New Friends in Tucson

tucson  010tucson  001In winter, we slow down our pace and linger down south somewhere, this winter in the southwest. And so we remained in Tucson for awhile, enjoying the warmer weather and spending time with new friends.tucson  012tucson  002

tucson  060tucson  023While at Catalina State Park, we met Robin and Don, fulltimers that began their journey in January of this year and were working over in Loop A of the campground (we were in Loop B). We found each other through RVillage, a website that RVers can use to connect with others in the same campground or nearby.

tucson  003They are much more daring than us. Having never camped in an RV, they did their research, bought a fifth-wheel, took off shortly thereafter and never looked back. They are workamping along the way, looking for the next place to live, as we are. We had a fun few hours over cocktails and snacks with them and their adorable Goldendoodle, Lola. Check out Robin’s board on camping/RV full timing on Pinterest here.

tucson  006Later that week, we met more new friends, Nancy and Bill. Nancy is our good friend Scott’s sister, and also a good friend of Jean’s and Jerry’s. She and Bill now have a winter home in Tucson. We hosted the four of them for breakfast, and then hiked on one of the state park trails.tucson  011tucson  017tucson  007

tucson  014The desert here is always beautiful. Lots of interesting plants and of course the majestic saguaros. We walked down to some pools (yes, water!) with beautiful rock formations surrounding them. Lovely.tucson  008

Don't worry about a thing ...

Don’t worry about a thing …

Photobombed by Darth!

Photobombed by Darth!

tucson  005

tucson  026tucson  025Shortly thereafter we moved from Catalina State Park to a small private campground, on the West side of Tucson near Saguaro National Park.   We really like small private RV parks, their owners have a lot of pride of ownership.tucson  028

Bar J RV Park (not to be confused with Justin’s Diamond J, just down the road) definitely reflects the personality of its wonderful owners, Paul and Gale. Paul built the fourteen-campsite park himself, and it’s adorable.  How could we resist a place with a Tiki Bar?tucson  027tucson  029tucson  030tucson  080

Paul's awesome custom chopper

Paul’s awesome custom chopper

tucson  024tucson  075On Thanksgiving, we, along with Nancy and Bill, joined Jean and Jerry at a friend of theirs home, whom they usually celebrate Thanksgiving with.  The food was fabulous and we met lots of interesting Tucsonians that evening. It was a wonderful Thanksgiving with more new friends.

tucson  078That weekend, we had lunch at the home of another couple of new friends, Shirley and Jim. Margo and Henry, a couple we met in Nova Scotia two summers ago, thought we might like to meet Henry’s cousin Shirley who lives in Tucson. These are the wonderful connections that are one of the best parts of traveling across the country.tucson  077

Lunch was very tasty and healthy. Shirley does some hands-on healing and did a little work with Angel, who seemed quite content. Shirley and Jim are a fascinating and engaging couple and we spent a lovely afternoon with them.tucson  033tucson  032

And speaking of Angel, she has been doing great and is even able to stay in the RV on her own once again. Seems her new meds and Shirley’s healing touch have really helped.  And she is such a trooper.

The week that Hector was in Miami, I met two wonderful ladies, Stacy and Mindy, who had two adorable pups, a pug and a super cute and frisky mutt.   The pug was laying out in a brand new dog bed.

They really liked Angel and noticed she was moving a little slow so I  mentioned that she has arthritis.

The next morning when I walked out of Island Girl, the dog bed was laying outside. The ladies were leaving that day and gifting the bed to Angel.  Angel didn’t show any interest in it, so I returned it to them. What a sweet gesture though.

tucson  031But that made me think about getting Angel another dog bed. She has rejected three dog beds since we adopted her five years ago. But I decided to try again, and Hector and I found one that I thought might work because it was small and cozy. And it was a winner, Angel has been spending lots of time in her new bed. Score!tucson  041

tucson  034Later that week, we met Jean, Jerry, Nancy and Bill for another hike near Saguaro National Park. It was a short hike through more of the beautiful desert, yet long enough to see some fabulous views and find one of the crested saguaros!tucson  057

A rare Crested Saguaro

A rare Crested Saguaro

tucson  045

tucson  046

tucson  035

tucson  059tucson  047tucson  044Tucson continues to draw us in.  Definitely a possibility for the future.  So we did a little research on neighborhoods and houses available within our budget and found some interesting ones. Hmm.tucson  050

~ Brenda

23 thoughts on “New Friends in Tucson

  1. Hector, your pictures are again wonderful! And we are so pleased to be part of your walkabout. I’ll write you separately about some Tucson activities we can share when you return this week.

    • Hi, guys. So close and yet so far. We’re going to be in the far South of Arizona in the desert just north of Mexico. Darn it, if we’d known we might have planned differently. Sedona should be gorgeous this time of year – bundle up! Here’s our blog post about Sedona from our visit last year Hector says to check out at least one of the vortices if you can 🙂
      Have a wonderful Christmas in Sedona!

  2. So cool! New friends, new environment, a bit dryer than last year and lots of good cheers. You guys are getting good at this! Enjoy!

  3. We love Tucson and have thought someday we might spend our time there. I would love to have yard full of all different cactus. But I love the saguaro, especially the crested beauties. I have a photo of the crested one you shared in the blog on my photo frame.

    Sounds like you have been very busy socially:) So glad to hear Angel is doing better.

    • The Sonoran desert has so many beautiful plants, and having a beautiful cactus garden would be fun. So nice that you have one of our photographs in your photo frame! We are having a wonderful time with friends here and Angel continues to do well.

  4. What great picture. Love the desert. Tucson… I think this is the first real possibility you’ve mentioned in living. Least you will be close by if this is the choice.
    : ) Karen

    • Actually we like both Albuquerque and Tucson, have looked at houses in both. It will be an interesting choice for sure.

  5. We love Catalina State Park and all the trails in the area. Tucson has been on our radar for some time as well. With all it has to offer, it has made our short list.

  6. Love, love, love Tucson!!! Dad and Barbara retired there and so even though Dad has passed, I still visit and always enjoy my time there visiting Barbara and my sis, especially in early spring when all the wildflowers are blooming!!

    Glad to hear Angel Girl is doing well. You all are always in my thoughts and prayers. Oodles of love and hugs…


    • We have yet to see the desert wildflowers, our timing hasn’t been quite right, but it gives us something to look forward to. Thank you, thank you for sending positive energy for Angel.

  7. Beautiful post! We have a question on another subject. Mike wants to know if you are satisfied with the power wash cleaning that you had done last year on your black tank when you were in Yuma? We are thinking of getting the tank monitoring system that you also got at Quartzsite, but I don’t think it will work if we don’t get the professional tank cleaning, too. Are you happy with your system?

    • Thanks, Linda. We were satisfied with the tank cleaning we had in Yuma, but we had to give it a thorough cleaning again after about four months. We used a product that is really great, I’m sure you’ve seen it – Happy Campers Extreme Holding Tank Cleaner, that we’d never tried before. We’d used other cleaners, commercial and homemade and they never worked like that one. You are supposed to use it when you are going on a particularly curvy drive, so we drove between Yosemite and Fort Bragg, CA, it was on the very long end of the drives we do, but they say as long as it’s a windy drive for a couple of hours it should work. As far as the Sea Level tank sensors, they do work, and can give readings in approximately five percent increments. But you still need to keep the tanks really clean, or they can get hung up as well. Feel free to send me an e-mail directly if you have any other questions. Hope to see you in Quartzsite!

  8. Hi kids… Miss you! I’m especially happy to hear your positive tone rgarding Angel’s progress and her stabelized condition. She is blessed to have you as parents as you are blessed to have her as a companion. That girl rocks!

    Anyway, I’ve been thinking about running away from home (although things are great here!!!) and thought that I could visit you at some point somewhere/somehow. Hector, I will work for photography tips!!! Natalie is arriving tomorrow for +/- three weeks and so very excited to spend time with her. Have to tell you both that your love and attention with us in San francisco has not escaped me!
    Anywho, you are loved… Suena con los Angelitos,,,

    P.S. My birthday is tomorrow! Give me a shout out! : ),,,

    What can I tell you…

    • Thank you, Alfonsito.

      You and/or Bonnie are welcome to join us anytime, as long as you can find an airport nearby :). So glad that Natalie will be home for the holidays. Give her our best. We had a ball in San Francisco.

      Happy Birthday!!!!! Hector is going to call you.

      Love you guys,

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