Full Moon Over San Diego

full moon over san diego Balboa  120Balboa  117The opportunity to see beautiful sunsets, sunrises and the various phases of the moon in spectacular settings is a gift we are very grateful for.  We make it a point to catch the full moon as she makes her appearance every month.  Last month we made plans to watch and photograph the full moon over San Diego.Balboa  123Balboa  119Balboa  130

Balboa  122Hector has captured some stunning full moon moments in his photographs in the last few months.  So I did a little research and found out that this time of year, Shelter Island is the best location from which to watch and photograph the full moon over the San Diego cityscape.Balboa  074

Our plan was to go to Shelter Island on the night of, and the night before the full moon.  We joined a number of other photographers (we were not the first to think of this) at Shelter Island and waited in anticipation.Balboa  131

Balboa  127Balboa  129The night before the full moon was a bit hazy but the moon rose just after sunset and the reflection of the sunset on the buildings was awesome.Balboa  118Balboa  125

Balboa  128The night of the full moon was crisp and clear and we watched a fat yellow moon pop out behind the buildings as boats cruised back and forth in the foreground.  Stunning!

We definitely plan to continue seeking out the magical full moon during the rest of our journey.

~ BrendaBalboa  124

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  1. The full moon is one of my favorite things EVER! Hector’s photography is absolutely outstanding! I love this post. -Linda

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