Soaking at Sam’s

Sams (18)Sams (17)We left Quartzsite in the rain and the rain followed us to California.  Perhaps appropriate since our destination was Sam’s Family Spa (read my review here), and we had soaking in Sam’s on our mind.  Sams

Sams (4)Sams (21)We lucked out because there is an area of the campground that is for groups and overnighters that was almost empty. Hector asked if we could camp there, and they said ok. So we had a corner campsite on an empty row and nine empty sites behind us with only one RV in the far corner.

Right after we set up,  we rinsed off the bottom of our extremely muddy coach and car before the mud became cement. Then we witnessed our first sunset.  Lovely.Sams (19)

Back in Anza Borrego, Hector fell off his bike when his front tire got stuck in soft sand, he did an endo, fell on his back and bruised or cracked his rib. He’s been in pain since, mostly when he is laying down or makes certain movements. So we figured some rest combined with hot springs would be beneficial.

Sams (11)So we spent quality time at the hot springs. There are four pools on the property, and each day we soaked in every one, from the least hot to the hottest.  And also took a dip in their pretty heated pool.Sams (6)

Strangely we had several cloudy days and another day of rain while in this desert. More reason to take it easySams (10)Sams (1).

And so we didn’t go out much but we also took advantage of the time to review our budget for 2015, plan our route for the spring and summer and work on Hector’s photography website. This summer we plan to go to Alaska, so we did a bunch of research. We’re so excited!Sams (5)

And, more good news! We decided to extend our walkabout a bit. Technically, our three-year plan is up in September. But we’re pretty sure we can extend our walkabout well into 2016. Oh yeah 🙂Sams (14)Sams (12)Sams (15)Sams (8)Sams (2)Sams (22)

Sams (9)The area of Palm Springs seems to bring a weird energy to our lives.  We experienced it last year when we went to Palm Desert to a different RV park. First there was a huge sandstorm and then on another day I had an attack of vertigo and wound up in the emergency room.

This year, Angel got sick. She is fine now, in fact she is doing great. But she started throwing up one night around midnight, six hours after her dinner.

After the third time I was in a panic.  She had a fever, but didn’t show signs of dehydration.  I called the emergency veterinary clinic.


yosemite2015-01-26 at 09-59-43

After that conversation and some searches on the internet,  I decided to wait things out a bit.

And I discovered that she had apparently eaten a bunch of tiny pebbles. She isn’t one to eat objects but perhaps she found a morsel by the picnic area on our campsite and it had pebbles attached to it.  I don’t know.

In any case, she apparently eliminated all of the pebbles, her fever subsided and at 3 a.m. she went to sleep. At 5:00 a.m., I went to sleep.

Hector let me sleep in that morning, and when I woke up, he had given Angel her full breakfast (!!!).

Amazingly, she was just fine and had a cold nose and acted as if nothing had happened.

I, on the other hand, was a wreck, having spent all night worried to death and with just a few hours of sleep.Sams (13)

Sams (16)All is well now, and we had a (mostly) restful but productive week. All that rest and soaking seems to have helped Hector quite a bit, he is feeling much better. And Angel, the rock eater, is perky as ever.

~ Brenda

20 thoughts on “Soaking at Sam’s

  1. So glad all is well now! That would be so scary with Angel throwing up during the night! That is wonderful news that your walk-about can continue longer than originally planned. Excellent! Enjoy those hot pools.

    • I was pretty freaked out about Angel, not sure whether to rush her to the hospital or not, but I didn’t want her to be poked and prodded unnecessarily.
      We completely enjoyed the hot pools. And yes, we’re really excited about extending our walkabout!

  2. hector bruised a rib??! And poor Angel! Gosh, I’m glad you got some soaking in and hopefully some extra restful nights. Oh, and I’m excited your walkabout is stretching into 2016!!


    • Yes, he did and he was just getting on his bicycle right next to Leigh and Brian’s airstream, just a fluke accident. Soaking was wonderful, and we are SO excited about extending our walkabout!

    • Yes, I sure am glad I made the right decision not rushing her to the hospital. I didn’t want her to be poked and prodded unnecessarily.

  3. So sorry to hear that Hector is still bothered with his bruised ribs/broken rib. Sure hope he continues to improve. Poor Angel!! I can only imagine your worry. Would she lick salt off the rocky surface? Hope all is well with you , Brenda:)

    Glad you arrived in time to catch that beautiful sunset. Great job, Hector! I love the pastel colors. Nice header, also:)

    How totally cool that you can continue your journey longer than you thought:)

    • Apparently bruised ribs take a while to heal, but he feels better day by day. I’m not sure what the deal was with the rocks, we’ve been in rocky places before, and she never ate them before. After I posted this, she had some in her poop too, so I wonder if it was salt on the rocks – glad we have left and don’t have to worry about it anymore.

      As you know, sunsets are beautiful in the desert.

      We are REALLY excited about continuing our journey!

  4. Soaking in a hot spring will cure just about anything. 🙂 Glad to hear that Angel is better, and hope Hector is, too. How exciting that you’ll be continuing your travels!

    • I have to say that overall it was a good stay, we love hot springs! Angel is doing just fine, and Hector is feeling better day by day – ribs take a while to fully heal. We are extremely excited to be able to continue our journey!

  5. Injuries, sickness or inclement weather, nothing stops the Traveling Lopezian Village! And now, extended another year!!! What time do we meet you in Alaska?
    I hope all are feeling better and enjoying the time.

    • We’re doing great and now in San Diego. Our plan for the coming spring and summer is pretty loose still, but for sure we’ll spend July and August in Alaska.

  6. Glad to know all of you are now back in good health. Sorry to hear about Hector but his smile by that statue indicated he is doing fine.
    And Im happy to hear that you can extend your travel until 2016, who knows we might cross paths again somewhere when you get down from Alaska.
    When in Alaska, forget about cleaning /washing your rig 🙂 it would be a waste of time for you will get muddy again.
    Happy to now that your planning is going very well.

  7. Excited to hear you’re able to extend your adventures (ok, kinda selfish for us.. means hopefully more opportunity to cross paths again!).

    Sending healing thoughts for the entire crew, and hope the waters of Sam’s were just what was needed.

    • We’re excited too and hope to cross paths with you, hopefully for a little longer than the first time. Angel is just fine, and Hector is much better, ribs take a while so healing thoughts are definitely welcome. Love those hot springs!

  8. Hi you two!
    So thankful that you’re on the mend, Hector, and that Angel girl is doing better. Life challenges can sure put a monkey wrench in things from time to time. And I’m so thankful you guys can extend the walkabout! Alaska, here you come! One of these days, I plan to make it there, too. Can hardly wait for more gorgeous art from you, Hector, and more lovely, informative writing from you, Brenda. You’re both such beautiful, creative spirits. : ) Hugs to all three of you!!!

    • Thank you! Hector is doing much better and Angel is great! We are SO excited to extend our walkabout. Thank you!
      Big hug,

  9. So glad to hear that both Hector and Angel are doing much better. Sam’s seems to be the place to go for much needed R&R. Two thumbs-up for the extended walkabout! Love that header photo. Hope to hear more about Hector’s photography website soon.

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