Embracing San Diego

San Diego 2015 97The transition from the peace and quiet of natural spaces to the hustle and bustle of big cities can be jarring. But we are embracing San Diego and much of what it has to offer. Including some beautiful natural spaces.San Diego 2015 6

San Diego 2015 95We’re in a prime location – one of the campgrounds we stayed in last year. Mission Bay RV Resort is a fairly average private RV park in an awesome location by the water.  Check out my review of the park here.

The location is great for Angel too. We’ve been taking her for lots of walks on the grass by the water.  One of our typical walks is about a mile long and she is walking that distance easily.

Hector continues to work on his photography portfolio and I’ve begun doing research on photography websites, so I think we can officially say we’re now both working on the road.

San Diego 2015 96San Diego 2015 52

San Diego 2015 58But we’re balancing that with fun activities.  Our friends, Todd and Russ, also kayakers, are staying just across the way at Campland RV Resort.  So we went kayaking with them to the Kendall-Frost Mission Bay March Reserve which is right around the corner from both of our campgrounds.

San Diego 2015 46San Diego 2015 50Although people are not allowed to take their boats into the protected area where most of the birds congregate, we still enjoyed seeing the birds from outside the boundary. It was a great first paddle.San Diego 2015 47

San Diego 2015 51We enjoyed it so much we decided to go out to the same area one evening right before sunset.  We put in a bit after four and the water was nice and calm.

The evening turned a beautiful yellow and red and we stayed out until well after dark with the city lights all around lighting our way.russ and todd (1)San Diego 2015 108San Diego 2015 106San Diego 2015 107San Diego 2015 105San Diego 2015 102San Diego 2015 103San Diego 2015 101San Diego 2015 99San Diego 2015 110It was high tide, so there was not as much birdlife on the reserve, but it was a wonderful and peaceful paddle.

San Diego 2015 111San Diego 2015 112

San Diego 2015 24And we’ve had a good bit of social time – we spent a day with our friends Gloria and Michael. The four of us went over to Ocean Beach, where we visited the iconic and famous hamburger restaurant Hodad’s (less than a gazillion sold!),

It was closed for the first time in forty years after the owner’s death this week.  He was a beloved character in the community and lots of people paid tribute to the owner with flowers, notes and other offerings. He apparently was in his fifties and had a heart attack.   Very sad.


San Diego 2015 16And we visited some of our favorite San Diego farmers markets: Ocean Beach and Hillcrest.San Diego 2015 12

Ocean Beach is an evening farmers market, and doesn’t have as much produce as other markets, but it has lots of funky stuff and people.  Fun, fun, fun.San Diego 2015 13San Diego 2015 20San Diego 2015 18San Diego 2015 10San Diego 2015 19

San Diego 2015 14San Diego 2015 21San Diego 2015 23San Diego 2015 22San Diego 2015 28We think Hillcrest is one of the best two farmers markets in the area. While having lunch at Hillcrest with Todd and Russ, we shared a table with a nice couple from San Diego and started chatting with them.San Diego 2015 29San Diego 2015 43

The woman asked the million-dollar question: Where are you from?San Diego 2015 30

San Diego 2015 41All four of us looked at each other.

Todd: We’re traveling around the country in our RV…today we are from San Diego.

Woman: Oh.

Todd: The four of us met in the desert.

Woman: Palm Springs?

Todd: Anza Borrego.

Woman: Oh.

San Diego 2015 44Todd: We found out we were all headed to San Diego and met here.

As I watched and listened I couldn’t help thinking how kooky this all can sound.  But she was a real sport and after asking a bunch of questions, we think she got it. San Diego 2015 42

San Diego 2015 2San Diego 2015 3We were here during the full moon just like last year.   But it was a pretty hazy day. Even so, the full moon was pretty cool.San Diego 2015 7

San Diego 2015 5San Diego 2015 4San Diego 2015 83And, of course, we went back to see the seals.  Casa Beach at La Jolla closes during pupping season to allow the protect the moms giving birth and their babies.  Many of the mommas had their little babies by them, and a couple looked like newborns.  I never get tired of going to see the seals.

San Diego 2015 89

San Diego 2015 87San Diego 2015 88

Our location here in San Diego is also great for biking, and we are enjoying biking by the water.

Angel loves her farmers market treat

Angel loves her farmers market treat

San Diego 2015 98

And we enjoyed more social time, spending happy hour with friends Doug, Tricia, Tim and Becky whom we met here last year. We’ll be seeing more of them as well.

Our time in San Diego is flying by, we’re already halfway through our month stay. But we still have lots of fun plans before we leave.

~ BrendaSan Diego 2015 1


27 thoughts on “Embracing San Diego

  1. That just looks awesome. I love San Diego, but so far, I can’t convince the hubby to drive the RV there. Someday, it will happen. We get THE question too all the time. And we usually answer it the same way, right now we are from (blank) People are funny.

  2. You three are certainly having a wonderful time. How nice to have Russ and Todd there at the same time. It sure looks like lots of fun activities. The kayaking photos are great. Good to see Frances made the trips:) How cute!

    I love seeing all the produce photos together…love the colors! There haven’t been too many Farmers Markets in our latest stops…Why and Naco…haha!

    Hector, your evening photos and the moon rising are so gorgeous!! I can see those prints on my wall:)

    I always enjoy visiting the seals. They sure are entertaining. And those sweet little faces are so adorable:)

    Enjoy the rest of your month:)

    • The kayaking is so much fun, and we just love the farmers market here. Looks like we’ll be here for another full moon, hopefully will be a clearer night. The seals are just the cutest, those eyes just get to me 🙂 We just saw Lu and Terry so your ears must have been ringing a bit 🙂

  3. Great pics and great stories. San Diego is always great, but I am sorry you guys have run out of NEW places to visit!! It is so terrific to hear about new friends that you meet up with in different places and makes the travels feel like home where ever you are!
    Enjoy your time there and hope to see you both soon!

  4. Hi Hector and Brenda,
    I’m still following your blog and really enjoying it. I am so glad to see you both enjoying your life and seeing the world. (I’m secretly very jealous!!) :o). Much love to both of you.

    Grace Miller

    • So glad you’re still following the blog and enjoying it. We are loving this lifestyle. You too can do it! Much love to you, Grace.

  5. What a great post from our old hometown. It truly is a wonderful city captured beautifully by Hector in his pictures. So glad you guys are enjoying it so much. We are now officially homesick after reading about your adventures 🙂

    See you down the road.

    • You know there’s a way to solve that homesickness, come join us! San Diego does have so much to offer, we will definitely be back next year too.

  6. I know you guys are busy, busy, busy because you are never home! See you drive by on your way out! Glad you are having fun, hope to have a drink some evening before we leave on Sunday….yes! this Sunday. Our month has gone very fast.

  7. Hola! We’re back with Veronicca (!!) — although not her bags; what a LONG SORDID tale!!! — from our month traveling in Argentina and Chile. Your travels, writing, photography and assembly of the latter two remain amazing!!! What a life you have — ty for continuing to share it and the people you meet with us. Your recounting of the million dollar question reminds us of some of the travelers we met on our month long jaunt… Several young people trying to figure out what’s next… As your blog reminds us, MANY are the choices!!! Thank you. So glad Angel continues to enjoy her days with you. Godspeed, Friends.

    • Veronica is back, yay! Oh, I can only imagine the sordid tale, those international moves are tough! Hope it’s been resolved by now. We are so happy we made this choice. Can’t wait to hear about your month in Argentina and Chile. Hugs to all of you.

  8. Hola Hector y Brenda:
    somos Enrique y Angeles los españoles con los que han hablado otras veces.
    Seguramente la semana que viene sobre el 25 iré para allá, yo solo, ya que Ángeles tiene trabajo. No he ido antes porque estamos esperando un nieto de nuestro hijo mayor, su primero, y chicos, aun mi nuera no se ha puesto de parto, aunque ya ha salido de cuentas.
    El RV lo tenemos en estos momentos en LAX, en un taller especializado, ya que hemos hecho algunos arreglos para dejarlo más confortable.
    A lo que iba: ¿ por donde estarán ustedes estas próximas dos semanas?, ya que tengo interés en conocerles personalmente.
    Deseándoles lo mejor , y esperando vernos, reciban un cordial saludo.

    • Hola!
      Estaremos en San Diego estas proximas semanas. El ultimo fin de semana de febrero (28,29,30) tenemos compromiso con unos amigos que nos visitan desde Florida. El nueve de Marzo vamos hacia Arizona. Nosotros también tenemos mucho interés en conocerlos, a ver como nos encontramos.

  9. Evening kayaking, now that sounds fabulous! We too love the Hillcrest farmers’ market. After seeing those photos, we may have to venture over there.

    Your sunset photos and those seals are stunning Hector.

    Thanks so much for our day yesterday and that scrumptious meal. Glad to see Angel looking so fit. Hope to see you both again before you head on down the road.

  10. Hi sweet friends! So glad Angel is doing well and you’re all having a great time in San Diego! Sending lots of love and warm hugs, Rebecca

  11. Ive read so many blogs about SD and with Hector’s great photography, we might as well make SD our wintering place this coming winter.
    For me the full moon shot over the city skyline is my favorite.

  12. Hola , qué tal están ?.
    soy Enrique. Voy para allá el 4 de marzo, miércoles, y como el jueves tengo que recoger el RV en el taller y equiparlo, que les parece si nos vemos en SD el fin de semana del 6 al 9 de marzo?
    En principio si estas fechas son buenas para ustedes estaré en el Mission Bay Resort.
    Les ruego confirmación ASAP ya que tengo que hacer la reserva.
    Hasta entonces , un cordial saludo.

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