A Quick Hop to Miami

Miami is where most of my family lives and it had been a while since I saw them. And although I was worried about leaving Brenda alone to deal with potential Angel health issues, we decided that Angel was doing better and I should go.  So Brenda stayed in Tucson at the beautiful Catalina State Park with Angel while I took off for a quick hop to Miami.

It was a busy but very fun week surrounded by people I love.  What could be better?!

My spunky Mom and my Bro and Sis

My spunky Mom Rosa and my Bro Gus and Sis Ana Rosa

My lifelong buddy Al and his adorable honey Bonnie were my gracious hosts.  Al and I went off to Golden Rule Seafood to load up on just a few stone crabs.  Oh sooo good.

Brother Gus and his friend Leslie came over to Al and Bonnie’s and not one little crab survived the experience!

miami  008

I made dinner at Mom’s one night … with my bro Gus, sis Ana Rosa, and Lesliemiami  007

miami  015

Captain Bob

Captain Bob

My buddy Dave came to visit from Tampa and stayed at Bob’s. We went for a spin on Bob’s boat on beautiful Biscayne Bay and had lunch on the water.  A Chamber of Commerce day with good friends.


Reconnected with a long lost friend (thank you Facebook) that I hadn’t seen in over 30 years.  Michelle hasn’t changed a bit and it was wonderful to see her doing so well and happy.  Funny how it is possible to pick up so easily from where we left off after so long.

miami  029

My niece Cristina, Bro in law Rick, sister Ana Rosa, and nephew Peter

Mom and I visited my sister and her beautiful family.  Including her menagerie of cute pooches. Little Jewell and Chloe, the adorable Frosty, and the water loving Coco.

My brother and I enjoyed some Miami nightlife with his daughter/my niece Cindy (soon to be Dr. Lopez … so proud of her) and her Argentinian boyfriend Alejandro.

Then a quick trip to the local blues bar with a sizzling band.

And cocktails at the Blue Martini with three of my cousins, their families and a couple of friends.  A fun night out and a great way to end a week of zooming around town.

And these pics only capture some of the fun.  Uncharacteristic of me, but so often I forgot to take pics!

By the end of the week I was pretty partied out and it was time to go home.  And unfortunately, a brief visit didn’t allow time to see all of my wonderful family in South Florida. Rats!  How lucky I am to have such a loving group.  And Brenda wasn’t here to share in the fun so we’ll need to schedule another trip soon!

~ Hector




9 thoughts on “A Quick Hop to Miami

  1. I just recently found your blog and spent a few evenings reading all of your posts.

    I really enjoy your photography and your write ups. I spend winters in a Florida condo and travel in an RV about 4-6 months each year, mostly during the summer and fall. . I have been to most, but not all of the places that you have been to.

    Photography, bikes, airplanes and kayaking are some of my hobbies, so your activities are very interesting to me.

    Thanks for publishing your blog. I know it a lot of work, but it is really entertaining and I, for one, really appreciate it!

    • Thank you so much and welcome to our blog! Winters in Florida are wonderful, aren’t they? Sounds like we do have lots of interests in common. We do work quite a bit on the blog, but it’s a lot of fun. So glad that you are enjoying it.

  2. What great fun this trip looked like, and so glad to hear your angel is comfy. Happy Thanksgiving — we are thankful for your friendship! xo

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