Friends, a Fabulous Boat and Magical Dolphins

Ft Myers  126Ft Myers  006Ft Myers  011We drove to the Ft. Myers area to spend some time with our friends, Marc and Luci.  On our first day here, Marc took us on our first tour of the area on his beautiful boat, the Señorita Bonita.  We again got to enjoy the beautiful and calm waters of the gulf.

We hosted our friends for dinner one evening at Island Girl, and they took us out on the town in Ft. Myers for a fabulous dinner one evening.

Ft Myers  017Ft Myers  024

Ft Myers  022Ft Myers  014Ft Myers  093Ft Myers  092Another evening, we had dinner at Marc and Luci’s lovely home, with another friend of ours, Mike, who drove over that afternoon from Central Florida with his girlfriend, Linda.Ft Myers  105

Ft Myers  106Ft Myers  119Ft Myers  132Ft Myers  010Ft Myers  123The next morning we all set out for a day trip on the Señorita Bonita.  The weather was perfect and once again the gulf waters were clear and calm.  We headed out to Captiva Island, which is just over a bridge from Sanibel Island.  Our plan was to have lunch by the water on Captiva.Ft Myers  114Ft Myers  118Ft Myers  113

Ft Myers  098Ft Myers  102Ft Myers  108Ft Myers  099On our way there, we spotted many dolphins.  Our captain, Marc, would slow down as we approached the dolphins.  Then, as we passed, them, he’d speed up to encourage them to play in the wake of the boat, which is something they love to do.  We passed one after another group of dolphins that day.  One of the dolphin pods was particularly playful and frolicked for a long time in our wake.  It was a really unique experience, none of us recalled ever seeing such an energetic group of dolphins on any previous boating trips.

We stopped for lunch and a walk on the beach at Captiva, then headed back to Ft. Myers.  We again spotted lots of dolphins on our way back.  Once we reached Ft. Myers, we said good-bye to our friends and to the Señorita Bonita.  It had been another perfect day on the gulf and a great ending to a great visit.

Ft Myers  095We then headed to Miami to spend the holidays near Hector’s family.Ft Myers  133Ft Myers  131Ft Myers  135

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