The Adirondack Mountains

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adirondacks  002adirondacks  003adirondacks  001burlington  061adirondacks  091adirondacks  004Burlington’s location by Lake Champlain is ideal for a side trip to New York.  And, upon the recommendation of a friend (thanks, Rebecca!) we decided to take the ferry over to the Adirondack Mountains.


There are several ferries crossing the Lake to New York, but we chose the longest route, which was also the closest to Burlington.  This ferry is considered the most scenic.  But because of the cloudy, rainy weather, we waited it out for a few days, and wound up taking the ferry on the final day of its season (the other two ferries continue year-round).

We’d learned recently that there is a “sea monster” that is said by some to inhabit Lake Champlain, who’s been nicknamed Champ.  There have been hundreds of reported sightings.

The first reported sighting was in 1883 by Sheriff Nathan H. Mooney, described as a gigantic water serpent about 50 yards away.  The first sighting of the Loch Ness monster occurred 50 years later.

One theory is that Champ may be a plesiosaur (same theory as the Loch Ness monster), because both lakes have a lot of similarities; over 400 feet deep, and both formed from retreating glaciers.

Others believe that people are mistaking common species or other objects for a “monster”,  or that it’s all a hoax.  But the marketing department in Burlington has taken full advantage there are a number of cute sculptures of Champ around.

adirondacks  005adirondacks  006The ferry ride was very pleasant, although we did not see any prehistoric creatures, and we met some nice folks.

Once across we travelled some pretty country roads headed to Whiteface Mountain and Lake Placid.  It was a beautiful drive with the colors not quite at peak but still lovely.

adirondacks  009adirondacks  010adirondacks  019adirondacks  018adirondacks  017adirondacks  007adirondacks  008There is a road to drive up to the top of Whiteface Mountain and there is also a gondola that takes you to the top.  We had Angel with us, so we couldn’t do the gondola and there was a huge traffic jam at the entrance to the road to the top so we bailed.

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adirondacks  020We continued to Lake Placid, Hector and I were eager to see the town where the 1932 and 1980 Olympics were held.  Lake Placid is a very cute town.  The lake setting is quite striking and there are gorgeous homes surrounding it.  But it was pretty congested and crowded.

adirondacks  024So we continued our dirve to check out some of the Olympic sites.  Our first stop was at the ski jump ramps, which are free standing and built on top of the mountain.  The previous ski jump we saw is in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and is built into the mountainside. The ones here were even more impressive.

adirondacks  027adirondacks  028Standing next to the ski jump ramps makes you appreciate just how crazy the ski jumpers are.  Amazing!adirondacks  026adirondacks  025adirondacks  029

adirondacks  030adirondacks  021Next, we drove over to the bobsled track area and found out that they offered bobsled rides on the old Olympic track.  Not my cup of tea, but Hector was pretty excited.

We arrived there just in time to take the last ride and he signed up.  It’s pretty pricey, but a once in a lifetime experience for him.adirondacks  031



As he was transported to the top, I was feeling a bit nervous about having the responsibility of capturing a photo of the bobsled as it made it to the finish line.  I knew I’d only have a couple of seconds to take the photos. Happily, I got a couple of good shots!  That’s Hector in the middle between the driver and the brakeman.

adirondacks  034adirondacks  091 (1)Hector loved his 42.54 second ride and that made me happy.adirondacks  037adirondacks  039adirondacks  038adirondacks  032

It was time to drive back and we made it just in the nick of time for the ferry ride back.

adirondacks  042adirondacks  041adirondacks  040Although it was a very short tour of the area, we really enjoyed seeing the beautiful Adirondacks and Lake Placid up close.

And Hector got to ride the bobsled, something he’s always wanted to do.  Not bad for a quick day trip.

~ Brenda

7 thoughts on “The Adirondack Mountains

  1. This is such a beautiful area of NY. My family is from the area a couple hours from there. Skiing at Whiteface is even more fun. Wonderful long runs for this part of the country. The area is always overcrowded this time of year for the foliage tours. Glad you got to taste for a while:) I am sure the ride across the lake was wonderful. It is a gorgeous place.

    How cool was that ride on the bobsled! I am sure Hector will enjoy the bobsleds in the upcoming Olympics even more now that he has first hand experience:)

  2. I see the “Everything” plan is still in effect. I lived in this general area for five years and know the raw beauty can be awe inspiring. But, wait a few more weeks until the white stuff comes and comes and comes…

  3. I’m so glad you were able to experience the Adirondacks!! Your gorgeous photos made me homesick for that amazing part of the world. You must have taken the ferry from Burlington to Essex, and Essex is sure a sweet little place. Again from your photos, I imagine you shot over to Keene and then up to Lake Placid. And yes, this time of year is very busy with oodles of leaf peepers.

    Awesome that Hector was able to bobsled! I bet it was so exciting!! I always wanted to experience that when we lived there, but never did. If you ever return, I hope you have the chance to paddle some of the amazing Adirondack lakes, ponds, and rivers and hike those beautiful mountains. It’s truly magical there. I miss it so much.

    And I miss you, too!! Can’t wait to see you in November!!! Lots of love, Rebecca

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