Miami and the Wedding of the Century

Meet and Greet  008

Natalie and Zach … the bride and groom

Natalie and Zach … the bride and groom

Back when we planned our stay in San Diego a while ago, we knew that we would have to travel to Miami for our niece Natalie’s wedding, the Wedding of the Century.

This was to be the first time we left Island Girl by herself and the first time we’d be separated from Angel since we began our journey about a year and half ago.  And it turned out for the best as our campground neighbor looked out for Island Girl and Angel stayed at our friends’ Gloria and Michael’s home while daughter Jocelyn took her for daily walks.  So she was in a big house with a big yard, with a great family taking care of her and two doggie friends to play with.  What could be better?

Miami  001So off we went to Miami – the lowest airfare we could find was from LAX to Fort Lauderdale and it was also a nonstop flight.  But that meant a 2½-hour drive from San Diego to LAX, a 5-hour flight and then a 1-hour drive from Fort Lauderdale.  Add in an arrival two hours before the flight and you have a ten+ hour trip.  Ouch!

But we had a smooth flight and no problems.   The friend and family tour began immediately upon arrival.   Number one priority was Hector’s mom and we spent quite a bit of time with her.  And luckily, we were able to connect with quite a few of our friends.  Starting with our wonderful hosts Al and Bonnie who we stayed with.

Meet and Greet  010But of course, the reason we were there was for the Wedding of the Century.  With over a year of meticulous planning, everyone was anxiously anticipating the event.Meet and Greet  001

We had a nice dinner with Natalie, Hector’s brother (her dad) and her mom, along with Hector’s sister and her husband early in the week and saw Zach briefly the night he arrived from Cincinnati.  It was nice to have a little private time and get a sneak peek at some of the wedding accessories.Meet and Greet  006Meet and Greet  002

Of course, several of the get-togethers with friends and family included yummy Cuban food, and there was lots of food and drink along the way.Meet and Greet  009Meet and Greet  011

Meet and Greet  030 Meet and Greet  020The couple had a fun meet and greet event at a local restaurant/bar so that Miami people (including Natalie’s family) could meet Cincinnati people (including Zach’s family) as well as other out of town friends of both the bride and groom.

Nat and Zach  002Nat and Zach  007Then it was time for the wedding and, as anticipated, it was grand.  The church was beautiful, the bride was beautiful, the groom was dashing and the ceremony was lovely.  And the best part was that the bride and groom looked so happy together!

Nat and Zach  037Nat and Zach  039Nat and Zach  070

Nat and Zach  074

On to the reception, another lovely setting with gorgeous flowers, good food and, of course, lots of loving friends and family.

Nat and Zach  127After dinner, the real party started and it didn’t take long for the dance floor to fill with raucous crowds of people dancing to salsa/polka/80’s music/samba/disco/hip-hop and I don’t know what else.Friends and Family  046Nat and Zach  114Friends and Family  092

Then came the stilt walker and all kinds of shiny, glittery props.  The photos tell it all.   We had a blast!

Nat and Zach  119

Friends and Family  056Nat and Zach  120Friends and Family  058Friends and Family  55Friends and Family  065Friends and Family  091Friends and Family  090

Friends and Family  062

Nat and Zach  122

Friends and Family  055

Carlos and Ana

The next few days we continued to meet friends and family.  We met our friends Carlos and Ana; Carlos happened to be back in town all the way from South Africa, where he’s on a work assignment.   And we had a great afternoon with our dear friend Bob who took us on a lovely boat tour of Biscayne Bay.  Dave from Tampa was in town to visit too!

Miami  005Miami  006Miami  009Miami  007Miami  011Miami  012Miami  010


Miami  008Miami  002And we had a lovely waterfront lunch with our good friends Barry and Michael.Miami  003Miami  004

And so we returned to the West Coast, sleep-deprived and carrying a little extra weight but happy to have spent time with good friends and family.

~ BrendaNat and Zach  077


15 thoughts on “Miami and the Wedding of the Century

  1. What a beautiful wedding! Looks like a ton of fun with family and friends. The bride and groom look so happy. Glad you were able to arrange to be with them.

    It is so hard to get from San Diego anywhere on a nonstop flight. We try to get a nonstop flight for our daughter last Christmas from Baltimore to San Diego. They didn’t exist so we move to Huntington Beach instead so she would have less travel time and more time in CA with us.

    • Well, of course the date coincided with our being the furthest away from Miami, but with Angel, we don’t just want to leave her anywhere so it gets more complicated. Happily, it call came together, although the drive back from LAX after midnight was tough! Anyway, we did have a ton of fun!

  2. Such fun family time, and what a beautiful, happy bride!!! So fun to have family and friends’ time as you did, and back in the ‘hood, too! 🙂 Uncle Hector looks to have captured wedding joy stupendously. Welcome back “home!” — We’re sure Angel and Island Girl are happy to see you. Godspeed!!!

    • Hi Joe and Jean! Missing you guys. Natalie is pretty every day but she was absolutely radiant that day. Magic. We were a little worried that little Angel wouldn’t want to come home with us as she was with such great caretakers but she went absolutely bonkers when she saw us 🙂

      Hi to the kids!


  3. Fabulous, beautiful. Looks like it was an amazing day….every bride’s dream. You sure do have some good looking people in your family. Sure you don’t have another good looking young relative for my daughter LOL?

    • Hi Miss Ingrid! There are a whole bunch of good looking youngsters from that next generation running around 🙂 Hi to Al …


    • Indeed it was … so nice to see all the military precision planning that went into it come off so beautifully.


  4. What a beautiful, happy time!! Thanks so much for sharing!! Aren’t weddings just the most wonderful parties in the whole wide world?!!!
    Love you to both and Angel, too!!!

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