The “Q”

Q  011Q  012We weren’t quite sure about returning to the “Q”.  Some people said that once was enough.  But we were excited about meeting friends in Quartzsite, although we cut our stay a bit shorter than last year.

And we sure are glad that we chose to return.

Q  018

Q  015Last year I wrote about the Merchants in the Desert, and once again we headed out to all the shows. Frankly, I think that the Big Tent tent is the least exciting of all, although we spent a bit of time at one of the North to Alaska booths plotting our summer trip to Alaska.Q  014

Q  017But we continue to be amazed by the rows and rows of bins and boxes full of stuff, the rocks, the salespeople hawking amazing products and the people at the shows.

It’s hypnotizing.


Its a Sausage Fest!

Its a Sausage Fest!

Our Quartzsite haul …

Our Quartzsite goodies …

We didn’t buy much, just a few little things – my very own work gloves (I usually wear Hector’s), kneeling pads, a new rubber mallet (old one just broke) and a few other small items, all made in China, I’m quite sure.

Q  006Q  003We boondocked at Dome Rock Mountain, and found the same great spot that we camped in last year! Check out our review of this camping area here.Q  009

Q  002Q  010Q  004One evening Linda and Mike (Bear Tracks), whom we met here last year, came over for snacks and drinks. This fun and interesting couple sailed for seven years around Mexico and the Caribbean and crossed the Atlantic to Europe. Fabulous!

Q  028After happy hour we went to Silly Al’s, a pizza place in town, and were surprised to find live music and dancing as well as good pizza and beer. A wonderful evening.

Another evening we joined Linda and Mike for snacks and drinks in their RV, the Bear. Another great time sharing stories and laughs. And Angel and their dog Lucy were being especially cute.

Back in “show mode” I headed to the Q.I.A. POW WOW with Spencer. We saw some gorgeous pieces there and had a great time talking to the vendors: hearing about the different gems and where they came from, and about how the jewelry was made.

Hector stayed behind taking care of an issue we were having with our water pump 🙁

Q  050Q  029But later that afternoon he and I drove to Kofa National Wildlife Refuge to visit Todd and Russ, our ex-neighbors from Anza Borrego.

This is a beautiful area about 20 miles south of Quartzsite, and a great place to stay if you want to be nearby, yet away from it all.Q  058Q  054

Q  049

Q  038The six of us (dogs Frances and Angel came along) went on a short hike on the Palm Canyon Trail.Q  032Q  037Q  039Q  044Q  045

Angel was being her fierce self climbing the rocks.  She continues to thrive.Q  043

As we looked up from the end of the defined trail, we saw a stand of California fan palms in a narrow side canyon above us. VERY cool.

Q  033

Q  042Q  046And on the way down, Angel’s Siberian Husky part took over, pulling just like her ancestors.Q  056

Q  055

Q  060That evening, Todd and Russ prepared a wonderful dinner and we were joined by other ex-neighbors from Anza Borrego, Kelly and Mike.  A fun surprise.Q  053

Q  059Q  061The next day, Spencer and I returned to the Q.I.A. POW WOW, to mostly “window” shop. There are some very knowledgeable and interesting vendors there. And I scored a couple of earrings. But I was having so much fun that I didn’t take any photos.Blogger-cartoon

earlybloggersI found out about a gathering of bloggers “Bloggerfest” from a commenter. Since I discovered it at the last minute, I was only able to go for a little while.  But I did have an opportunity to introduce myself and hear other’s introductions. And I met about 10 other bloggers. It was nice to meet them and I look forward to reading their blogs.


Q  062On the day we’d planned to leave, we had Vince and Spencer over for brunch. We hung out for quite a while and they convinced us to stay for dinner. That day Vince and Hector went on a photographic expedition.

Q  063There were some amazing vintage buses around including a cool 1947 Flxible Clipper and double decker Greyhound Scenic Cruiser.  There was also a large assembly of Bluebird Wanderlodges, the luxury coaches of their day.

Q  066

Q  073Q  086Spencer and I briefly visited the Desert Gardens Annual International Gem, Mineral and Jewelry Show, but by this point we hit our maximum rock quota and headed back.

Meanwhile, Hector and Vince were checking out old buildings around town and trolling around yet more Quartzsite stuff.Q  090

Q  098

Q  102

Q  109That evening we were treated to a wonderful Greek dinner by Vince and Spencer. Is it me or do most RV’s have at least one if not two fabulous cooks on board? Another great evening.Q  101

I'm pooped!

I’m pooped!

Q  001When we came back to the “Q”, I thought we were going to be pretty social. And we were. But beyond just social, we began to form some real friendships.

Until next time dear friends. Maybe we’ll see you again at the “Q”.

~ Brenda

P.S.  For more information on Quartzsite, check out my last year’s blog post Tips for Quartzsite NewbiesQ  108


32 thoughts on “The “Q”

    • Hi, there! It’s a sugar glider, apparently can glide like a flying squirrel. These babies were totally adorable, and, unbelievably, were being sold at the show. I don’t really agree with that, since I don’t think animals should be an impulse buy, but that’s another story. When are you going to come out to meet us?

  1. It’s a sugar glider. But I, too, am waiting for the explanation of how one came to be in this series of exceptional photographs. They’re nocturnal and are sometimes kept as pets.

    • Yes, that’s right. Unbelievably, the sugar gliders were being sold at the show – I don’t think that’s a good idea, as I don’t think animals should be an impulse buy and not even sure these little guys should be sold as pets. But I also don’t know if any were actually sold, although they sure were getting a lot of attention as adorable as they are.
      Thank you for your nice compliment on the photos, my husband is the photographer.

  2. We had so much fun spending time together with you and Hector! Really look forward to seeing you again somewhere down the road. Until then … Cheers!
    Big hugs to you, Hector and Angel.

  3. I’m so happy to hear Angel is thriving. Great to see her out on the trail. Sounds like a fabulous time communing with fellow bloggers. I’ll let you know when we’re back in AZ and maybe we can bump into each other for drinks and updates 🙂

    • Thanks, Ingrid, she’s doing as well as we could possibly expect. We’ve been having a great time and are now in California. We’ll be back in Arizona in March, then on to Nevada and Utah and will head north to Alaska this summer. I’m thinking we can connect in AZ or UT.

  4. Sure sounds like you two had a wonderful time at the Q! I love all the vintage bus photos. There were some very unique units there. And as usual, Hector, your photos of the sunset and sky are gorgeous!! Love that you took many photos of the unique items for sale at the Q.

    How interesting that you went to Kofa!! We were just there today! We went to check out the roads and look at a few boondocking sites for this coming week. We invited friends along and did several hikes while there. We did hike the Palm Canyon trail! Small world. How nice to catch up with some of the gang again:)

    • The buses are really cool aren’t they. I’d love to stay in Kofa next time, it was beautiful. Saw photos of you on the trail out there, nice! We hope to see you down the road again.

  5. Hi kids!
    What a treat for me to read your blog and absorbe the incredibe pics! I always look forward to your posts… Truly a pleasure! Although you make it sound so easy! So proud of you guys. Living on the edge of the he world! Happy to hear that Angel is doing well. Hector, you are a handsome man! And Brenda, you are a beautiful woman! Love your smiles!… Miss you, love you… : )

    • Hi, Al! So glad you’re enjoying the blog. Traveling is easy, but there is work too – especially maintenance issues there’s always something going wrong – fortunately some are little things. We’re super happy with Angel’s energy. We are cute aren’t we 🙂 Love you too and miss you.

    • Yes, it’s been social for a couple of months now. You know that Hector always works hard on his photography. We’re thrilled with how happy and full of energy Angel is right now.

    • There are so many interesting places to see, and sometimes you have to look beyond the surface. Q is a definitely a great place to reconnect with friends.

  6. Sounds like you had a great time. I’m glad we got to chat for a few brief minutes at the gas station as you were fueling up on your way out of town.

    • Hi, Caroline! That was so funny, we just keep having these brief little meetings – maybe one day we can spend a little more time together.
      Safe travels.

  7. How cool that you got the same spot as last year! Sounds like you had a very social time at the “Q” We missed out on a visit to the Kofa Wildlife Refuge last year. Will have to put it on the map for when we head back west. Happy to see Angel is doing so well 🙂

    • We loved that spot. I have to say I’m jealous of your time in the Keys, sounds like you’re having a great time. Can’t tell you how happy that Angel is doing so well. When will you head west?

  8. What a totally cool visit to the Q! And the photos…awesome! So glad Angel girl is doing well, and happy and peaceful. Yay!!! Travel on, sweet buddies, and happy trails! Sending lots of love to you!

  9. P.S. What’s that little cutie pie critter someone is holding just after the, “It’s a sausage fest!” photo? How precious is s/he?!!!!

    • The little cutie is a sugar glider, they can glide like flying squirrels. Someone was selling them at the show, which I worry about since animals shouldn’t be an impulse purchase. And I’m not sure how I feel about these little animals as pets. But they sure were adorable.

      We did have a great time, and Angel continues to do really well, we have a follow-up appointment for her at California Veterinary Specialists Angel Care Cancer Center which is supposed to be one of the best cancer center in a couple of weeks in San Diego. And of course they have a perfect name 🙂


  10. So glad to see that Angel continues to do well. We will have to get to the “Q” one of these years. I have been reluctant to get in the middle of such crowds but it sounds like you can be very social and also have some quiet time. The photos are gorgeous as always.

  11. We were there but your post has convinced us that returning for a second (and more) consecutive year is a must!! There is just too much to take in in just one visit. I thought we had seen a lot but there is obviously so much more. Thanks for the great info.

    Safe travels,


    • You’re welcome! There is lots to see, not only in Quartzsite but the surroundings, we really liked the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge, and you can boondocks there.
      Happy Trails,

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