Treasures of the San Diego Coast

Treasures of the San Diego Coast 55San Diego Beaches  056

The treasures of the San Diego coast include beautiful beaches, great surf, entertaining seals, rocky shores, tide pools, gorgeous sunsets and more.

San Diego Beaches  006San Diego Beaches  008Pacific Beach and Ocean Beach are great places to bike and always entertaining.

There’s great people-watching:  lots of bikers, skateboarders, and a great dog beach. San Diego Beaches  007

San Diego Beaches  009And of course lots of surfers.San Diego Beaches  053

And beautiful sunsets.San Diego Beaches  036


San Diego Beaches  003

San Diego Beaches  023Coronado Island is a beautiful setting with lovely beaches and the famous Hotel del Coronado (known as the “del”).  Built in 1888, it has hosted many presidents and other famous people.

San Diego Beaches  028San Diego Beaches  022

San Diego Beaches  034

San Diego Beaches  039San Diego Beaches  065San Diego Beaches  041

La Jolla Shores is another beautiful beach.  While in La Jolla we visited the seals one more time, we just love them!



San Diego Beaches  017San Diego Beaches  010San Diego Beaches  018Cabrillo National Monument, named after Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, a Spaniard who came ashore in 1542, has a spectacular location with 360-degree views, cliffs and tide pools full of surprises.  There are even areas where you can sit and spot gray whales as they migrate.


San Diego Beaches  013The park offers hiking, historical exhibits (at the visitor center), a lighthouse and more.  It’s also dog friendly, although dogs are not allowed in the visitor center.

San Diego Beaches  015

We happened to be in the area right around the time of the new moon when the tide is particularly low (the tide is also very low around the full moon).  So we chose to explore the tide pools with Angel.San Diego Beaches  021San Diego Beaches  033

We spotted sea stars, anemone, crabs and other critters.  And one potentially stranded sea lion.  He was on the higher rocks during low tide, so the volunteers were going to keep an eye on him to see if he’d  be able to get back into the water during high tide.  If they discovered that he couldn’t, they planned to contact staff from Sea World to rescue him.

San Diego Beaches  058Another beautiful setting is on the Sunset Cliffs, offering more spectacular views of the coastline as well as a gorgeous beach below.San Diego Beaches  052


San Diego Beaches  061San Diego Beaches  072And last, but not least, we discovered yet another awesome dog beach in Del Mar.  This beach also has a huge area set up for volleyball. San Diego Beaches  059

We’d bought Angel her own beach umbrella so she could have access to shade and brought it along.

San Diego Beaches  067San Diego Beaches  062



San Diego Beaches  068San Diego Beaches  070

The more we explore the coast of San Diego, the more treasures we continue to find.

~ BrendaSan Diego Beaches  035

14 thoughts on “Treasures of the San Diego Coast

  1. Great mix of history, personal experiences, and, of course, stunningly unique and gorgeous photography! We feel as if we travel with you! Hugs and kisses!!!

  2. FABULOUS! What a great area to explore, like I have not said that before in all your other blogs. Great commentary and photos as always but I really like the colors on this one! Thanks!

  3. Love this area!! You brought back fond memories. The only place we didn’t get is Cabrillo National Monument. Glad you had such a fantastic visit. Where did you stay while you were in the area, Brenda?

    • Glad our post brought back those memories. We stayed in two different places – Mission Bay RV Park – although the sites are really small, it’s a fabulous location by the water, we loved it. Then we stayed at Santee Lakes Regional Park – north and east, the sites were nicer, but we didn’t like the location as much. Santee is a good location if you plan to go east or north.

  4. My brother, Steve, lives in La Jolla and we’ve visited since he’s been there, and also when we were growing up in Colorado we visited this area on vaca. What a beautiful part of the world!!! And Angel seems to agree! : )

    As always, your posts and photos are just magical and bring us right to where you are…and all the while celebrating the natural world, the people and your adventure!! I will always, always be grateful to you for taking me along. Thanks oodles!!!


    • I didn’t realize your brother lived in La Jolla, lucky guy! So glad you continue to enjoy the blog and photos!
      Miss you,

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