Land’s End

Perce  016Forillon  044The drive from Percé out to Forillon National Park on the eastern tip of the Gaspé peninsula is very scenic.  And it’s an exciting drive on a very steep road with multiple 10-15 degree inclines and one 17 degree incline.  They don’t much believe in switchbacks here.Perce  017

Perce  024

Perce  015Perce  014Forillon  005Forillon  002Forillon National Park offers hiking and biking trails and is a Parks Canada National Park – another chance to use our Discovery Passes :-).  It also has several lovely  beaches, so of course we couldn’t resist a walk on one of those beaches on our first visit.

Forillon  014That same afternoon, we rode our bicycles on the trail that leads to the Cap-Gaspé, which is also a walking trail.   The point at the end of this trail is called land’s end and is the easternmost point of the Gaspé Peninsula.  Forillon  011

It’s also the end of the International Appalachian Trail, which runs from Maine to Quebec.  The International Appalachian Trail connects to the Appalachian Trail in Maine and continues to Georgia.  The most common route followed by those that want to hike the entire trail continuously is to begin in Georgia in the spring and head north.  Hector and I spent a little time hiking on a couple of sections on the Georgia end of the Appalachian trail in the 1980s when we lived in Atlanta.  Little did we know then that we’d one day bike on the extreme opposite end of this trail.

Forillon  022Forillon  013The Cap Gaspé trail parallels the shore, and is known for good whale and seal watching.    We didn’t see whales but we did spot and hear some gray seals in the water. Forillon  012

We also saw quite a few porcupines on land, in fact, this is the most porcupines I’ve ever seen.  Cute little guys from a safe distance.

Forillon  017Forillon  018There’s a great view of the Gulf of St. Lawrence from the top of the trail with a pretty lighthouse.  Another very short and steep walking only trail led us down closer to the edge of the cliff and the water where we were rewarded with yet another gorgeous view.   A great day.Forillon  025Forillon  023Forillon  026Forillon  043Forillon  029Forillon  031We returned to Forillon National Park another day and visited Cap-Des-Rosiers Lighthouse, the tallest lighthouse in Canada, 112 feet, or ten stories high.  There was a guided tour in French about to begin, and since it was the only way to climb the lighthouse, we decided to join in.  Fortunately, there was only one other couple on the tour, and the guide spoke a little English, so he threw in an English word now and then to help us out.Forillon  034

Forillon  033Forillon  037Forillon  039Forillon  035Forillon  038
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Forillon  041Forillon  028Forillon  030The Cap-Des-Rosiers Lighthouse shone its first light in 1858 and has a fabulous first order Fresnel lens, which was automated in 1981.  The exterior bricks of the lighthouse were rebuilt in white marble in 1984, and the walls are seven feet thick at the bottom and three feet thick at the top.  One of the most impressive lighthouses we’ve seen.  And, of course, it’s perched on a scenic cliff, placing the light 136 feet above sea level.Forillon  045Forillon  047

It was a cool day so we had Angel with us, and stopped at a couple of other beaches.  Angel found a few more crabs and we discovered more spectacular beaches with cliffs overlooking the water.  Then we had a picnic lunch looking out over the beautiful view.

Within Forillon National Park’s  deceivingly compact area, there is tons to see; lighthouses, mountains, forests, cliffs jutting into the water, beaches, waterfalls and more.

Forillon  046So on this last day there, we also hiked to a beautiful waterfall with Angel.Forillon  057

And Forillon National Park is just one of many beautiful spots in the Gaspé Peninsula and sadly the last place we visited in this area.  This remote peninsula is truly a memorable place.

~ Brenda

9 thoughts on “Land’s End

  1. Another wowee post!!! Beautiful! And the porcupines are very cute. Gorgeous sunset and landscape photos – it’s almost like I’m there with you! You both look so happy and peaceful, and so does Angel. I think the adventure is growing on you!!!

  2. What life altering experiences you are having — you are blessed, and so are we for your sharing them with us! Continued fun, safe travels! Joe and Jean

    • Hi there Jean and Joe, Hector here … miss you guys. We are truly lucky. Today marks one year to the day that we left Colorado. It is almost too much to absorb all the experiences we’ve had and what kind, generous and interesting people we’ve met along the way. We’ll be in Colorado in early November. Can’t wait to see you.


      • Happy anniversary, Hector! 🙂 What a great year you’ve had! So good for you — and us, vicariously. You three and the Island Girl are welcome here. In fact, think about whether we can host a gathering for you — you know one stop shopping type of thing to see a slew of people all at one time. We would love to do that if you’d like. Too, no kids around = plenty of bedrooms: the three of you could each have your own upstairs! 🙂 Keep in touch and let us know about the party — you invite, we host. 🙂 Keep safe and well, Blessed Ones! xo

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