Our Blog Has Moved to a New Home

UPDATE – www.islandgirlwalkabout.com is new and improved.  With some expert help (thanks Dennis!) we’ve completed the move of our blog (only minor gremlins … easily vanquished!) and activated several improvements.

Check out the new “tag cloud” on the right sidebar on the home page, kind of a cool representation of our trip so far and you can click on a word to see all the posts.

Pages should load a little faster … we hope!  And there is some under the covers techno stuff that we think will help us down the road.

Comments and suggestions encouraged.  Especially if you see something that doesn’t look right.  Thanks!

More on our San Diego adventure soon!

~ Hector

Lots has been happening here in San Diego in the last few weeks. One of the things we’ve been focused on is preparing to move our blog to a new hosting platform.

hero1We’re not making drastic changes, but we are moving to a self-hosted site (WordPress.org instead of WordPress.com) in order to have more flexibility in the future. We have a few improvements planned too.

And, no, we didn’t figure this out all by ourselves. This time we got help. Dennis and Jeanette were recommended by Nina of Wheeling It fame (thanks Nina!) who mentioned that Dennis and Jeanette were headed to San Diego around the time we would be here.

Modat_logoCsmcomputer lightAnd so we contacted them through their business website, Motorhome Office of Design and Technology and a plan was hatched. Dennis and Jeanette have been quite generous with their time and their pricing, are great people and have taught us tons about blogs and social media in a short time.

They’re funny too! After all, they live in a 1978 Wanderlodge named the Cheddar Yeti 🙂


So, in the next few days we’ll be replacing the old blog with our new improved one. There is nothing you need to do if all goes according to plan. There may be a brief period where the site will be offline as the transition occurs.

Our www.islandgirlwalkabout.com URL will remain the same and we plan to transition all of our followers as well. So if you get updates via email you should continue to.

We’re excited about our changes, but if for some reason there is any problem, please bear with us. Gremlins can be found in the internets …

NewBrainCartoonHector has also been working on a new photography website that will allow us to sell some of his beautiful photographs. Stay tuned for more news about Hector’s photography website which is coming soon.

Hope you enjoy the improvements we’ve made. Send your comments!

And the journey continues.15730950-a-cute-happy-cartoon-computer-mascot-character-smiling-and-doing-a-thumbs-up[1]

~ Brenda


7 thoughts on “Our Blog Has Moved to a New Home

  1. Yay!!! Looking forward to the new blog host and Hector’s photos on an amazing new website. You go, friends!!!

    Lots of love, Rebecca

  2. Good luck! I’ve thought about doing the same but don’t have the techie brain for it. So you hired a guy (and a girl)! Best wishes for a smooth transition. 🙂

    • Hi Carol, now that we are done I can say that it really was fairly easy. And the Vieras are a joy to work with (and very reasonable).

      I would just say that if you are going to port your site to do it sooner than later. The bigger the port, the bigger the job! For example we had some issues with pictures that got messed up in the port and the debug process took a while. Simple, but tedious.

      The self hosted route seems to have more features. We hope it was a good choice and are pretty happy at this point. Be well!


    • We’ve actually switched over, but haven’t switched themes, as Hector is focused on his photography website and we’ll also be working on some new social media stuff. So you won’t see many changes except that we’re now able to show post previews and are adding a few items to the sidebar. We just love Dennis and Jeanette and are so happy to have met them, that was a bonus. Thanks for the referral.

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