And yet Deeper into the Ozark Mountains

Driving on Beaver Dam

Another scary road on the way to our next stop, the Buffalo Point RV Campground at the Buffalo River National Park.  And another reward; a beautiful campsite, this one in the woods by a river.  It was a pretty remote location (no Wi-Fi or cell signal), and we liked that.    

Unfortunately, on the drive there, Hector broke a molar while chewing some jerky – I’m not kidding!  SO, I googled dentists in the area and found a bunch in Mountain Home, a nearby retiree town.

The next day, we visited Mountain View, another nearby town, which had been recommended at the tourist office.  A cute little town with lots of antiques, it’s also known as the Folk Music Capital of the U.S. (we missed the music, though). 

MORE Jelly

That stick is walking!!

The following day (actually Hector’s birthday) we headed to the dentist in Mountain Home.  Hector described the dentist’s officei as the “most luxurious dentist’s office he’d ever seen”.  Since he’d been squeezed in as an emergency appointment it took a little longer than we expected.  The good news was that even though he needs a crown he can wait to get the work done.  This gave him an opportunity to make an appointment in December with his favorite dentist in Miami. 

On our way back from the dentist we picked up some celebratory birthday ribs for Hector.

After that, we decided to take a down day and took our chairs down to the river located just below our campsite (which Hector christened “Lopez Beach”).  We set two chairs in a shallow part of the river and soaked our feet while Angel played in the water.  A perfect afternoon. 


We would have loved to stay here a little longer.  We really never thought about visiting Arkansas in the past.  The route through Arkansas just sort of developed as we heard about it from folks in MIssouri and the possibility of “leaf peeping” sealed the deal.  But the Ozark Mountains in northern Arkansas turned out to be beautiful and we’ve had a really rich experience there.  Not just the mountains and the fall colors, but the wonderful southern hospitality, interesting people, good music, fancy dentists:).  We hope to find many other unexpected gems during our journey. 

~ Brenda

2 thoughts on “And yet Deeper into the Ozark Mountains

  1. Love the recount and love the photos!!! Angel looks like she’s having a wonderful time, as do you two!!! Just tickled you’re on your journey and having the experience of a lifetime. I’m so very happy for you!!! Sooo when did you teach Angel how to drive the RV? Did she take classes with you, Brenda?!! Love you guys and miss you oodles!! ~Rebecca

    • Angel is a little rascal 🙂 but she’s not driving – YET. Yes, the three of us are having fun. So glad you’re enjoying the blog, we’re still figuring some of it out, had to redo the last post ’cause the text got out of whack. We’re excited because we’re about to catch up on the blog, so it will begin to reflect what’s happening at our current location. Love you and miss you too. Brenda

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