Cool Cars

cool cars  037Our plan for Phoenix included visits to several people and other activities as time allowed.

cool cars  001cool cars  052But, coincidentally, we arrived in the area at the same time as “The World’s Greatest Collector Car Auction”, produced by Barrett-Jackson, “the world’s leading collector car auction and automotive lifestyle events”.  In addition, our RV campground was in Fountain Hills, very close to the location of the event, Scottsdale.

cool cars  007cool cars  017So we decided to go to the show on its first day, which was also the least expensive option as it was prior to the start of the actual auction.

cool cars  028

The locale was just massive, and for us to have been able to see all of the cars would have required at least an entire day.  cool cars  003cool cars  046cool cars  002

cool cars  006But Hector and I spent a few hours there and focused on the classic collector cars in the main tent area. Even though there were several tents we never even entered, we still saw a dizzying array of cars  045

Although I don’t know a lot about collector cars, I do know what I like.  I like antique cars, and I liked a lot of the cars we saw. There were some truly artistic people designing automobiles in the United States years ago.  They paid such attention to little details, many of which are still cars  035

The colors were truly amazing, the brightest colors I’d ever seen on autos.  And, of course, all of the cars had tons of clear coats applied on top of the paint to make them ultra-shiny.

cool cars  054

cool cars  026There were tons of people cruising through the show, but Hector still managed to get some cool photographs.  One really fun area was full of old automotive memorabilia.

Since I am a simple girl at heart, I selected a simple white little roundish number as my favorite.  cool cars  018But there were some bright colored beauties that could have won me over as well.

cool cars  010


cool cars  034

cool cars  036This was definitely a spontaneous choice by us, and not something we expected to do, but we figured we might never coincide with The World’s Greatest Collector Car Auction again.  And it was a really fun afternoon.

~ Brendacool cars  011

12 thoughts on “Cool Cars

  1. Great cars and what a different and interesting way to spend the day. And the only birds in your blog were hood ornaments!!!!! Which one did you choose to replace the Subaru?

  2. Way cool!!! My favorites are the old ‘vettes. Hector, your photos are awesome and magical as always! Brenda, that little white beauty had your name written all over it! Love you guys!

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