Wet Mice?!

2013-05-12 at 17-48-06The trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina took two days (two five-hour drives).  After the first day’s drive, we “boondocked” overnight at a Walmart parking lot in Zebulon, North Carolina.   And had a nice little Mexican dinner at a restaurant in the same shopping center.  The next morning we set out for the second half of our trip.

We had a couple of important errands to attend to:

  1. Mouse hunting.  We’d found that a critter had taken some material from a paper towel roll in the basement and started a little nest.  We’d read about this common problem in other RV blogs, so it was a matter of when and not if.  And we used one of the methods recommended to get rid of mice, which was to place some dryer sheets throughout the basement.  Hector (against my wishes) also set a couple of mousetraps.   The little rascals used the dryer sheets to make another nest and there was no action on the mousetraps.
  2. Drying out the basement.  While in the Smokies, we discovered that our basement floor was damp.  We thought that water might have splashed up into the basement during our seven hour drive through the rainstorm through a couple of weak spots in the door seals.  We do keep all but one batch of items in the basement in closed bins, so our stuff was not wet, but we knew we had to dry the basement out to avoid mold.  We just couldn’t do it in the Smokies since it was raining so much, and we were on a (very wet) dirt/gravel pad.

2013-05-14 at 09-11-082013-05-16 at 18-15-54I’d reserved a campsite with a concrete pad in the Outer Banks to avoid having to spread out our stuff on wet dirt.  The campsite was located on the “sound side” of the campground overlooking the water and it was a really great spot.  The day we arrived, it was extremely windy and there were lots of kite boarders on the water.  The good news: the wind would dry out our basement quickly, the bad news: we needed to be careful that nothing blew away as we sorted through our stuff.

2013-05-14 at 09-11-54So, immediately after connecting to water, electricity and sewer we took everything out of the basement.  We had bins piled up on both sides of the RV and took advantage of the opportunity to go through everything once again and get rid of anything that we realize we haven’t needed up to this point.  We also did some moving around of items to make sure that frequently used items were most accessible.  This is about the third time we re-arrange the basement and it’s almost perfect now 🙂

2013-05-16 at 18-16-08Once the space was empty, we left the doors open to let the basement air out.  Hector then crawled inside to inspect it, and vacuumed the floor.  Good news – no mice!  My theories; either A. When they used the dryer sheets, whatever is in those sheets repelled them and they left B. They got wet during the whole driving rain splashing up thing and decided to jump out or C. they’ve moved upstairs (gaaasp!).   Anyway, more good news – the leak was definitely from outside, no evidence that any water came from our living space above.  Whew!   And, in the couple of hours that we spent re-organizing and inspecting, the floor dried out and we stowed all the bins once again.   Mold crisis averted!

Sorry, no photos of all of this exciting activity, we were too busy!

2013-05-12 at 19-25-57Then it was time for “sundowners”  – drinks while watching the sun go down.  This was one of several beautiful sunsets we witnessed over the Pamlico Sound, the body of water that separates the Outer Banks from the land to the west.  And the start of a great week.

~ Brenda

3 thoughts on “Wet Mice?!

  1. Just stumbled upon your blog and am really enjoying the reading. The RV Park in the Outer Banks looks great – what was the name of it. We are hoping to head that way (and up to the Canadian Maritimes) next year.

    • Thank you! We stayed in Camp Hatteras in Waves. Although Waves is centrally located, the island is very long so you wind up doing a lot of driving. The campground is very large, and frankly there are a lot of sites that I wouldn’t have liked. Basically there is a really large portion of the park on the ocean side. Then, across the street, there is a smaller part of the park on the Sound Side, which is where we stayed. Our campsite, which was on the sound was more expensive, as are the oceanfront ones. The oceanfront campsites on what I consider the less desirable side also don’t have a view as there’s a fence, but you are steps from the beach. You saw the view from our site, beautiful and we faced the sunsets. We were in site 377, but 376 through 380 are the best, with 380 at the corner being the best of the best. And you can cross the (busy) street and walk across the campground (a bit of a walk) to the beach anyway. If you have any other questions about this or the maritimes, feel free to e-mail me. Also, be sure to include Cape Breton Island in your Canada visit, we just left and will be blogging on it soon, stunning! Brenda

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