The Fort Lauderdale Flu

Hector somehow caught the flu on our first week in Fort Lauderdale.  We took Angel to a very special veterinarian to continue administering laser and acupuncture treatments that we’d begun in Denver for her back legs and hips.  Everyone there was talking about the flu epidemic in the U.S.., which seemed like a faraway thing at the time.

ft laud fluBut one fever, headache, a few body aches and lots of coughs and chest congestion later Hector became part of the epidemic.   He was laid out for six days and in partial recovery for a few more days.  Luckily, I only suffered from a mild 48-hour version of it, consisting of just a slight fever and a couple of minor body aches.

Some of this downtime turned out to be slightly productive.  I was able to catch up on laundry, get the car washed, re-organize the “stuff” in the car and on the roof box (Hector “rallied” and helped out on this one), take Angel back to the veterinarian, and take care of some other household chores and errands.

But we also took time to rest and do nothing.  Hector has fully recuperated and we’ve been able to do some fun things in the latter half of the month.  Stay tuned for some updates.

~ Brenda

2 thoughts on “The Fort Lauderdale Flu

  1. Flu shots all around next time!!! Glad all 3 of you are on your feet and wheels again. Keep well and safe. Jean et. al.

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