Coming Full Circle

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Angel on Halloween

Angel on Halloween

Reaching Denver was kind of surreal, as this was the place we left from just over a year ago, and it was also our home for the past eleven years.

Our time here was a bit hectic, with visits to doctors and to the dentist for the humans (one root canal for Hector), medical tests, a visit to the vet and a vaccine for Angel, a visit to Freightliner and the RV interior shop for Island Girl, and a visit to the Subaru dealer for our toad.   All of us checked out fine except for Island Girl who had leaking wheel seals.  More on that in our next post.

The fun part of our visit was getting together with friends and family.   There wasn’t enough time to see everyone that we wanted to see, but we made the best of it.  We enjoyed several lovely dinners hosted by dear friends, had a gathering of the wine tasting group we were part of when we lived here, saw work colleagues from when we did that working thing, and generally had a wonderful time catching up with friends.

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denver  029We stayed with Hector’s cousin Roy and his wife Cindy at their lovely house while Island Girl was in the shop, which made life a lot easier.  But we got homesick for Island Girl!  She is such a cozy little home.denver  030denver  015

denver  035denver  036When we got Island Girl back, we moved to Cherry Creek State Park while waiting for one last medical appointment.  This park is where we stayed the first couple of weeks that we moved into Island Girl, so it was another surreal experience.  But the park is beautiful and while there we saw deer, eagles, hawks, and one wandering coyote.denver  043denver  044denver  049

Once we were ready to leave, we got snowed in!  This was a big test for Island Girl, with one 9 degree night (BRRR!) and she did well considering the circumstances.  Not the kind of weather we want to deal with on a regular basis, though.

denver  050The storm that came through Denver decided to head south on the exact same route that we planned to take to New Mexico, so we had to wait a few more days for the weather to improve on the roads and at our destination, all of which got snow.denver  047

The day we left was clear and beautiful, and we had a great sendoff with more deer and eagles at Cherry Creek State Park.denver  046denver  048

Hector had a big smile on his face as we drove away heading to the next phase of our journey.  And we followed the birds south for the winter.

~ Brendadenver  045denver  037

15 thoughts on “Coming Full Circle

  1. Brenda & Hector, I hope you find the next year as exciting and enjoyable as the last part of your journey. Be well, safe, and keep the fantastic photos and articles flowing. Brenda, My hat is off to you for the great writing job, and to you Hector, your passion and skill with a camera speaks for itself.
    Have a wonderful walk/drive-about.
    Miami Bob

  2. Oh you did get snow! As always great photography especially of Angel adorned with Christmas decor, what a cutie. We have never been to CO and when we get there we will stay a whole month enjoying colorful Colorado.
    Hope your migration to the south is safe and Island Girl gets fixed up.

    • Thanks, Mona Liza, Island Girl is ok, she just had a leak that cost more than expected. Definitely plan a long stay in Colorado, there is tons to see and do, we still have places there we’d like to visit although we lived there. Enjoy Florida!

  3. Gorgeous photos and beautiful words, as always. So glad to have had the chance to see you. You “guys” warm my heart. And Angel looks so pretty in her green hair, and in the snow covered prairie! Thank you so much for your friendship, and for inspiring us all!!! Love, Rebecca

  4. We are so glad we were part of your Denver time — thank you for sharing an evening with us. Angel looked so at home with her heavy coat in the snow!!! 🙂 Your departure is well-timed: They say the coldest air in 3 years is en route to CO! UGH. Godspeed in your continued travels. xo, Joe and Jean

  5. Ah, we too have experienced those Colorado storms causing us to alter the schedule. I look forward to your next posts to see your destinations and schedule. We’ll be in Phoenix till shortly after Christmas. Be sure and let me know if you’ll be in the area so we can schedule a ‘meet up’. Safe travels….Ingrid

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