Attack of the Fruit Flies!

fruit_flies_like_a_banana_print-re20126760c2a4258b2bee7c886447c75_wvk_8byvr_512Cartoon_Man_Being_Tormented_By_a_Fly_Royalty_Free_Clipart_Picture_100204-039383-795042Continuing on the “things that had never happened to us before” trend, we had a fruit fly infestation while in Niagara Falls.  fly

One day after heading out for a morning excursion,  we arrived at the coach only to find a large community of fruit flies around our kitchen area.

We turned to the RV forums for help, since we find these forums extremely helpful.  And we discovered that a few fruit flies from bananas we bought had apparently bred in our plumbing.  We were at a campsite that had no water nor sewer, so we’d been using the faucets sparingly to conserve water from our fresh water tank.  And one day was apparently more than enough time for the fruit flies to multiply into quite the swarm!

Fruit-Fly-Banana-Sketch-Cartooncincy 006According to the forums, the best solution for getting rid of fruit flies is to place apple cider vinegar with a piece of banana and some liquid dishwashing soap in various cups and distribute them throughout the coach to trap the flies.  The people in the forums also recommended that we keep drains closed while not in use.

After a few days of following all of those instructions, the fruit flies were gone!  But after having all of this gooey liquid stuff throughout the coach, Hector and I were into deep cleaning mode.


So when we arrived at our next stop, Louisville, we rented a carpet cleaner.  We’ve discovered that because of all of the dirt that gets into the coach the carpet needs to be cleaned about every six months.  It is amazing just how much dirt the carpet cleaner gets out.

After some other deep cleaning, Island Girl was nice and spiffy and the fruit flies were forgotten!

~ Brenda

5 thoughts on “Attack of the Fruit Flies!

  1. Thanks for sharing the awesome remedy for fruit flies! Steven and I used to get a ton in the Adirondacks and I never knew what to do about them. As always, a very educational post!

    • Thanks, Mona Liza, so far we have had ants (tips on that coming soon), a mouse that seems to have left shortly after he built a nest in our basement (previous post) and these little critters. Always an adventure.

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