Green and Red PEI

PEI  155PEI  157PEI  152PEI  195Based on our first experience with the North Cape, we decided to tackle the Central Coast Drive on a couple of different days.

We headed to the Green Gables Shore on the North of the Central Coast Drive first.  This area is home to the Prince Edward Island National Park, located along 25 miles of the shore.  Cavendish, the hometown of Lucy Maud Montgomery, author of Anne of the Green Gables is located alongside the park.

The now famous House of Green Gables, once owned by her family and its Victorian surroundings inspired the setting for the book.  The house is now managed by Parks Canada.  And thus the Green Gables Shore.

There is a lot of “Anne” stuff all over PEI.   A major tourist draw.

PEI  153PEI  154PEI  165PEI  164But I must confess that neither of us has read the book, and so this is not our main focus.  I’d thought about reading it while on PEI (I’ve been trying to read books about the places we’re visiting).  Instead I read a crime mystery novel, Meat Cove, that I bought from its author in Charlottetown.  It’s set in Cape Breton Island, PEI, Quebec and Vermont, which just happen to be places we’ve just visited and places we’re going to visit.  And it’s a fun summer read.

PEI  158Back on the road, we drove through beautiful fields of wildflowers and found French River, a stunning pastoral scene, directly by the French River.   We also got some education about harvesting mussels.

PEI  161PEI  159Hector asked a fisherman who was tossing these “dirty” buoys onto the wharf about all of the little buoys we saw in the water.  He explained that they were used to grow “mussel seeds”(baby mussels), which attach themselves to the buoys.

The “mussel seeds” are then taken off the buoys and placed in “mussel socks” – long tubular nets, and placed in deeper water where they grow larger.  Interesting indeed.

PEI  160PEI  163We leave the wharf and head out to an overlook.  The “patchwork” of greens, colorful buildings on the wharf, the river and the fields of wildflowers make for one of the most beautiful scenes we saw on PEI.  It’s another clear, blue sky day, and we gawk for quite a while.PEI  166

PEI  162PEI  167Next, we head to the town of Cavendish for a quick touristy stop as we’re looking for a Prince Edward Island patch.  While shopping on the Cavendish Boardwalk, we sample the famous COWS ice cream, made right here in PEI. PEI  168

It’s rated as one of the top ten ice creams in the world by Tauck World Discovery, a luxury travel company.

And, yes, it’s delicious.

PEI  170PEI  169PEI  172

PEI  171PEI  173Then we’re off to Cavendish Beach, which is part of the national park.  It’s really pretty but a bit crowded by our more recent standards so we opt to ride our bicycles on the Cavendish Dunes Boardwalk.

PEI  182PEI  179PEI  175PEI  178These huge red dunes are beautiful, and we stop at a couple of overlooks and walk to some red cliffs along the way.   We intersect the Gulfshore Way West bike trail which goes alongside the ocean for a ways.  Just lovely.PEI  183

PEI  181PEI  193PEI  194

Next we drove to North Rustico Beach, where we had an early dinner at Fisherman’s Wharf Restaurant.  The couple we met on the ferry, Beth and Dave recommended this restaurant.  Coincidentally, it’s lobster season now, so we have a wonderful lobster dinner there and head home afterwards.PEI  156

PEI  196PEI  208Another day, we tackle part of the Red Sands Shores drive, on the south side of the Central Coastal Drive.   Here we visit Victoria-by-the-Sea, another artists’ community and find a really picturesque lighthouse here, the Leards Front/Palmer Back Range Lighthouse.  It was established in 1879 and is unique in that it houses two lights, each pointed in a different direction.PEI  197PEI  198

PEI  190Beautiful farmlands cover PEI with a patchwork of patterns and colors.PEI  191PEI  189PEI  200PEI  201PEI  203PEI  202Further down the road, we stop at Chelton Beach, and walk for a bit along its red sand.  The water is almost Island Girl temperature, but not quite.PEI  206PEI  207

Still searching for that place to jump in the ocean …

~ BrendaPEI  212PEI  213PEI  211PEI  210

6 thoughts on “Green and Red PEI

  1. MMMM sounds wonderful! And each location has unique areas, shop, vists, people and foods. And I think it is great you are sampling them all! Great sunset shots also! Enjoy!

  2. Living the dream!! You both look so happy and content. Love the photo of Hector in the wildflower field and Brenda with the big grin, ready to dig in for dinner. And such beautiful photos of the land and characteristic scenery. You both continue to inspire me with every post! Thank you so much for sharing!! Love, Rebecca

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