The Scenic Route to Quartzsite

el centro  071el centro  053We decided to take the scenic route to Quartzsite and made a brief detour to the town of El Centro. Our friends Brian and Leigh found a boondocking spot about 15 minutes from town in an area that had a very strong cell signal. So we stopped there intending to join them and new friends Seth and Drea for dinner, do some grocery shopping and leave the next morning.el centro  062el centro  050

el centro  059But they convinced us to stay one more night. Angel was especially happy to hang out one more day with friends Emma and Curtie. Although they ignore each other half the time, she likes to have them nearby.el centro  063el centro  061el centro  055
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el centro  057The boondocking area was not too scenic but had strong cell signal and was fairly convenient to El Centro, where there are lots of shops. Check out my review of the Plaster City OHV Open area here.el centro  065

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It was a relaxing day in the desert.  And that evening we all went to the movies together.  It was good to spend one last evening with this bunch as our plans call for us to head in different directions and it will be a while before we see our friends down the road again.el centro  067el centro  051

el centro  079On the third day we finally departed for Quartzsite, crossing through remote landscapes and agricultural land.

Then we drove through the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area, with beautiful sand dunes on both sides.el centro  084

el centro  096el centro  087This is the second time we come to Quartzsite and Hector really hoped to find the same spot we camped in last year. Luckily, “our” spot in Dome Rock Mountain was empty. And, in a big coincidence, the friends we were meeting that evening, Vince and Spencer, had chosen a campsite right next to us. Perfect.

el centro  091

el centro  093We settled back in to our campsite, and were happy to see that some of last year’s handiwork – a stone circle we built around the saguaro and a great fire ring that we “upgraded”, were still intact.el centro  090

And, once again, a beautiful desert sunset welcomed us.

el centro  095

el centro  092Vince smoked some ribs, Hector made a Caesar salad and Spencer made some corn bread and a berry cobbler.  We had a fabulous dinner and spent a wonderful evening with friends here at “the Q”.

~ Brendael centro  097

16 thoughts on “The Scenic Route to Quartzsite

  1. Thanks for posting this with lots of photos of the Plaster City Area. We are heading there Monday for two nights. Looks like it will work just fine for our needs.

    How nice to get a few more nights with with these great people!! I did notice the Belching Beaver Beer!! Where did you get it? I am hoping to pick up some more Belching Beaver Peanut Butter Milk Stout before we leave the state.

    Gorgeous sunset photos, Hector!! Love the reflections in the RVs:)

    Have fun in the Q:)

    • Pam, it’s very funny because I’d never heard of this beer, but Brian and Leigh and Seth and Drea had some. Don’t know where they got it. We really are enjoying the Q.

    • Thanks! Sunsets are spectacular here, we only get up for sunrise on very special occasions 🙂 and they can be gorgeous as well.

    • Believe it or not, we haven’t tried it. It was the other guys who had it. But I think we’ll have to try them as well 🙂 I do think there is nothing quite like a desert sunset

  2. Another great boondocking spot to enjoy! Thanks much!!! Can you list the route you drove from there to Q? BTW there is a bloggers gathering on Saturday on Plamosa road approximately at the 2.8 mi area on the left where there is an orange piece of construction machinery. Follow the route back to the area.

    • Yes. We drove north from El Centro on CA-111, then CA-78 east to I-10. What time is the bloggers gathering on Saturday?

      • Bloggerfest – Saturday, January 24, 2015 – Time: 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM
        Directions Update: North on Hwy 95 from the center of Quartzsite to Plomosa Rd. (about 5 1/2 miles) Right on Plomosa Road. Travel about 2.9 miles east on Plomosa Road to yellow balloons on left side of road.
        GPS Coordinates: 33.76770 -114.17039
        What to bring:
        A camp chair
        Your beverage
        A snack to share
        RV business cards
        Be prepared to share a little about yourself in 2 minutes or less.

        • John, thank you so much for this information. Glad I made it, even though I couldn’t stay until the end. It was so nice to meet you.
          Safe travels,

    • We just got back from dinner with Linda and Mike, they are SO interesting and nice, will be getting together again. When will we see you guys again?

  3. Hi you two! How cool that the saguaro and fire rings were still in tact. That’s what I call good energy! And speaking of good energy, how happy Angel looks! What a beautiful spirit she is – no wonder her name is Angel. : ) Loved the “blue hour” sunset photo. And the little gnome reminds me that you are being watched over. ; ) Sending love and light and hugs across the miles, dear friends…

    • Hi, Rebecca. Having “our” campsite was special and we had a wonderful time (we’re on our way out of Quartzsite today). Angel is just wonderful, she is happy and frolicky and terribly spoiled.
      I’ve really grown to love “blue hour”, it’s a beautiful time. So funny that you remember that Mr. Gnome watches over us.
      Sending warm hugs and love to you!

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