Nueva York

NYC  023NYC  026Back in Florida, some RV neighbors recommended the Liberty Harbor Marina and RV Campground for our future visit to New York.  This park is located in Jersey City, just across from New York, and close to the train, ferry and the Holland Tunnel.

NYC  028NYC  029NYC  025Hector predicted that it would be a parking lot type of campground.  Also that the location would be hard to beat, especially since he didn’t want to have to drive the RV through any portion of New York City to get to a campground.

And all of his predictions were accurate.  The place was ugly, basically a gravel parking lot.  When I took Angel out for her first walk here, I found only tiny patches of grass by the fence, and they were full of construction debris.  Ugh!   I was tempted to leave.

But we stayed put and that evening we heard what sounded like fireworks.  Hector and I ran out to check it out.  And there in front of us was an elaborate fireworks show illuminating the Statue of Liberty.  It was, after all, the week before Memorial Day.  A bit of redemption for the campground.

Plus, the next day we biked to Liberty State Park, right next door!NYC  039NYC  022

Ellis Island

Ellis Island

And the next day, Hector found a path outside of the park by the marina that had nice grassy patches on each side, which was great for walking Angel.  Much better.

NYC  024

New York was the city I first came to from Puerto Rico, and I have many childhood memories of my four years here.  I love the City, and was very excited to be back.

Angel in the Big Apple

Angel in the Big Apple

But the weather on our first days here was not cooperating.  Friday and Saturday were both very rainy and cool.   Not really fun to walk around the city in a hard rain.  So, on Friday, we took a quick driving tour of the city.  And, on Saturday, we stayed in our warm RV in the morning and then went out for a matinee movie.

NYC  017NYC  019On Sunday (happily a sunny, though still cool day), we drove out to my nephew’s house in Long Island for a barbecue.  It was a great family reunion including my nephew, Ivan, his wife, Donna and two sons, Joey and Ryan, my niece, Nivea, her husband, Chris, son, Jake, daughter, Jessica and my sister-in-law, Cielo.  What a wonderful family I have.

NYC  014That day was made even more special by the fact that my sister-in-law gave me a special gift for my upcoming birthday: my (biological) mother’s wedding ring.

NYC  020My dad had given the ring to my brother, my mother’s eldest child, when she passed away, and my brother gave the ring to his wife.  After my brother passed away, my sister-in-law decided to give the ring to me.  This special gift was totally unexpected, and means so much to me since it’s the only thing that I have that belonged to my mother.   Such a meaningful gesture, one I’ll never forget.NYC  018NYC  016NYC  021

NYC  030The next day, we visited a couple of Hector’s friends, Don and Linda, in New Jersey.   As we drove to their home, Hector recalled how many times he’d driven this same road on business to his company’s headquarters.

nyc  079But this time was different, as it was a drive purely for pleasure, and there would be no more trips to headquarters on this road.  We are so grateful to be in this new chapter of our life.

We spent the next two days in New York City.  I’d made an appointment at Devachan, a salon owned by one of the curly hair gurus in the U.S.  This was an expensive place, but I’d been saving money by having Hector trim my hair (he got a lesson from my hairdresser in Denver).  And yes, sometimes you get what you pay for, nurturing service and a great cut.

Afterwards, we had lunch in Little Italy and walked around a bit but the rain persisted and we took the subway back home.

NYC  034NYC  035NYC  037NYC  038NYC  033NYC  009NYC  036NYC  032NYC  007NYC  012NYC  078NYC  006NYC  008NYC  041NYC  040NYC  031NYC  048NYC  056NYC  054The next day, we visited my beautiful friend, Ann-Gel, in Spanish Harlem, where she works.  Ann-Gel gave us a tour of the Barrio, which has fabulous murals featuring various political and community themes.  There is a rich history of work to achieve social justice in this community.  After our tour, we had lunch at La Fonda Boricua, a fabulous Puerto Rican restaurant.  Ahhh, comfort food.

NYC  044NYC  047NYC  059NYC  046NYC  057NYC  045NYC  043NYC  053NYC  042NYC  055NYC  061NYC  060NYC  058NYC  049NYC  063After lunch, Hector and I walked a bit more around Spanish Harlem, then headed for the subway back to Manhattan.

We walked around Grand Central Station, Bryant Park and Times Square.   We wound up walking a total of 15 miles in these two days!

NYC  067NYC  064NYC  073NYC  062NYC  071NYC  069NYC  072NYC  070NYC  066 NYC  076That evening, we returned to the city to see the theater production of Mamma Mia on Broadway.  A fun show, although we were never really ABBA fans.NYC  075NYC  074

NYC  004NYC  003NYC  077And of course, we enjoyed the variety of food offered both in Jersey City and New York.  In just a few days we had Puerto Rican, Middle Eastern, and Italian food, including dinner at Becco, one of the restaurants owned by Lidia Bastianich, television chef and cookbook author.

NYC  002NYC  005New York is an experience that engages all of the senses.  And it will always have special meaning for me because of my time spent here and my family ties.

~ BrendaNYC  001

5 thoughts on “Nueva York

  1. What a GREAT trip! The city is great and it sounds like you had lots of time to enjoy it! Family too! Makes for a great vacation!!! Vacation? I mean lifestyle!! As always, great pics and I like the new doo, too!!

  2. It’s great seeing you return to your roots and old friendships!!! Also, not to mention the physical side of walking 15 miles down memory lane. Continue the trip and gather and onging crop of wonderful memories.
    Be well my friends,

    • Looks like you covered all bases in NY City. It’s wonderful to see family and so nice that you were given your moms ring. Hopefully you got my Happy Birthday text. Travel safe. : )

  3. Wow! Great photos Hector! I am back in Atlanta and an old and great friend, Sandra Salem, turned me on to your blog asking if I knew you!!!
    Sandra and I started at Bell South on the same day million years ago and she came to my housewarming party Sat. night.
    Very small world!
    Xoxo, Sherry

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