An Apple Crashes in the Swamp

0511-0810-2314-4640_Computer_with_a_Virus_clipart_image.jpgYes, it’s true.  While we were in the Okefenokee Swamp in Georgia, our main computer, an iMac that contains most of our really important files and which Hector uses to process his photography, crashed.  It had been acting a bit flaky and we mistakenly assumed it needed some simple file cleanup maintenance.  Not!

The Okefenokee Swamp is another No-Fi and no cell phone reception zone.  So on a rainy day, Hector and I actually drove four hours roundtrip to Jacksonville, Florida to the nearest Apple store to try and get the computer serviced.

What we discovered:

1.   There is a recall on the hard drive of our iMac model (2009 vintage), which apparently was not tough enough to withstand the heat that the computer generates and eventually fries (if you have an iMac, you may want to double check to see if it’s one of the recalled models, the Apple store can look it up by serial number).

2.  Apple stores are not equipped for data recovery, so we have to take the computer to an Apple authorized service partner that does data recovery so that we can both have our hard drive replaced without charge AND recover our data.

3.  Assuming our data can be recovered at all, this may take anywhere between two hours and two weeks.

We’re currently in St. Helena Island in South Carolina for a few days and will be continuing to Atlanta, Georgia, where we hope have our Apple fixed and our data restored.

So, some of our pending posts, including our stay in Titusville, Florida (by the Kennedy Space Center), our stay in St. Augustine, and our departure from Florida will need to wait until the photographs from those places are (hopefully) recovered.

Meanwhile, we’ll be posting out of sequence, about our stay in the Okefeenokee Swamp (beautiful!) and here in St. Helena.   Stay tuned!

~ Brenda

5 thoughts on “An Apple Crashes in the Swamp

  1. UGH!!! Technology, on which we’ve become unknowingly reliant, is great — when it works! Good luck and godspeed. xo

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