were sitting in traffic anyway we figured we’d go check out the parade.  Well, it wasn’t Rio de Janeiro or New Orleans, but it was pretty cute.Baja (34)


Confetti was abundantly tossed around (mostly by us).  We are still finding some around Island Girl.


Baja (56)

Afterwards, we drove to the waterfront just in time to catch the sunset.

It was quite festive, with a band playing and lots of people walking around the shops.

Baja (80)Baja (75)Then, it was time for dinner – more fresh seafood! Hector had a whole fried fish (corvina) that was exquisite. Hector is known as “the surgeon” for the way in which he “operates” on whole fish.  Check out the fish before and after “surgery” below.

Baja (76)

Baja (84)After dinner, we headed to the fish market for some fresh seafood, then to the liquor store where we tasted (and bought) some fine tequila and some Cuban rum.

Finally, a quick stop at the pharmacy for some prescriptions (no, not that!).

Baja (88)Baja (89)The drive back was quite fast and easy   but the San Isidro border is quite confusing on the Mexico side. There are multiple lanes, and the signage is not the best. Those in the wrong lane may be subject to a fine.  Ugh!  After a few wrong turns (even our experienced friends got confused), we made it to the right area, where we wound up waiting one and a half hours to cross the border.

But we still had a good time, checking out the crazy stuff vendors were selling and chatting with friends.

Baja (90)

When we finally arrived at Gloria and Michael’s house, we found a heart that Jocelyn made out of rose petals on their entryway.  So sweet!

Finally, after picking up Angel and our car, we made it home at one a.m. Mexican Valentine was a full, fun and romantic adventure.

~ BrendaBaja (70)

21 thoughts on “Mexican Valentine

  1. Sounds like a fun way to spend V Day. Looking good Brenda in that bikini… had no idea you had so many tats LOL. BTW, Sunday we’re booked at Bar J in Tucson per your recommendation. So nice to hear Angel is doing well 🙂

    • Yes, I have many secrets 🙂 I hope you like Bar J, it’s kind of tight in there, but we thought it was quirky and cute and the owners are wonderful. We’re always thankful for everyone’s good wishes for Angel.

  2. That was a very colorful festival. Im drooling looking at all your food pics especially the fish that Hector expertly and surgically cleaned out. Yum!
    What a fun day to celebrate all day on Valentines day!
    We have not crossed our border here as it is not safe yet to do so 🙁

    • Looks like it was really a fun time. I have great memories of Ensenada from my volleyball days. It was one big beach party and playing my favorite sport Volleyball. I kinda remember riding on “real” horse : ) on the beach, somebody else was driving. I think by that time it was late in the day and many many beers down to keep cool. Ahhh to be young again with 6 pack abs. We just got back from our cruise and had a great time. We have already booked next year – 11 dayer. : ) Miss you guys.

      • I hear Rosarito is a big party town too. We liked Ensenada, still has old world charm, and seems to have a lot to offer as far as things to do. Wish we were going to Mexico together again – that was so fun! Your abs still look good, honey!

    • Mona Liza, that fish was incredible, if we go back, I’m ordering it (and Hector will help me pull it apart 🙂 ) We had tons of fun. In this area of Arizona and California, the border seems to be generally safe to cross. Tijuana is supposed to have some sketchy areas, but we bypassed it.

  3. Wow, what a fun day you had! We made it back up to Ensenada earlier that week and considered staying for mardi gras but were too homesick for US big box stores by that point and headed on back via the sleepy little Tecate crossing (only about a 15 min wait for an RV!).

    Glad you can now say you’ve been to Baja…and to a Mexican mardi gras!

    • That is the crossing that we will take if we decide to take Island Girl, and yea, now I can say I’ve gone to Baja!

  4. Fantastic pictures — They really capture the excitement of the day! Thanks for spending V-day with us. You three are the best! Xoxo

  5. How adorable you two are! And Gloria and Michael, too! Love the hat, Brenda, and I had no idea you were such a tatoo girl! ; ) So glad you two had such an awesome adventure on Valentine’s Day!

    And finally, wow oh wowee, what beautiful photos!!! I especially loved the final sunset and the pretty rose petal heart that Jocelyn made.

    Love you guys!

  6. What a great trip down memory lane for us! We began our sailing adventure by living in our boat in Ensenada for the first 6 months. Very familiar with all of these places and experiences. So fun!!

    • We really liked Ensenada, much more than Rocky Point (to be fair though, they were “quickie” visits to both). We’re really hoping that we can make it to Baja next year on an extended trip (hopefully with some fun friends).

  7. What a terrific Valentine’s Day! How nice that you had friends take you that are familiar with the area and knew where to go. All that fresh seafood was amazing! Wish I had been along to bring some back:) Too bad you got stuck in the parade traffic but it looked like a neat parade to watch. You certainly made the best of it. Love the confetti photos! How nice to have a babysitter for Angel:)

    • Our friends were like tour guides, it was nice to not have to think about where to go, or try to find which place would be good etc. The seafood was wonderful. Angel had a big day with her “cousins”.

  8. A very colorful, tasty way to spend Valentines’ Day. Love all the photos! So lucky to have friends to show you the ropes. Looking forward to seeing you both again soon. 🙂

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